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  1. Webber is culpable aswell but to put in these kinds of performances is down to the manager, how we seem to lack any basic creativity on the pitch is just torturous and to not have a Premier League win this season along with being both the lowest scorers and leakiest defence in the league, well not more can really be said about it...
  2. The only benefit to getting thrashed is that maybe that will be the turning point for Farke... Ahh who am I kidding he'll be in charge against Leeds and will sleepwalk his way into losing 3-0 with the same old crap.
  3. Utterly pathetic display, get this shower of ****e out. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after the Burnley and Brighton games but this is absolute Farkin crap. I don't know who we can get in, I don't care at this point I just want to see something different than this awful Premier League manager who can bully the Championship but flounders at the first sign of quality opposition. Sick of it.
  4. I think we are playing a 5-0-2 formation looking at how easy they are getting through us...
  5. Losing to Chelsea isn't the issue, it's the pathetic performance that we are putting out there right now. I can take a loss but at least give it a good go, a bit like the 3-2 against them a couple of years ago.
  6. 2nd half was a really solid display, we limited Brighton to very few good chances and I feel like we had the more gilt edged ones. If we could just find our shooting boots we could've won it. TWO GAMES UNBEATEN IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE
  7. Thought we got a little better as the half went on, Sargent (aside from the horrific miss) has harried and harassed their defence well at times, PLM has played well in the centre when breaking up the play and finding a quick out ball and Giannoulis has been solid on the left. Just need to find a way to link play a little more consistently to our frontline as we have given the ball away too much through hopeless long balls that just finds another Brighton player.
  8. Not too hopeful looking at that but this really needs to be a kickstart to our season after picking up our first point at Burnley, get a win and we are right back in the fight. We REALLY need this win. edit: my face after seeing that line up
  9. This one always sticks in my mind, absolutely loved this kit and think i'm a bit biased due to my memories associated with it.
  10. Truly one of the worst games of football i've seen in the Premier League, but at least we got a point.
  11. Missed the first 10 mins of the half but from what i've seen we are holding our own in terms of physicality with Burnley which is a good sign considering how things went against them last time around, Hanley has played really well and Normann has been great in the middle. Just need to find a spark somewhere as we look very laboured in attack at the moment. OTBC!!!
  12. Not too optimistic looking at that line up but would love to be surprised. OTBC!!!
  13. I hate that every comment on here that i'm posting is so negative now but I give Farke the Burnley game and if still nothing then get rid, I have no Farkin clue who we could get but it's driving me up the wall to see this team underperform week in week out at this level, I just want to see someone else have a go at this point, we're heading downwards anyway at this rate anyway unfortunately.
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