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  1. Premiership every day of the week, no contest for me.
  2. Great attacking performance from the lads today, really quick cutting passes in the final third which is a nice change from the last few games, game should've been about 6-0 in my opinion just through the quality of chances we had, just a pity we gifted them so many on a silver platter!
  3. Yeah Gibson and Hanley have had their shaky moments but that aside a good half from us, now I want to be greedy and ask for like 3 or so more goals please
  4. The main thing now is just not resting on our laurels after that goal, need to keep up this pressure
  6. We seem to be playing with a lot more intensity at the start so far, being more incisive with our passes is nice to see
  7. Fully deserved by Barnsley they've been at it all game
  8. Barnsley playing very well so far, feel like we are still trying to click, I think having two out and out wingers lessens our control in the opposition half a tad
  9. One of our, if not the best performances of the season in terms of pure control of the game, when we are flying we are such a joy to watch! Great to see Hugill get a couple of goals on top of that.
  10. Brilliant 1st half from us, just need a couple more and I can relax!
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