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  1. I understand we were always up against it this season but I wish we could've at least gone down swinging, a bit like Blackpool about 10 years ago who still managed to score a bucket load of goals despite being relegated.
  2. Game over, fully deserved from West Ham
  3. I really truly hope to be proved wrong but why he persists with Drmic is absolutely beyond me, I can understand that Pukki is out of form but why in that case is Idah not given a go?
  4. I will say though that we should go out with this formation from the start against Brighton, until the horrible mistake we were actually playing pretty well all things considered and at this point might as well try something new!
  5. We were playing so well this half too...
  6. Yup, which is stark contrast to last season...
  7. This is just depressing to watch, this season has been even more painful than Hughton's second season and that's saying something, we just give up when we go a goal down. No fight in this team
  8. Not bad so far, just the attack letting us down at the moment, Tettey is a game changer
  9. Spineless performance so far, really disappointed with them, just playing into their hands and don't seem to be able to keep hold of it for more than 2 seconds. Just shows the gulf in class between two promoted sides
  10. Much better in the last 10ish minutes, just need to take one of these chances...
  11. Looking very sluggish at the moment, need to wake ourselves up a bit. Just seem to be lacking that spark right now.
  12. Just capitulated after the first goal, such a shame but it's come to be expected this season now unfortunately.
  13. Another half of wasted chances unfortunately, been well in control for most of the game but looking nervous as we approach the box. I would test out Buendia in the 2nd to give us a little more flair in the final 3rd
  14. Good win for us, got a little shaky after the Burnley goal but otherwise thought we were solid throughout. Now can we ask the FA if we can trade passage through the cup for three points
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