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  1. Did really well at times and our form in 2024 has been pretty good (last few games notwithstanding) but I do feel that now is the best time to start fresh with a manager who can get the whole of preseason to mould this team as I feel like we had no real style of play for the most part. Thank you to Wagner and his staff as they did provide us with some great moments this season and he seemed like a top man but it's for the best and I hope he can do well with another club (that isn't a divisional rival!)
  2. Yeah this has been pi$$ poor, only we can make the playoffs easy for the opposing team. Utterly embarrassing
  3. Really passive performance, I know we are practically safe in the play-offs but for god sake you want to take some momentum forward going into it. Also the commentators are really doing my head in haha
  4. No I would never take him back, tactically naive manager who whilst he brought some genuinely great times could never make the step up when required. Bit of a flat track bully in my opinion.
  5. Great win, was a tough game but we came through the 2nd half as the better team.
  6. Honestly quite an entertaining 1st half in terms of two contrasting styles of play. Think Preston have done a good job at stifling us and are posing a real threat from set pieces, they've also came the closest to a goal with that Whatmough header, we've had a few shots but they have mostly been from outside of the box. Bring on the 2nd half, think we're in with a chance here.
  7. It's key now to not do what we did against Leicester, please don't try and sit back for the remainder of the game. Ipswich look nervy, lets try and capitalise on it.
  9. Incredibly frustrating match to watch, I have no problem sitting back at the end of the game but to just play defensively like that from the get go was always going to invite trouble. We need to be much braver as we are more than capable of causing trouble when we go on the front foot.
  11. What a tremendous half of football we played just now, really taking Stoke to the cleaners, I just love seeing the amount of bodies getting forward when we hit them on the break. It also shows how the Middlesborough game could have gone if that sham of a red didn't get given.
  12. This is a far cry from the Shawcross and Huth days for Stoke, good lord their defense looks absolutely shambolic.
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