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  1. We''ve all picked are best and worst norwich teams of all time,so heres a slightly more difficult one for you all...your best team made up purely of foreign players that have pulled on a yellow and green shirt for the canary cause... I can''t think of too many foreigners who have played for us so we should see some interesting teams...   GOOD LUCK
  2. Some of these are copied from others but have always annoyed me? 1, singing on cue before the game...we''re not in middle school for christs sake! 2, half time entertainment...its not good at any ground 3, Robert Greens hair cut 4, Fans of other clubs in the home fans (Middlesborough at home was particularly good when we scored the equaliser and the smile disappeared from that smug gits face though ) 5, People calling for ridiculous decisions when its obviously not a foul,a penalty,an offside,or our ball when it''s clearly not 6, People eating during the game 7, People physically fighting with each other over games of football 8, AND FINALLY...any fan of Ips***!
  3. GK: Gunn RB: Kenton LB: Bowen CB: Bruce CB: Mackay RM: Gordon LM: Eadie CM: Goss CM: Crook CF: Sutton CF: IWAN!! (c)   Subs: Foggo,Keelan,Fox,Bellamy,Fleck Manager: Walker
  4. For any of you in Lloyds before the chelski game some bright Norwich fan came up with this... ''You''ve got Abramovich,we''ve got a drunken b***'' just shows we can take the mick out of ourselves. Other than that,singing all the way through fulham when most clubs would have left.
  5. [quote]So, there we have it. According to Worthy .....''all the players that I am releasing have already been released. Everybody else will be here for next season''. Now that doesn''t necessarily mean that the...[/quote] so...who''ll supply for Ashton?who supplied for him at Crewe!!?? Enough said...
  6. I can''t be the only Norwich fan who has thought this... ...Bring back Iwan,play him for 10mins of almost every game until he bangs in his 100th Norwich goal!!! OK,so that sounds rather stupid but think about it from all angles,positive press coverage for starters,then there''s the well-known fact that Iwans sheer presence gives everyone,fans and players alike a huge lift.
  7. Ive got to agree with scum buster on this one (especially considering it was my idea he stole).Stewart has to be worth a look,he can score goals at this level and i''m almost certain that Leon and Matty will go so who better than a former scummer to help the cause!
  8. Pessimism? possibly, from some, however, how many pessimitic football fans would stick around after a 4-0 defeat at charlton?
  9. [quote]Plays players out of position Falls out with players constantly AND lets it effect the team Picks the team with favouritism and not ability Cant motivate the team Bad in the transfer market Yo...[/quote] Can''t motivate the team hey, so why do we always play better in the second half, clearly because of his half time team talk, come on think about it
  10. [quote]Plays players out of position Falls out with players constantly AND lets it effect the team Picks the team with favouritism and not ability Cant motivate the team Bad in the transfer market Yo...[/quote] Can''t motivate the team hey, so why do we always play better in the second half, clearly because of his half time team talk, come on think about it
  11. anyone, who is saying worthy out now obviously has a brain missing or something. He may be having a few problems but he''s still the right man for the job. Back to a previous point who would replace him? joe royle? come on people use your brains get behind him and the boys, the wins will start coming
  12. Rob Henry, give me 5 reasons why worthy shouldn''t be given more time?
  13. One point, we should have kept Iwan, his prescence lifts the crowd, he puts in 100% commiment (about 100% more than Svenson) and we''d only need him on for 10 minutes to score a tap in or something
  14. Have a look at this idea... Greeno Eddy Flem Charlton Drury McVeigh Francis Mulryne Hucks Jonson McKenzieBench: Ward, Svenson, Crow, Helveg, BentleyMcVeigh is a good outlet on the right, Hucks pace down the left, Mullers creativity could be handy and Jonson could be quite dangerous up front.
  15. Unfortunately scum buster if both of them play then who will help eddy and drury defend...? that would be gary holt on both sides leaving the centre open for attacking midfielders to run into, thus, leaving fleming and charlton exposed. That makes my team: Green Eddy Fleming Charlton Drury Mulryne Francis Holt McVeigh Mckenzie Hucks As you can see, McVeigh is the man main, plus we could defend but still get enough forward to attack.
  16. Why doesn''t he start? he adds something to the team when he''s playing. Personally, I think he should be in the team from start to finish and controversially, I think he has done more to earn a place than Mr. Huckerby...
  17. A new incentive for us to stay up has arrived, that is Alan Brazil said''If Norwich or Crystal Palace stay up i will walk to Cardiff naked on cup final day''. Nothing sexual here but i''d love to see that ginger scottish tw*t freezing his balls off all because of Norwich.
  18. 4-3 McKenzie (if fit) with a hat trick and Marc Edworthy with the winner. While, Hucks gets Danny Mills sent off.
  19. what is the worst thing on this subject, is those norwich ''fans'' wearing norwich shirts celebrating the other teams goals, such as, against arsenal. “Loyal till I die”
  20. Celia, we can''t buy him to january anyway, he should be fit by then
  21. Realistically, its 3 from 4, saints, eagles, baggies and unfortunately canaries. My opinion is ''optimistic'' though. Baggies to boing boing back, eagles to drop and saints to go marching down. Meanwhile, canaries sore to the heights of 17th.
  22. Canary boy, I have thought of fowler and with a bit of service he could do a good job but can we really give him that sort of service? As for Ashton, he does look good but so did earnshaw in div1 and he can''t get in west broms side recently. Although, he is far better than johannson- he would be a waste of money.What about the rumours of Peter Crouch? now he''s the sort of player we need
  23. Damn true. Having followed norwich to every game it''ll be great to see a us soaring up the table starting by bagging the baggies (excuse the puns)
  24. Greeno 8 By far the best keeper in the country, what a save to deny coleEddie 7 Quite a solid performance (as usual) Drury 7 Solid and seems to be getting better going forwardFleming 7 Mr.Reliable turned in another good performanceCharlton 6 Dependable but pretty average Safri 6 Can''t really tackle but showed some good touchesHolt 7 I still can''t believe he nearly scored Francis 7 Another good performance, so far my player of the seasonBentley 4 Needs to start performingHucks 6 Didn''t look at his best on saturdayDoc 5 Iwan would have done better with a broken leg!McVeigh 7 We look a better side with McVeigh in the teamLeon 6 Needs to be given longerJonson 5 Hasn''t done much to impress yet
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