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  1. A true gent. One of the greatest we have had at the club. Always friendly, and a hell of a player for this club. Norwich through and through, and i will never forget all the great celebrations at reading, crewe, civic reception e.t.c. Thanks for being a great person to me, and thanks for all the great memories, and good luck at your new club. All the best to you and your family
  2. I would love to hear it. apparently, it is really good, but i missed it cos i got back to car on saturday and they were talking about it, so i missed it. please could you post a download link, or send it to murrell_aaron@yahoo.co.uk
  3. Thanks for all of the memories Nigel from myself and my family. It has been great. I wish you didn''t have to go, but fate has told, and what will be will be. Thanks for the 3 P''s (Play offs, promotion and premiership). You will be missed by your loyal supporters, and all the best and good luck for the future. Hopefully, we will meet again.
  4. cheeky monkey, you can''t love your club that much if you don''t support the manager i am annoyed like everyone else that we still havent won in 2006 yet, but it will come, you just have to be patient, support the team, and i might add, we''ll come out good in the end if we support the manager.   WORTHY IN!!!
  5. well what do you expect. The most important game in the season in many norwich fans eyes, and an ipswich fan starts cheering when they score! They should stick to their own end. We have that sort of trouble in the n and p lower with spurs fans last season and that was bad, so what do you expect with ipswich, our biggest rivals!!!!!!![:@][8o|]
  6. 1st had a wiz, i mean wizard... First, I''ll say how disappointed I am that you want Norwich to lose. secondly, you really thin that the club will be scared by one tiny supporter boycotting the clubs merchandise. GET A GRIP!!![:@]
  7. Now what you ahve just said is bs Andrew Nickerson. I have been to the majority of the away games this season, I have only missed a couple, and have a home season ticket and have for 6 years. I am a real supporter but if you want a club to succeed, you have to support the team and the manager. But right now, most fans have thrown the bottle out of their prams, just because the team aren''t winning. And by the way, THIS IS A WORTHY STAY PETITION, NOT A DEBATE!!! If you want to bad mouth the manager, do it somewhere else if you have to!!!!  
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