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  1. Just a thought about Saturday''s game on Shackells backheader (leading to Lisbie''s goal) Alternative scenario:- Marshall brings Lisbie down in the area, gets sent off, no sub goalkeeper, do we still win 5-1? I may be giving him too much credit here, but in my opinion it was a turning point in the game & maybe the season?  
  2. Just a thought What odds would you have got at start of season that King''s Lynn  FC would feature as many times on Sky Sports as the Canaries? Had to post in view of my name
  3. £3 last time I parked there, but be warned, you''ll have a hell of a wait getting out after the match, once took me 45 minutes Found alternatives since
  4. Just read in Chelsea programme notes from John Terry-  ''It''s strange for us players sometimes when we play in front of opposing fans filling the Shed in cup games. I think what happens is that they all sing, and it affects how you lot sing. So everyone in the Matthew Harding, the East and the West has to join forces today to sing up against the Shed''. ''I''ll be listening!'' Didn''t Delia put it better a while ago?  ''Lets be ''avin you!''
  5. I would hope there is a happy medium, I know we live in the real world & gate receipts alone cannot fund an abitious club, hence NCFC''s ''off the field activities'', but when the heart & soul of the club i.e. Chelsea & Man United is ripped out, what is the point? Which is the conclusion United FC must have come to
  6. It''s over 30 years since I last visited Stamford Bridge & I wouldn''t care if it''s another 30 before I go again Why anyone turns up week in, week out to sample the ''atmosphere'' there I don''t know We are obviously in the ''Sanatized Soccer'' era, fast moving onto the american baseball experience I had a few years ago while watching the Houston Astros, where the game seemed almost irrelevant, as long as you had enough coke & hot dogs Obviously the high ticket prices at Chelsea & at other Premiership grounds are contributing to this situation, which begs the question do we as Norwich fans want to go down this route? The passion shown by the travelling support, including Delia (regardless of your opinion of her), was obvious & the Norwich chants to Chelsea fans at the final whistle of  ''Four -Nil & you still don''t sing'' was telling. I know we all have a good moan about our club, especially in the last 12-18 months, but I''d rather follow a football club than a corporate entity On another note, the pitch at King''s Lynn''s Walks stadium is better than Chelsea''s!   
  7. OK so we''re on 3 points after 3 home games but, We''re one of 6 unbeaten teams in division4 points off top v Coventry, Bywater (keeper) made several great saves, could easily have won 4-1v Crewe, missed chance after chance, possibly 6-1v Palace, more good chances created, a second goal would have killed gameAll 3 goals conceded were through losing possession cheaplyOur goals well workedSeveral new players ''bedding in''Before I''m accused of looking through rose tinted glasses, my point is, with a bit of luck we could have been sitting 2 points clear today I read Sheff Utd''s winner in mid week came from a goalkeeper''s punch which hit the back of a players head & rebounded into net As long as chances are being created, we will eventually come good There is huge expectation on the team to do well & I think the three consecutive home games may have worked against us as the tension within the ground against Palace could be felt. Anyone noticed the possession stats so far, are we a counter attacking side now? Maybe playing away will suit our style  There is a long way to go & we certainly have the quality to make it back up to the Premiership Have faith, & to those in the River End that booed again on Saturday, shame on you
  8. What''s happened to Richie Partridge, has he gone to Coventry yet?
  9. This the team that took us top of the league at Portman Road in December 2003 Starting XI 1.Green, Robert 5.Fleming, Craig 4.MacKay, Malky 17.Edworthy, Marc 3.Drury, Adam 8.Holt, Gary 7.Mulryne, Phil 14.McKenzie, Leon 19.Svensson, Mathias 18.McVeigh, Paul 22.Henderson, Ian Substitutes 12.Crichton, Paul 11.Brennan, Jim 20.Francis, Damien 23.Jarvis, Ryan 9.Roberts, Iwan   Now ap
  10. What''s even better is it''s on the Ipswich site as well!
  11. Recently our Sky Sports web site ''last match'' was changed from the depessing Fulham result to a certain match on 21st December 2003. Now having checked our fixture list, the home & away results complete with reports are at top of page! http://skysports.planetfootball.com/clubfixtures.asp?clid=45&cpid=10      
  12. They will play in the Premiership, probably within the next 5 years. Purely because TV will demand it & the financial implications on all sides. I don''t say I''m in favour, just a realist (or cynic).
  13. According to the NCFC web site GD has lost a stone in weight over the summer (under instructions). I do hope he will now be able to show all the doubters how wrong they were. I know at times last year he resembled a cart horse, but having seen him play for Eire recently he looked the real deal. We do need some of our perceived ''also rans'' to come up with the goods, assuming NW doesn''t sign 8 or 9 new players before 6th August
  14. I haven''t got a problem with him staying, AS LONG AS he shows commitment. If he intends to play in the same mode as the last few months, then he can SOD OFF (that''s ''wizard speak''), but I can''t think he would dare put in more performances like the Craven Cottage one.
  15. Ipswich match now not on Sky Sports, but still Sunday. The return also not live & moved to Sunday 5th February 12.00 ko Perhaps Sky think matches will be too one sided http://www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10272~680288,00.html
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