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  1. Anglia TV are looking for someone who wants Worthy to stay for their programme toinight - anyone know any likely candidates? Send an email with your contact number to jimmyfivepuddings@hotmail.com if you do...
  2. As people on here know. i gave up my home season ticket because i believed the only way City would sack NW is if people stopped paying at the turnstile. Whilst i would always stick to my guns, because i am stubborn, My Xmas wish is for NW to walk and santa to bring me a half season ticket. Will santa be kind, that is the question
  3. Just heard hucks could be out for a month, What do we think NW will do
  4. Getting off the fence, i will return when NW walks. I am afraid i am as stubborn as NW when he wants a player out
  5. I could not agree with you more pitch fork. I am and was one of the worthy outers and this season gave up my season ticket (which i had had for 23 years) Because i believe money talks and the only way the board will do anything about worthy is if people stop going to home games. I still go to away games, but have never booed our team off. I know i am in the minority of fans in taking this action, but if you are not happy about something then you have to make a stand rather than turn up and moan about worthy as you say pitch fork
  6. Your wish is my command, having had a season ticket since  i was 16 i can no longer justify the money i spend following city each season home and away, i have supported city since i was 7 some 33 years, But i refuse to pay £700 plus to watch a team that is filled with players who cant make the effort and a manager who cant inspire them to do so. If i constantly under achieve in my job i get sacked, With the season we have just had been proceeded by relegation why have heads not rolled
  7. Delia doing press conferance this afternoon anyone any ideas. I cant think she would be the one to say NW has gone
  8. I would never boo my team or members of it, but I have on a number of occasions not appluaded them off as i did not think they deserved it. I think the worst part for me is that i am going tomorrow and i can honestly say i am not bothered if we win or not. This for me is disgraceful but thats honestly how i feel. As a supporter for 32 years i am renewing my ticket out of  loyalty. But something must change, i want someone to restore my pride in my team
  9. Just a tale to let the board know how the fans are feeling. I was missing today''s match through work, so passed my season ticket to a friend. Last night mrs Irishcanary was taken ill so could not go either. So i spent nearly two hours trying to give her ticket to friends who basically could not be bothered. Whilst i know all about fair weather supporters,  the bottom line is if we were playing well people would jump at the chance to see us
  10. I would like to know if fans are suffering the same symptoms as me. Having been a fan since childhood (over 30 years) and a season ticket holder for nearly 15 years. Of late City being beat has little effect on me. Yet up to this season, City being beat spoilt my weekend. This means one of two things i am either a glory hunting fan who bails at the first sight of a struggle or things have got so bad at City i am beginning not to care.
  11. All the closed season i like others have given NW the benefit of the doubt regarding bringing players in. Whilst i agree with letting players who don''t want to play for us go. Now with six days to go we look like starting the season with 17 outfield players. Is this a big enough squad to mount a title challenge.
  12. [quote]I have always vowed never too boo a player in Norwich City colours. However, this policy would be seriously tested if Francis played on Friday. Luckily there is no chance at all that he will figure[/quote] far be it for me to pick on you DD, but did you not rubbish claims that Francis was striking when SI posted them tuesday
  13. SI is spot on original bid was 1.1 million Francis wants to go so has gone on strike in protest.
  14. i never new he had a weight problem let alone man breasts. i have completely missed his knockers. this could change my view of him being in the team, at least it gives him something appealing
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