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  1. If and i know its a big if we win the two games in hand we have on the play off pack we would be on 43 and they are currently on 53 after todays games. Is it possible we could make up them 10 points, it would mean not dropping any more points at home and doing very welll away from carrow road but if you look at it like that it kinda helps to make you smile. One game as it comes boys and you never no lets dream a little dream and hope for some magic! Sexy Football is returning to carrow road  
  2. Can anybody help me in telling me when the new away kit will be revealed. I am very interested in seein what it looks like any suggestions/help would be much appreciated OTBC! Chris![H]
  3. I see all your points but it would be nice to have something to get excited for wouldnt it? maybe im abit opptismistic i just hope next yr is better n if we can get a top 10 finish we can build on that next yr.
  4. Well in theory if we get safri back soon which looks likely! unfornatley Egypt couldnt send him home last nite but hopefully he will be back soon. if he stays fit i believe that he will have the spark to make the chances and also he has the ability to tighten up the defence, Yes folks he is that important to our midfield which is quite worryin! However we also need to sign a striker to put the chances away because as experienced as thorne is hes just not good enough im sorry but thats the harsh lesson of it all. We could also do with another good midfielder to play with safri someone like koumas though im not sure we could get him. Life afta ashton is gona be hard i feel but Things Can Only Get Better! I Hope BRING ON THE SCUM, WE BEAT THE SCUM 1-0! I WAS THERE!
  5. If the players where shown they need to play well 2 keep there place then they in theory shud perform better this would probably be the wake up call they needed and lets face it the kids need to get sum experience to i dont see a problem with it, nothin else is working so come on WORTHY take a gamble WORTHY OUT, DELIA 4 MANAGER!!!
  6. KICK IT OFF...... u no the rest now lets get behind the boys i no they can do it n they will so come on all togeather now KICK IT OFF, THROW IT IN, HAVE A LITTLE SCRUMAGE, KEEP IT LOW, SPLENDID RUSH BRAVO WIN OR DIE ON THE BALL CITY NEVER MIND THE DANGER STEADY ON NOWS YOUR CHANCE O WE SCORED CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY as loud as we can against plymouth please   Cookie Monsters Barmy Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  7. Cookie Monster''s Barmy Army! NCFC Cookie Monsters Barmy Army! NCFC!!!! its a private joke between me and some of my friends from what was a good laugh to cheer us all up after loosin 6-0 to fulham but we will be goin back to the prem my friends
  8. maybe i will become the second Wiz and try and help u with ur very spooky predications of which another one has came true today wiz! u said to me at the start of the month jarrett would sign and i didnt doubt you and look he is signing on the 1st of july just like u say so i say bring on the promotion party my wizardry friend!
  9. Well this league is goin to have quite a few contenders for automatic promotion which i am guessing the club should be aiming for. so lets list them and then think which ones we think we can get more points than over the course of the season and this should be able to determine roughly where we will finish. Palace Southampton Preston Ipswich Reading Derby Leeds thats all i can think of but please if anyone has anymore please say, but even with just these and us there will be eight contenders for automatic promotion and i think we will struggle to get more points than southampton and i think if palace keep andy johnson the point tally between us will be very close due to him diving all over the show. so i reckon we would be about third place which isnt good enough, but still i dont see ipswich gettin in the top six now but please let me have your opinions on this.
  10. Wizard nice 2 hear from you again, i would just like 2 say its good that u can predict the future so clearly 2 us all. I would like 2 propose a question though and that is will we sign jarrett? and then if you answer this question i will never doubt the fact that leeds will become champions. Championship Runners Up 05/06!
  11. GK:Carol RB:Taylor LB:Commons CB:Kenton CB:Gabbidon RM:Sidwell LM:Bently CM:Koumas CM:Lee Clark CF:IWAN!!!!!!!!!! CF:Stewart I would personally only actually like to see about 5 of these signings and they are : Kenton, Koumas, Taylor, Stewart and Sidwell
  12. Marcus Stewart is on a free transfer and i for one wouldnt mind seeing him at carrow road, he can score goals for fun in the championship and yes i do realise he is a ex scummer but im sure we could all put it behind us if he knocks in 20+ goals for us. I think you may find mckenzie is going to charlton so why not bring in stewart and then we can have the money for selling mckenzie to buy midfielders it seems a win win situation to me City Till I Die OTBC!
  13. right the fulham game, its goin 2 be a nervous one as we all know but if we survive dont you all think it would be quite fitting if we all start singing the great escape at the end of the game? I think it would b a hell of a party anyway and im sure it would beat barnsley away, cardiff and would come close to the sunderland party last year.
  14. Looks like you will be joining us in the championship next year by the form ur on. Palace and Southampton will survive and then you and your ''big fan base'' will be coming to join us in the first divison. So i was just wondering if you are still confident of staying up and if you are still sure ull have loads of fans next year when you are playing the likes of luton instead of Man Utd etc. OTBC- It Isnt Impossible Yet!
  15. thank god you are getting a new stadium, i mean your old one looks like it might just fall apart! are you sure your new one will get finished though or are you going to leave an end open again? look fans, stadiums etc mean nothing basically unless you have quality players on the pitch and with your harry gone i think youll find you will again be a championship side and you will be in there for a long while with a big stadium which at first you might fill but sooner or later fans will want premiership football so it will soon go down NCFC till i die 3 points at the reebok you watch
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