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  1. The keeper we should go for without a doubt is gabor kiraly from palace. when they came down here in the prem season they played speroni and he was absolutely shocking i thought he would get them relegated on his own, but kiraly when i saw him play was awesome so in my opinion he''s the choice for me. Although I would imagine his wages are quite high otherwise palace would try to keep him. also capaldi and garcia would be good for us too, lwelumo might be worth a go
  2.    So is Rioch  the man for you then Foghorn, cos his team played some great stuff didn''t they.      Foghorn wants Rioch back
  3.    I''m sorry pete I doubt very much that you were calling Worthy a bad manager when we got to cardiff, or won the championship. He is not a bad manager, maybe he just needs a fresh club where his ideas are new to them and would therefore work. I''m not even asking for you or anyone to stand by him, just have and show him the respect that his efforts since he has been here deserves. He has done his best for NCFC at all times.
  4.    I''m a KTF but edging towards the fence    If I ever converted to a Worthy outer I would never go out and protest against him or abuse him personally because I have too much respect for Worthy, because of what he has done for this football club over the last 6 years. All of you have to admit that the last 6 years have been pretty good, apart from this season. If you doubt this then the proof is that the ground has been sold out for most of that time and the atmosphere has been good too.    So if worthy was to leave then ok, but I would like to thank him for what he has given me during his tenure here. I think we should give Worthy 10-12 games next season to sort it out and get the relegation hang over out of our systems once and for all and if we''re not in top 3,4 and looking good then that would be the time to change. I too thought we''d walk this league this year, but I was probably caught up in the raising of the expectation levels, like every other NCFC fan.    At the end of the day though, whether you agree or not Worthy will go down in our history books as one of our most successfull managers of all time and you must give him the respect he deserves. I can still remember the crap that I saw during the hamilton, rioch era''s and believe me this season is better (only just). I wonder how many of the Worthy outers who are season ticket holders now were season ticket then?    Give Worthy 10-12 games next season to save his job then that''s it. But do show him respect please. Come on you yellows
  5. There must be something wrong with your wand wizard it never works. I think you and all the rest of the worthy, board outers should have and show a bit more faith in the club as a whole and just support the club in whatever they try to do, because at the end of the day we will have a club in 20 years time, will Ipshit. The board do their best in every circumstance so leave them alone and enjoy your new player of note.
  6. I''ve just been to seen the reserves play arsenal, although less intense, it was just like watching the 2 first teams play each other, arsenal with their lovely pass and move attacking football and norwich with their hit and hope footy we had a couple of players who looked ok but pretty much arsenal were good all over. The score when I left on 81 mins? 0-5 says it all really
  7.    With all the transfer rumours and "leeks" I think we should sign; Earnie, koumas and halford (although haven''t ever seen him play so can''t reaaly judge, he just sounds good). We might be able to afford these if we can get the right deal for earnie, maybe £2.5 million less of a gamble than £3.5 million for jerome, I surpose will all see what we get next week. come on you yellows!!
  8.    Is anyone getting fed up with the media circus that is going on around football now. It''s almost like a pack of wolves going after their next victim. How come no one has slated the news of the world for entrapment with poor old sven what a load of tossers they are. It''ll be the same for the next manager and the next as it was for svens predecessors. Who the hell would want to take on this job I just can''t see why any decent english manager would want to take all the crap that goes with the job or any other good manager in england.    We football fans should make a stand and not buy this paper again or even send e-mails to their editor to let them know that we don''t want to read all this crap all the time. It''s the same with transfers for players they link every player with every club, then, when a player moves they then say that we told you first GGGRRRRR. look at this shit HAVE YOU GOT A HOT STORY OR AN AMAZING PICTURE? We pay BIG CASH, for BIG stories and TOP pictures CALL OUR CONFIDENTIAL NEWS DESK HOTLINE FREE ON 0800 279 3786 (Outside UK, please dial +44 20 7782 1001) OR EMAIL your tips to newsdesk@notw.co.uk HOW TO SELL A STORY Call us on the above number or send us brief details via email. Please include your name and contact number (although you can remain anonymous if you wish). If appropriate, we will make you a financial offer for your story, which is payable conditional on publication. The amount you will receive will depend on the nature of the story. A major exclusive used on the front page could be worth many thousands of pounds, but a smaller item would be worth less. The News of the World abides by the Press Complaints Commission''s Code of Conduct, details of which can be found at www.pcc.org.uk. Under Article 14 of the Code the News of the World has a duty to protect the identity of confidential sources. Within 21 days of the story being published you will receive payment by cheque or electronic transfer.
  9. [quote user="Matt Hudson"] No apoligies. In my view they have still lied saying that there has been no bids etc etc and also saying only silly money will lead to sale. There had been bids and 7 million aint silly. Doncaster and co may get a piece of my mind next thursday. [/quote] I think you''ll find that the club stated that there had been no acceptable bids for any of our players. What the hell is wrong with you lot, lets nit pick and analise what the club have said, jesus. can you lot not see that dealing in private is the best way to deal. Let the club get on with it without having to worry about what they have to tell us in case we get up-set, how pathetic you all are.  
  10.    I would say that one of the reasons deano left was because of all the crap written on message boards like this one, about him and all the other players at the club, by all of you very fickle (love the good times, never liked worthy) fans. I don''t blame him.    Good luck Deano!!
  11.    Do you know how much the offer was for I hadn''t seen this attempt by southampton to try and sign him, Oh well we can dream.
  12.    I know he''s not the same type of player as deano but i think we should do all we can to relieve Earnie of his west brom hell. What a player he is and we could get him for about £1.5m i guess bargain of the century. Go on worthy go for a pacy striker whilst we can afford him. Can you imagine him in the same side as hux and leon we''d have to play football rather than hoof it up the pitch for the big man, I like the thought of that and if we could get a pacy right winger what an attacking team that would be. Although a big man would probably be needed to hold the ball up.
  13.    I would like to say well done a1 this is exactly how I''ve been feeling for bloody ages about this message board, I used to leave posts on hear but quite frankly I can''t be arsed to even read the crap on hear these days. I couldn''t even tell you how long it''s been since I last left a post.    Most of it is hysterical ranting about this that or the other, and as you point out it doesn''t help the team one bit. So much so that worthy and the board had to come out and try to calm posters down because it was getting out of hand.    As for football matters I do think that our squad is too small and i do believe the board are playing a game of poker as far as transfer dealings are concerned, so just shut up with all the negative crap, name calling and hysterical rants and use this board for it''s intended purpose, which is to discuss footballing issues i.e performances, team selections who''s good who''s crap (negative I know) transfers etc, not who''s doing what to who or any other sinister fragment of your imagination.    Lets all calm down and try to revert back to writing intersting posts rather than trying to see who can get the most replies to their contaversial post (makes for dull reading).
  14.     Hi mook I''m not having a go at any one individual poster on this site it was just something that was, I thought, an interesting observation from my two posts at the time of writing this post the worst 11 was on page 4 and the best 11 had 8 replies that was all.     But as you have asked me have I watched any other players for the whole 90 mins, I must admit that I haven''t, but I have watched all of our players for long spells through games.     I would say that with Drury he overlaps alot of the time but most of these overlapping runs he runs into Hux''s runs and then you''ve got the 2 of them in the same place, so Drury then has to backtrack making his run a waste of time. I put this down to a misunderstanding between Hux and Drury or not enough work on this area in training.his defensive work I believe is very good although he is sold the odd dummy, but generally more times than not he''s got his eye on the ball, making him very difficult to get past.     On Hux, well he''s not the player he was when he first joined making great runs beating players then putting in great balls into the box for simple tap ins. most of his runs this season tend to end up with him being tackled, overstepping the ball or his crosses being blocked by his nearest defender. I think he''s trying to win the matches all on his own and not playing a team game anymore, but I think it''s down to the pressure of the situation we find ourselves in at the moment. He''ll come back to his best I''m sure.     Nothing more to say about Gary Holt that chapter is over for me.     Come on you yellows
  15.     Judging by my post re:- NCFC dreamteam of all time I think it''s safe to assume that we all think Mark Bowen was the best left back we''ve ever had wasn''t he great, eye on the ball at all times superb.     I actually think Drury is very similar to Bowen, although his concentration does wonder from time to time. I do think he''s got the makings of one of the best left backs we''ve had.     Come on you yellows
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