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  1. I'm sure it does VW. I'm actually down South, just outside Portsmouth. My sister-in-law works in the big hospital down here and says that at the moment, it is pretty quiet in there so fingers crossed.
  2. I think it is the same everywhere, hence the rise in most countries. I know that a few weeks ago, I was so careful to wipe my hands and car handle etc with an anti-bac wipe after I had been to Tescos but now have stopped doing it. Stupid really, considering that they used to sanitise all the trolley handles and now they have stopped doing that...............not sure what the answer is but we don't seem very good at learning and persisting
  3. I thought I remembered that the EU had provisionally purchased doses of Oxford's vaccine........maybe I am imagining it, too much information going round.
  4. I guess if a vaccine can protect around 65% of the population from catching it or suffering from it - that is something. If the cases amongst those not vaccinated were to surge, I think the take-up would immediately become larger.
  5. In my mind, Bowie is one of the very few who can rightly be called a legend. Probably the biggest musical talent ever from the UK - and also a decent guy.
  6. Don't we have a year's option on him ?? - so we should get a fee if/when he moves.
  7. Given his normal views, whatever he is suffering from is surely worse than Covid-19
  8. You really are a complete moron aren't you. There is nothing for me to spin against this, it took place and it is despicable - no question. Nor am I trying to blame a peaceful rally as being equally to blame - that is just you lieing again. What I am saying is that some veterans peacefully took part in something they believed in at various locations around the country - do you deny that is true ??
  9. I guess that as the Cenotaph is probably the highest profile monument of it's type in the country, it's not a great leap to imagine that others might be attacked by similar unrepresentative morons. I am not in any way trying to pretend there were not right wing thugs around, I am just trying to provide some balance.
  10. Ha-ha, frilly shirt and black bowtie stuff - you couldn't be further from the truth. I don't believe you are a comedian anyway. It seems to me that you are completely ignoring the fact that around the country, many non-racist veterans decided that they would not like to see local war memorials vandalized/covered in graffiti - given what had happened in London. This they did - in a peaceful way, often interacting with local marchers. Very likely, of course, that many of the memorials would not have been touched but they are almost "sacred ground" to many veterans and it wasn't a chance they were prepared to take. This is completely relevant to the thread and is why I posted it. I would not discuss my PMs with you, enough to say that I have received a number higher than 5 - which counts as "a few" to me.
  11. I've had a few PMs about you, yes. Nice to see you playing your favourite "you have multiple log-ins" card again though - the forum wouldn't be the same without it. You really fail to understand that there are a number of people on here who feel the same about you - your only defence appears to be to try and convince yourself that they are all the same person. I posted in anger because of your warped views, where you choose to ignore facts which don't fit in with your agenda. And you say you were a comedian ? - don't make me laugh
  12. Mark .Y.

    Vera Lynn RIP

    Indeed, RIP Dame Vera
  13. Nobody is pretending to be any kind of latter day saint and nor did I suggest that, you moron. And of coursenobody should be above criticism. You should know that more than anybody as you are criticised continually on here for your pathetic outbursts and ramblings. You are selectively picking out the worst of what happened without acknowledging the full story. I completely understand that much of what some decent guys were trying to do has been hijacked by thugs. Read what I wrote about the guys in Liverpool applauding and shaking hands with the BLM protestors. You won't mention that though, will you ? Doesn't fit in with your agenda. You're a vile, bitter and twisted little old man with a hugely over-inflated opinion of himself. That's why people on here think of you as they do.
  14. It happened independently all over the country, the majority of the people involved are linked to none of those you have mentioned and probably despise them as much as anybody. What happened in London may well (almost certainly was !!) exactly as you are saying, but that does not mean it was the same everywhere.
  15. It was for some, stop tarring all with the same brush.
  16. I've just caught up with this thread and felt the need to post. The "copy and paste" below is from one of my oldest friends, we met when he was 16 and I was 17. He is from Glasgow and he has served in the forces since he was a kid. Like me, he has been to war for this country, and also like me he has fought alongside people from various nations and of various colours. It never bothered either of us. Please, please, please do not lump ex-veterans, to whom various statues and monuments mean a great deal, alongside thugs who are simply looking for a booze induced fight with whoever is available. To do that is absolutely the worst form of generalisation and a genuine insult to some of the finest guys in our country. I am appalled by the reporting on Veterans being Right Wing Facists, agitators and looking to cause trouble. I'm currently in Liverpool working and I was kindly invited by Kingsman (name deleted) to assist in guarding Kings Regiment Monuments sacred to them in St. Johns Gardens, Liverpool. The muster was well ordered and their former RSM briefed us all on what was required and on our behaviour towards potential protesters. He made it clear that any veteran from any service which was there looking for trouble could leave now as this was not the aim of the gathering. No one drinking anything other than water. Everyone in attendance fully understood the importance of being there and what was required of them. All protesters who made their way to the location were met by applause from all assembled and polite interaction was also indulged in even to the point of protesters shaking hands and joining in on photo opportunities with the Veterans. The police were in attendance and there were zero incidents. I was proud to stand with my brothers in arms. We are not Far Right, we are citizens albeit veterans who are fed up being let down to the point that we even had to parade to safeguard things which will always hold a place in our hearts. The leaders of this great country should hang their head in shame for allowing the Fifth Estate to report with such a bias that it makes true Patriots, not the actual trouble making hard right wing groups a focal point for the less informed to believe we are the bad guys. I saw virtually anothing of this type of behaviour in the press or on the televised news Rant over
  17. Well, I once knew a Sarah who........................................
  18. Yes, I saw that from a different source. They seem very confident don't they. Of course, it may just be that this is the current leading vaccine and, if it is approved, they want to make sure it is available to them as soon as possible but you would imagine they must have some confidence in it.
  19. I think, assuming these Italian Doctors are correct (and they ought to know !!), that there maybe something around the virus losing it's potency in each country/area in turn. I'm trying to explain what I mean, but it's like at full strength when it first takes hold in a country, then it does it's "thing" before losing it's potency. I can't think of another reason why this "viral loading" should have changed so much ?? Anyway, I have added the link below in case you wanted to have a nose at it yourself. Italian Doctors
  20. Agreed, this has been a source of frustration for me. I guess DF has been trying to set up more solidly and doesn't consider Mario up to the job. But, his deadball delivery, range of passing and ability to score has been missed, I believe.
  21. I think that because of the autonomy of the States, the reaction and lockdown timing was pretty varied. Had a very quick Google and Florida looks to be a bit of an outlier with later lockdown than others, even keeping the beaches open for quite a while. Of course, there was plenty of news footage of Americans gathering and protesting against the restrictions but whether they were in these States I simply can't remember. And yes, the protests obviously won't help in reducing cases.
  22. Climate appears to make no difference according to the WHO.
  23. Maybe the two Italian doctors who wrote about the large drop in viral loading they were seeing in later positive tested cases were correct and the virus simply loses it's effectiveness over time.
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