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  1. Having said that, I can't find any confirmation anywhere - could have sworn I read somewhere he was out for next season but maybe I'm thinking of someone else
  2. He's going out on loan to Scotland
  3. If you click on the tweet and read the thread below it there is some explanation. It appears the Defending quantity refers to him being a screener, and the ball retention is whether the team kept hold of it after he played the pass (the context to that is he was playing in aa bottom of the league team)
  4. Having a 6'0 DM who is said to be good aerially is also probably helpful in that regard, compared to Tommy T
  5. Does seem strange though BYG that he still wouldn't know. If his agents have spoken to the club, it's not ambiguous whether he is staying here or not. I presume that he is surplus to requirements and will be allowed to leave but it's all very odd that he would not be clear on that.
  6. Here's a what if... What if we had a defensive midfielder who was aggressive and mobile, and could break play up a bit more effectively than Trybull, stopping the defence having the ball come straight back at them everytime they clear it. Would that: A) Benefit the defence and help them to concede fewer goals B) Harm the defence and lead to conceding more goals If you answered A, congratulations, you've totally undermined the entire thread you created. Nobody is saying the defence was good, they're just saying there were circumstances which made them look worse than they probably are. We all know there will be turnover defensively this season. It won't shock anyone when it happens (except apparently you as you don't seem to grasp that transfers don't happen in a vacuum and there can be multiple deals happening at once). Quite why you choose to focus only on tiny bits of the picture at a time, instead of seeing the bigger picture is bizarre.
  7. If you could avoid sensible posts like this one full of logic and an actual grasp of football it would be appreciated. Common sense has no place on this forum, you and your kind are not welcome here.
  8. Fair enough - makes sense in that context - it read (to me at least) that you were agreeing with him
  9. The point is Tettey said he would retire after the 2 years (now one year) and return home. Given the fact he's been at the club nearly 10 years and still gets in the first team whenever fit, I just find the probability that Trybull, who is clearly out of favour and has only been here a few years is leaving to be far more logical than Tettey cutting his contract short.
  10. So surely signing better ones who might be more helpful defensively is a signing aimed to address the exact problem you're complaining we are not addressing? Jesus. Not to mention the season isn't even over, and nobody has said we're happy with the defence and won't look to make some moves there, which I think most people with a brain can see is pretty likely. You're literally complaining that signing a defensive midfielder (that we expect to be effective I presume) to replace our ineffective defensive midfielders is not a good idea because we're not sorting out the defence....
  11. Too right - Defensive midfielders offer no help defensively. Can see the logic there.
  12. I think if Ben goes it will potentially be United. Lindelhof is the clear weak link for them, and Godfrey's strengths are Maguire's weaknesses and vice versa - they'd make an excellent partnership..... Rio is involved with his agents (on the books as a mentor) and both he and Godfrey have publically praised each other. Maybe I'm making 5 from 2+2 but there's some logic there.
  13. Thanks Bethnal - when I commented on that, I obviously meant that he could play there in a pinch, not that we were signing him with a view to him playing CB.
  14. He's got one more year and then he's retiring to go home - that's been common knowledge for ages - Can't imagine he would go any earlier.... Presumably Sitti has been signed to develop for a year before becoming his replacement.
  15. Particularly when the incoming midfielders are comfortable playing at CB and have done so numerous times for their previous club.
  16. 1. Aarons to Spurs 2. Lewis - Stays at Norwich 3. Cantwell to Liverpool or Newcastle (Maybe Leeds as an outside bet) 4. McLean to Rangers (or anywhere else please) 5. Drmic to Sunday league, doubtful Leiston though - Eadie is in charge there and has seen a fair bit of Drmic this season with Radio Norfolk duties. Can't imagine having seen that much of him he will be interested in signing him! 6. Klose - Young boys or Sion - one of the better Swiss teams 7. Leitner - Free transfer 8. Trybull - Free transfer 9. Emi to La Liga. Valencia or someone of that ilk.
  17. He's a defensive midfielder so more likely related to Tettey retiring after next season and probably Trybull leaving. Don't see how it's related to Vrancic, Stiepi or Mclean. He's also not a "youngster". He's 22 and has over 100 appearances in the Danish top flight. Certainly not going anywhere but first team squad.
  18. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/july/norwich-city-sign-jacob-sorensen/ 3 year contract Says he can also play CB which must be a big plus for us! Looks very mobile on the youtube vid.
  19. For what? Being stupid enough not to be able to think for themselves? They've taken away freedoms and rights from my daughter, but I should feel sorry for them because they couldn't work it out? Because despite living in an age where all the answers are 0.0023 seconds away on google, they couldn't be arsed to check stuff out? Nope, sorry, that **** doesn't fly with me. They've spent 4 years blaming everybody but themselves and now they need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and come to terms with what they did.
  20. I disagree. Why shouldn't they bear responsibility for not being competent enough to research such a major decision? The failure of Brexit is on the architects but the enabling of Brexit failure is on those who were stupid enough to not see through the transparent veil. Sorry, but that reads like an ex brexiteer who knows he ****ed up but won't take any responsibility for it. There's no trap there, just deflection.
  21. Great film. I haven't seen anything for a while that has been much good if I'm honest.
  22. Bradley johnson is 33. Kenny is 28. I really hope Rangers come in for Kenny.
  23. Each to their own, im taking Johnson every time. He might not have been able to pass, but he could tackle and shoot. Kenny offers neither of those regularly, all he can do is 5 yard passes and win headers on the halfway line. Johnno had fight and bottle, two qualities kenny sorely lacks
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