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  1. Not necessarily. Can be pushed through in days if Delia is willing to hold her nose and bung Jenrick some cash.
  2. FA Cup at weekend, our best/ most influential players all benched. Draw your own conclusions.
  3. Resting players for cup as league is gone. Only way this makes any sense Can understand changing things up, but no way Pukki is behind Drmic after Friday's display.
  4. Some on here have genuinely held Daniel Hannan up as credible. Nostradamus himself had this to say about Covid so probably a good idea not to listen to him on his predictions for the post-Brexit economy
  5. If your seat is odd number arrive by 1:45. If your seat is an even number arrive after 2:15. Job done.
  6. Staggered entry and allocated turnstiles, socially distanced queueing. CCTV to ID any fans that congregate (same way they ID racist chants etc) (would be harder for other clubs maybe but I genuinely don't think this would be much of a problem for us - there weren't crowds hanging around outside last week). Couple of police to wander round the ground a few times maybe - not sure how they'd feel about it but wouldn't need a large police presence imo. RE: Toilets etc, I did say at the bottom of post that a full complement of stewards would probably be needed if opening up the entire ground, even though there'd only be say 30% of fans there. I'm not pretending to have an in depth plan for this, not my job to work one out. But if I can come up with ideas that would solve many of the issues in about 10 minutes late at night, I'm pretty confident the club will have been able to come up with a coherent plan by now in the weeks/months they've been thinking about this.
  7. Well surely the logical thing to do would be to refund all season tickets for the rest of the season as there's only a few home games left and we're down anyway - not worth the hassle even if it were allowed.... and if this stands into next season, then you simply open up a specific number of seats and do it on a ST from previous season have first priority criteria first come, first served, with only those seats that the club has selected available to purchase.... like they used to do for the points system every game (although expect it would never get past ST holders) through the season for years, or you invite all season ticket holders under number XXXX one week and over XXXX the next week. Only socially distant seating allowed regardless of household as that would be too difficult to enforce. The logistics are really not that tricky for this, you just have access to a ticket as ST holder, rather than a specific seat. The issues would be (potentially): Fans turning up outside the stadium - Enforce this by saying those who do so will not be eligible for future tickets. I doubt we'd actually have issues with this anyway, as our fans are pretty well behaved and compliant. Fans moving from their allocated seat in the stadium to sit with a mate/family - simple no tolerance policy. No kiosks open. Toilets open as with that few fans it's easier for stewards and most people are social distance queueing on a daily basis at the mo so unlikely to be many issues. No loitering in concourse. It's really not that hard to sort the logistics out for this if that were the path forward. Might be expensive as you'd need similar steward numbers but for less fans, but stewards aren't getting paid loads for doing it - my mate did it at Derby during uni and it was pretty much minimum wage.
  8. Oh, Boris Johnson's dad has applied for a French passport so that his (incomprehensible number of) grandchildren can enjoy the benefits of the EU. How strange given what an evil monolith the EU is and the fact it has caused every problem in British society.
  9. I missed this in the news, so apologies if it's been discussed before but EFL proposing wage caps in L1 and L2. I've been a massive advocate as wage caps and floors as a way to distribute money evenly and level the playing field in football, but realise it's not practicable in the wider context of footy without some huge fifa led restructures which will never happen. Can understand why they're proposing it for L1 and L2 given the number of clubs at risk of going to the wall due to Covid. 2.5 mill for the playing squad in L1, and 1.25mill for the playing squad in L2. Thats for wages AND agent fees. Thats not a lot of money for a 20 man squad. Scum spent 800k on agent fees alone in their relegation season. There are two main impacts that I see from this though. Firstly, any team that isn't a yoyo team like Rotherham that get relegated into League 1 will have to have a mass exodus to comply, even if given a transition period and will have little financial advantage over clubs that have been down there a while. It will be harder to get out of the league when bigger teams go down. Secondly, given there are several clubs that struggle to scrape 5k attendances in League 1, teams with a bigger (than L1 average) fan base such as the scum will have no financial advantage either considering that most revenue in L1 comes from tickets not TV. Shame.
  10. And the Tory party follow.... read the comments. This is where having a dog whistle racist as PM takes you. But let's ignore this and have a witch hunt about anti-semitism in the Labour party. Wonder if all those RWNJs who couldn't stop shouting off about Labour being anti-semitic will be as quick to condemn their own racists.
  11. Theyre still catchable if they do their traditional implosion... especially if Fulham can beat them next week.. keep the faith
  12. True, but it needs to be a drastically improved showing or any enjoyment will be fleeting
  13. Doesnt look like norwich will provide much cheer over the next few weeks but fingers crossed we can find some joy elsewhere. As it is every year, the collapse is on, and let's hope this year is as spectacular and enjoyable as the rest. Starting today at 12
  14. I don't give a **** if we lose, I support us regardless... but when we don't bother to turn up and play the tepid, gutless **** we did last night I don't have any problem with people criticising the players' performance. I just want to see the players go out there and give a damn. If we're not good enough, then fine, we're not good enough. I am laissez-faire about relegation, but I would like to go down with a bit of integrity, and last night there was not one player who looked like they cared except Krul, and Onel when he came on. The rest of them were awful and if people want to tell them so then that's fine, they deserved it. As long as it's the performance being criticised, and not personal abuse then they reap what they sow.
  15. He has never broken a contract and stated publically he doesn't believe in breaking contracts. I think he'll see it out. For the record, I'm also no to Farke out.
  16. Yep, I've been looking forward to it since October, much to the chagrin of some on here. The Prem is abject ****e unless you're big 6/spending hundreds of millions. Everyone else is playing for the glory of midtable. Boring. as. ****. Can't wait to get back to proper footy in the Champs.
  17. Hahaha. Brilliant. I never seem to have footy themed dreams but also had a vivid one this morning before I woke up. Was running round an abandoned city (chernobyl type eerie vibe) being hunted by some soldiers. No idea what on earth inspired that one! Hopefully it was a metaphor for seeing Norwich hunting the ball down and doing some sharp shooting tonight
  18. So there are misgivings about football being back at all, we've had bad news about injuries yesterday, no supporters will be in the stands, we have to put up with a clown of a ref and worse as the var official. All that said and done, I am still buzzing to have some Norwich City football to watch this evening. It feels like its been an awfully long time coming. COYY.
  19. Given we have no cover whatsoever for the back 4 now due to injuries, and we are subject to Along Come Norwich Syndrome.... Get your predictions in now - how many of the back 4 will be get injured or suspended tomorrow? Bonus points if you get them in the correct order. Joker is a dodgy VAR red card (100% never being rescinded). You can play this at any point during the game.
  20. Presumably if he is cleared to return to full training
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