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  1. It’s only the FA Cup anyways. No matter how many times the media scrape the barrel with it, by saying things like “The magic of the cup” and “The FA Cup is full of so much English tradition”, it’s a distraction for the majority and a reserves cup these days. “Cup Final Day” and the meaning of the phrase won’t ever regain its original prestige. Finishing 4th in the Prem makes more revenue these days than winning the cup. It’s really disappointing it’s like this these days, but at least it enables us to make even more excuses LOL!. Yes we were damn awful and there is no denying it, FA Cup tie or not.
  2. That reminds me of that cringe word The S*n kept using during World Cup USA 94 to describe the Brazilian players…… “Brazilliant” that word was. Thank God it didn’t catch on, but there wasn’t such a thing as the internet back then.
  3. In the long run, these selfish train strikes will affect small businesses based in stations who’s main income is from train passengers. It will also in the long run affect our chances as a country in boosting our economy by hosting major sporting events. Having a train service which constantly strikes, while their union leaders are away in Monaco on private boats, will be a right turn-off for the organising committee involved. Morocco as a national team and country missed out on being our hosts for 2026, because FIFA said in their final report, that Morocco lacked a decent public transport infrastructure and was not cost effective for the country. Well, let’s put it this way; they were turned down because although they have a train system that always works and never hardly strikes, it needed a lot of extra building onto it so it would be easier for supporters to access all the stadiums. In this country we have a train system that don’t even work.
  4. “Don’t blame us for striking blame the government!”. That sounds like the sort of thing Mike Ashley would have said after a Newcastle relegation (“I’ve been spending money!, don’t blame me!”). That is basically deflecting the blame off themselves onto others, like kids. They are enjoying their strikes and can even seem to afford doing it for six months so far, with their pathetic flags, whistles, coloured flares, megaphones and pathetic banners with slogans all while the idiots lap it all up even more so because of drivers horn-tooting to them, who don’t even use the service concerned. Its clearly obvious why they keep refusing such generous offers, as they love the limelight and media attention their sick actions are creating. Strikers Island we have become after Plague Island, Brexit Island and Sick Man of Europe Island. I’m done with these depressing threads and will only bother talking about NCFC from now on. It’s got to the point it’s just not worth reading or posting in anymore, as everything is all negative without one little ounce of light. Calling this a “crisis” is absurd as well. Read about what’s going on in Ukraine right now, that’s a crisis.
  5. So sick of hearing the word “solidarity” all the time, as well as “Solidarity to the workers” as well as “I support the strikes”. It’s all just an attempt to create as many media buzzwords as possible. People who support strikes are only those who don’t use the service concerned, as it don’t affect them.
  6. - Once had a bloke taking maybe his son out on a driving lesson on Christmas Day last year. Stopped at the end of the road at a junction, did nothing and had to use the left lane to turn right. - Driving along a road in Truro, the car in front just stopped randomly, put on its hazard flashers and confused everybody, just a minute later the car in front worked out what was going on. - People leaving their cars abandoned in the middle of the road during the “cold snap”, before they couldn’t go any further. Should have moved them to the side of the road when there was plenty of space. - A DPD van I generously waved on to go in front of me turning into the road in front of me from the right, but just sat there doing nothing, so I just drove on and shouted “Shall I send you a postcard!?”
  7. If England won, I can only think how unbearable the media would be, with the public pushing for knighthoods. That conga the women’s team did gate crashing their manager’s press conference after winning the Euros was total utter cringe, and I bet there would have been a repeat performance with Southgate in the press room. If Germany won that final, you wouldn’t have seen that childish nonsense. I think we are the laughing stock of the world for many reasons and that is one of them. We already have on our shame list leaving the EU, failure from our government to control a virus and the shi*housery show that is our government for all the world to laugh at, while all of a sudden English national football teams serve as a “beautiful distraction” from it all. Oh, and theres idiots supporting strikers by shouting “Solidarity!” over and over again although the service on strike is financially affecting their businesses for example. Alex Scott once again going on about her bronze medal and it being turned to a gold this summer…. No, two different competitions darling. England’s women or men won’t ever be world champions in this modern age especially with Yes Men like Southgate in charge of the men and North America being a class ahead of Europe in the women’s game (thus ignoring the 1966 men’s team)……. Still….. England did win the Fair Play Trophy though!. “WE’RE NICE AND WE KNOW WE ARE!”
  8. 172 goals in the entire tournament, a record!. Argentina almost made it a situation where they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but Messi now has a World Cup and the Messi/Ronaldo debate is over as far as I’m concerned. What a match, and the best team won.
  9. Isn’t it just?, especially when Alex Scott was barrel-scraping over her bronze medal from 2015. Jurgen is the only one with any sense on that team and I won’t miss the way it’s been presented on TV over here. I’ve been watching a Dutch streamed channel on TVmob on my fire stick and they use all the official FIFA opening titles and graphics, none of this in-house tripe ITV came up with being hot air balloons and shells. Its been a good tournament with so many brilliant moments, but the way England threw it away, the nature of Qatar as a country and that annoying oversized trophy in the centre circle before every game has ruined it.
  10. Absolutely hate it. Everyone at work wanted it because they don’t like their jobs. It’s fun for kids, but it’s dangerous and causes accidents and isn’t good for business. I travel to get to work every day now and with weather like this, it’s a nightmare getting home. Thank god the sun out is down here slowly melting it away.
  11. She kinda loved the attention did Gilbert, rather more than actually saving lives. That vaccine also caused a lot of blood clots and someone’s father on another football forum a friend of mine lurks on, but don’t post, said his father went into remission after being given a dose of it and later died, all despite the fact he was fit as a fiddle and would walk for miles as part of his walking club.
  12. This didn’t exactly happen and in 2007 The S*n printed a picture of a Frey Bentos pie saying this is what we will be living on due to the global recession. Didn’t happen at all.
  13. Just what is it with blowing a whistle while striking, let alone let off a coloured flare?. Its not achieving anything, it’s just making an even bigger t*t of yourself than you already were. Shame they cannot choke on their whistles or set themselves alight with their flares.
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