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  1. Artist wants her gifted neon sign removed from Number 10 Tracey Emin insisted the government needs "compassion" rather than more passion after requesting Number 10 take down an artwork she gifted in 2011. More Passion, a neon piece by the Turner Prize-nominated artist, was installed when David Cameron was prime minister. She told BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour: "I don't want the work back because I donated it. I would simply like at the moment for it to be taken down, because the neon is notoriously for a party atmosphere. "You have them at funfairs, casinos, bars or whatever. I really do not feel that Number 10 needs any encouragement on this level." Ms Emin added: "I want it taken down and this government, I will tell you what they need, they need compassion. That's what they need, not passion. They don't need more party atmospheres. "Most of us are obeying the rules in every single way because this pandemic has affected everybody so terribly - whether it is financially, whether it is health-wise, people dying or whatever. And this government doesn't seem to care about that." https://news.sky.com/story/boris-johnson-news-latest-live-watch-pmqs-partygate-downing-street-keir-starmer-12514080?postid=3245165#liveblog-body Amen to that!. I thought it from the start of this nightmare that the government don’t care about us and it looks like someone else was thinking the same!.
  2. … and Wolves who have consolidated their place in the league now.
  3. Manure are a joke, that Rangnick apparently taught Koop everything he knows and is a football philosophy bloke. Yeah, and I’m Fanny Craddock. They’re playing worse under him and were just as bad as Brentford last night. The only difference is that they took their chances, while Brentford squandered most of theirs. As for Brentford, they are on our list of teams to catch now, that’s now Newcastle, Watford, Southampton, Villa and Brentford. Burnley are in a lot more of a predicament than us and we should beat them.
  4. These MSM cronies now writing articles asking if it’s too soon to end “Plan B”. These tossers know full well they form peoples opinions and they take full advantage of it like the scum that they are. I’m not giving them the satisfaction by clicking on their bait. The BBC News website must be tight on money what with the amount of free use images they use from Getty.
  5. Once we get to an endemic, this thread needs locking, printing out, strapping to a rocket and firing into the sun, never to be spoken about again. The hope that this thread will one day disappear and sink to the bottom is pure fantasy, total pipe dream. It will be full of doom and gloom contributors newly joining the forum, while not appearing on any other thread whatsoever. On a serious note, I think government have done pretty well since beginning of last year to be fair. In 2020 there were too many f-ups to fill both sides of an A3 piece of paper. Of course the Partygate will quite rightly end Boris’s tenure, but they’ve done well since the care homes debacle.
  6. Cannot see anything as spreading as Omicron to be honest. There will be a new variant but I’m sure those in charge will be ready for it for once.
  7. West Brom only won six matches in 2004-05, more than us and Palace that season both on seven, while they had the same number of wins as bottom finishers Southampton. The relegation battle that season was tougher at the same point this season, so I don’t think we will need seven, maybe five or six wins.
  8. The BBC News website even went as low as using the word “Refusenik” yesterday when mentioning the similar Austrian laws. This decade sucks, stupid made up words and a virus and we are only two years in. Bring me back to the 90s, much better times until everything fell to sh*t. As for this, it’s ridiculous to lose that many staff, there are enough shortages as there already are. Hopefully they’ll realise how serious this is and get their jabs.
  9. Keep thinking the negative stuff, be positive for once and watch this. Already tried of the phrase “On it’s a*se” already now and the MSM really have been nothing but a hindrance through this whole thing and still continue to do so, making us think the ways they want to about anything these days.
  10. Two of my friends who I used to see regularly on the Falmouth pub crawl, I haven’t seen much since Covid and the other one not at all. One of them used to work at one of the pubs we would visit and when she left, she didn’t go out much, then when Covid came along, I only ever seen her on Instagram and then surprisingly on Christmas Eve for the first time since March 2020!. Our other friend stopped going out when he went to five gigs in a week all in Scotland. To recoup the spendings, he did an abstain from the pubs, only for this to be even more prolonged when Covid struck. He also later told my other half and myself on a video call in July 2020 that he has an underlying condition, so more the reason he hasn’t been out to a pub since and we haven’t seen him since November 2019! :(. Still, all in all, the reason why I’m saying all this, is that although my better half and myself miss those people (and came across a photo today of myself and my other half with them both), I am using these examples, as I would like to point out that most of the public have acted intelligently through all of this, only for it to vastly improve this winter - such as taking up boosters, self policing in terms of restricting social lives such as like my friends have been doing; visits to pubs/restaurants, mitigating part of the need for laws. Of course, there were idiots in the early stages of this having private parties, but that was only a minority of the population and we hardly heard about such acts going on during the third lockdown.
  11. It was 28 points last season goal difference permitting, so 29 to survive on points at the least. The bottom three that season never got out of the bottom four and this season it is going the same way so far. As a result we need to buck the trend and get out of it. I think this season it will be 30, so that’s five more wins and then two more draws. It’s been a very long time since 40+ points were needed as a bare minimum to survive. Ever since Blackpool and Birmingham went down on 39 each in 2010-11, nobody else has gone down on a greater or same total. Wigan stayed up on 40, the last time that number of points at least was needed to stay up, avoiding a goal difference tie breaker.
  12. No, I’m mocking those who thought it would be a good idea to clap for them instead of campaigning for a deserved pay rise. For your information, in protest to those too stuck up to give them payrises and think clapping was the answer, as well as this government not giving it to them, I’m actually running a local half marathon later in the year for NHS Together Charities and actually decided on this before Christmas.
  13. Idiots singing songs about lockdown was the worse of it all as far as the gimmicks went. They would record themselves singing them and then posting them on YouTube, hoping they would go “viral”. All the songs were someone else’s songs with the lyrics changed, nothing original at all. At least with Weird Al Yankovic he was funny. One of the ones I hate the most, is this family of parents and their kids singing a parody of a Les Miserables song. They often sang their lines at the same time as someone else, so subtitles were used. An utter mess and it just depressed me more, not “raise the spirits”. That first lockdown was full of gimmicks just to test the patience, such as a man wearing a leotard dancing down his street and idiots wearing identical clothing doing the same dance so they were all in sequence…. all while this rubbish got filmed. Dancing nurses….. don’t even get me started. As soon as this becomes endemic, I want this thread gone and any reminders of all that cr*p we had to endure never to be mentioned ever again. Clapping for the NHS while looking smug and making your tin pan noises while letting off your fireworks and airhorns, don’t pay their bills. I never want to see any more clapping around the country montages ever again (all while the person who started it gets a guest appearance), it’s an insult.
  14. Only the first one, as we had no vaccines, the other two were not. They are not begin events, they destroy livelihoods, prompt suicides and cause small businesses to die, all while the likes of Jeff Bezos thrive. The first one was necessary because there was no other choice, the second one was a joke and third one wasn’t needed. The government don’t give a crap for “commoners” mental health and income streams to make ends meet anyway.
  15. They once spent 20 minutes in 2013 analysing the Man United team even though they were not even playing that day. Utter gutter press of a show. It’s been embedded in the British public’s minds that they would rather live in a world in which they would rather watch a TV show of people taking about goals as they go in, then stay up late to watch them rather then actually campaign to end the 3pm shut down.
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