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  1. Living in the midlands, Wolves was one of the games we always went to. More bad memories than good: http://www.wolverhamptonwanderers-mad.co.uk/head_to_head/wolverhampton_wanderers/vs/norwich_city/index.shtml I was lucky enough to be there in 95/96 for our only league win, and for the 3-3 draw when Carl Cort scored.
  2. [quote user="Reverend Timothy Smallpiece"]Rather than waste it on a, ahem, "striker" who can''t hit a barn door perhaps we could have brought out the hotel''s other investors, pulled it down and put in a temporary infill stand. [/quote] Christ alive; you''re a moron.
  3. You won''t find many people that go to away games complaining about Snoddy. By far our best player on the road last season. So he''s had a slow start, give him a break.
  4. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="PurpleCanary"]Anderlecht now 3-1 up on aggregate. I know it seems we are not now in the running for him. But if Anderlect go through, oddly enough, that would make it more likely that he might join us, if we were still interested. Strange but true.[/quote] Idiot. Can''t count. 3-2 on aggreate. But it does seem that Biglia''s options, now he is European cup-tied, are limited to staying for anther season with Anderlecht, which he didn''t want to do, or going on "loan" for a season to a side in one of the top European leagues that isn''t playing in the Champions League or the Europa League. [/quote] The rules aren''t as straightforward as that, can still play elsewhere in Europe in some cases I think. Check FM.
  5. [quote user="Al Catraz"][quote user="mighty yellow"]Came back on here after a long day at work and I must say it''s good to see that Bor Bor Bor is firmly in the minority. Save your ''opinions'' for Canary Call granddad.[/quote] You sound obnoxious.[/quote] I guess I am a bit. The granddad call was a bit harsh so I''ll take that back, the guy''s a quiche though.
  6. Came back on here after a long day at work and I must say it''s good to see that Bor Bor Bor is firmly in the minority. Save your ''opinions'' for Canary Call granddad.
  7. I thought some of the midfield link up play towards the end of last year was brilliant, and Wes is exactly the sort of player you want when playing in that style. He is far more experienced than all of our other players in that position, and people like Howson and Butterfield can learn from him even if they are already at a similar level. I think he''s added a defensive side to his game and he gets back where maybe two/three years ago he would ball watch. He''s a proper team player and a club hero, and last season he played well on the whole. He''s an important part of the squad at the very least. No idea why you felt the need to unjustifiably criticise him in your first post but in my humble we''ve no room for your negativity. And you want Stephen Warnock.
  8. You''d give Wes away for a few quid and Stephen Warnock. Yes we have other options, no to getting rid of someone who on their day is a match winner for Stephen Warnock. It''s going to be interesting to see how we line up in midfield this season. Like last year, I have no idea what our best team actually is, but I feel the quality is there and I''m confident we will gel into a side that is more than capable of avoiding relegation. I think Fox has to play for the tempo he brings to the team, I guess I''d play Johnson alongside him or Howson if he wasn''t needed in a more advanced position. I think we could do with getting in a defensive midfielder as not a big fan of Johnson. I''m really excited about our options in front of those two. I would play three behind Holt, and it''s any three from Wes, Pilks, Beno, Snoddy, Howson and Butterfield. I didn''t think we''d ever have such an array of young attacking talent. I imagine we will start playing like this, but we''ve got the squad to play a diamond or flat 4-4-2 as well. Exciting times. You can''t even spell our own manager''s name correctly on your avatar. Do everyone a favour and stick to lurking.
  9. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"][quote user="beccacity"]Agent NCP has just reported on twitter that Hoolahan is off to Aston Villa for 4.5mill and norwich have accepted.[/quote] This may or may not be true, but I''d chew their bloody arm off for £4.5 million pounds and would sell for anything more than £1.5m. Let him run round in circles at Villa Park for £50k a week with the ball almost under the control of his left boot. We have Howson, Pilkington and Snodgrass now and I''d prefer any of them in midfield to Hoolahan. They offer more energy and better passing options, are fitter and less lightweight. What I''d really like to see is a cash plus Steven Warnock deal, that would address our full back issue in the bargain. [/quote] I don''t post on here any more, just do a bit of lurking. If you''re serious mate you need to follow another sport. You can''t go to games, and if you do then that''s even more tragic. Complete retard with no grasp of the game''s subtleties.
  10. [quote user="Rob Sims"]he seemed to be turning himself into a decent midfielder second half of the season last season. Perhaps his off field exploits are behind him, or at least curbed. he famously said this though (or something to the effect) "i am the best midfielder in england".... and then went on to slate gareth barry (quite rightly, hes rubbish) and gerrard. And there in lies the problem, he is dillusional and has an image problem which is esential for commerical activities of any club.[/quote] His comments regarding Gerrard et al hit the nail on the head. Read them rather than quoting out of context.
  11. [quote user="TheJarrold"]i''ll be there....didn''t realise the stadium is about 1hr away from the station by bus though!......hoping I don''t miss the start!!! [/quote] Hi mate, I live pretty locally so thought I''d give you some advice. Getting a bus there will be a bit of a nightmare and probably cost about half what a taxi would. If you can find another City fan to pool with, get a taxi, there is loads outside the station or I''ve put a number at the bottom that might save you a couple of quid. That way it''s a 10-15 minute drive. Hope this helps. 02476333333
  12. He didn''t even try to win. My sincerest apologies.
  13. I hope no-one watched that. Unbelievable.
  14. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]You can get hold of a Chelsea shirt up to size 3XL for £45 from places like KitBag, and if you want bigger, you can get up to 8XL for £55.This is exactly the sort of thing I''d want our choice of manufacturer to cater to, as one of the people who needs a larger size, I have no problems with paying extra to get the required size (it''s something I''m already used to anyway...), but simply not having the option is an issue.Let''s hope we get this option :)[/quote]Anyone who wears 8XL has more to worry about than getting a replica football kit in their size.
  15. 7/4 favourite Hucking Hero. Got to be worth a few quid.
  16. Holt is our leader and talisman, but we wouldn''t be the same side without Wes pulling the strings behind. He''s been our best player in almost every game this season.
  17. [quote user="Yarmouthyellow1"]You got me Devonshire.  I''m crap at sarcasm.  Help me let it go and get used to the new ways.  Please[/quote]You really are.
  18. [quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Harry"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Harry"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="Harry"]I was a Super Member when I was living up North and gave up my season ticket due to the uncertainty of when I could get down for games and found it well worth the money, but then again I''m not a grumpy old bugger who finds everything the Club does as them controlling the fans.Standard membership is available for £12.50 and gives priority along with season ticket holders and ahead of non-members to buy available home match tickets when they go on sale. Super membership is available for £17.50 and as well as first priority to purchase available tickets you will also have the exclusive opportunity to pre-book your seats and have them charged to your registered debit/credit card a month before the matchAll under-16s who become either a standard or a super member will automatically become a junior member and will receive a whole host of exclusive benefits! These include:- Membership pack- Birthday card and free gift- Chance to be a mascot- Christmas party invitation- Canary Store discount- Match ticket discount- Free match ticket when using Club Canary for certain away games[/quote]You''ve simply played the blackmail game like a good boy.Some of us have principles.[/quote]See it how you want, I prefer to be able to get tickets for games I want to see.[/quote]We should ALL be able to get to games we want to see. If the stands weren''t cluttered up with ''other club''s'' supporters then there might be more room for real City fans. I know of at least 20 seats filled by all manner of backsides... ten of which are Man U. I''m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.Quality not quantity.[/quote] So why would "other clubs" supporters want to purchase season tickets and membership to watch Norwich City? Not being one who is ever lost for words how about naming names and telling us where exactly this "tip of the iceberg" have manifested themselves thereby preventing the likes of you and other avid,geniune,disenfranchised grass roots City fans from buying tickets as and when you so desire? Lay off the insults and sarcasm and just answer the question. [/quote]If you can''t answer that one yourself then you clearly don''t know many people outside of your ''intimate circle''. It''s called a ''compromise'' by many uncommitted sports enthusiasts.... plus it''s a nice day out for the kiddies. Anyone can ''buy'' a season ticket if they have the money and a desire to covet an individual seat (sad in itself)... and far too many luvvies are being encouraged to do so at the expense of real local supporters.Result a dumbed down fanbase and a general atmosphere resembling a children''s party. [/quote]So let me get this right Cluck, the Club should do away with season tickets, memberships etc so people who want to pick and choose a few games a season to attend whenever they want?That would be financial suicide.[/quote]Season tickets have always been part of the club support... but they have now become the mainstream. This is a cynical business ploy to ''tie in'' support with an element of emotional blackmail stating that "if you don''t buy a ST and the team do well you won''t be able to get in".  It''s a classic monopoly scenario and NCFC know City fans have no alternative. Or in other words... if you don''t buy from us on our terms we don''t want you.As for ''picking and choosing''... what''s wrong with that? Do you go to the theatre or cinema every week incase you lose your seat? With the money pre banked NCFC don''t have to work hard to keep it''s supporters happy anymore and use the ST blackmail to string it''s customer base along. It''s a scam and nothing more.Earlier owners found more inventive ways of bringing success to the club... something they don''t need to worry about now with so many lemmings willing to jump off the cliff when the letter arrives. Financial matters are the affairs of the owners and it''s not for the paying public to bank roll what is effectively a privately owned business like any other. Make them start working for it again.[/quote]All seems a bit irrelevant to be honest, the success is there, and people want to go. The cinema doesn''t sell out every week, if it did, some film buffs would get season tickets to make sure they could always be there.If you want to get angry about something, surely it should be that away tickets are first come first served, not ballotted or done on away stubs. I know some fans who attend every game, every year, home and away, who have missed out on some of these later games because they weren''t around at a particular time. Ridiculous that everyone isn''t given the same chance, or that loyalty isn''t rewarded.
  19. [quote user="ncfcfan"][quote user="paul moy"][quote user="ncfcfan"][quote user="paul moy"][quote user="ncfcfan"][quote user="paul moy"][quote user="CANARY CHARGE"][quote user="Raymond Getärd"][quote user="paul moy"] [quote user="kdncfc"][quote user="Bite The Dog"]2 good signings...if they are with a view to permanent deals. If not then I don''t really see the worth in it.Pacheco is a fabulous little footballer and would love him to be part of our squad going forward, and that doesn''t just come from viewing a couple of youtube videos...remember Goran Maric. Played in the right position he could be great for us.Vokes was a really highly rated player a few years back, I must say I don''t know alot about him but he must be better than Wilbraham, surely.Good luck to both players and I for one hope that you both shine in the yellow of NCFC.OTBC[/quote]It will be worth it if they score the goals to take us up.[/quote] Indeed, and they are better than CMS.  We''ve saved some money there !!  [/quote] Pacheo is indeed a better option than CMS given the patient, passing game we play. No chance of getting him on a permanent of course, he''s far too promising. [/quote] CMS is a class act and he has proven himself this season what ever league, Im really pleased these two will give us a real boost.....IN LAMBERT WE TRUST! [/quote] I don''t agree.  He has proven himself in Div1 no doubt but that is very different to the Championship where he managed only 10 in 43 games last season. That is poor.   [/quote] 1 in 4 for a team for a team who finish bottom in his first season isn''t bad. While Vokes got 6 in 37 for Wolves who were Champions. Since then he has managed 2 in 27 and 8 of them games were in League 1. If CMS record was poor what is Vokes?[/quote] Vokes is 21 whereas CMS is 27 so it''s not comparing like for like. Also, Vokes has played in the Prem has he not ?  [/quote]He has, a whole 5 sub appearances! I don''t see how age is a factor for these next 8 games. CMS knows where the net is and is in the best form of his life and Vokes so far hasn''t proved he''s a goal scorer. [/quote] CMS didn''t know where the net was on Monday, and in fact I don''t remember him getting a shot in, and that''s Div1. He''s just as much a gamble at this level as these other guys but far more expensive. Vokes is also a full Welsh International. Age is a factor because CMS was 26 when playing in the Championship, but with all his experience managed only 10 goals. Vokes is also 6 foot 2 as opposed to CMS who is not the tallest, and that extra height will be very useful. I''m happy to have Vokes. [/quote]He actually had a shot well saved. So your basing your opinion on one game, where his team didn''t play very well. If you had watched one of his games where he scored one of his 27 goals this season, I suppose that would make him the best player in the world. Hardly difficult to be a Welsh International, and he still struggled to get called up, shame CMS isn''t Welsh because he would get handfuls of caps. What experience? It was his first season playing in it, so he was less experienced then Vokes but scored more! Vokes has done nothing to prove he''s better then CMS and I bet Vokes doesn''t score more then 3 goals in his time here![/quote]Three from Vokes and three from Pacheco would do me!
  20. [quote user="Ncfc"]Chris Martin does not bring goals to the side and that''s what we need , found his level last season and cannot make the step up much like Jackson .[/quote]Martin has been our best option alongside Holt every time I''ve seen him this season. He''s not afraid to shoot, unlike a lot of our team when the going gets tough, and although he might not be scoring as prolifically as last year he seems to have matured and some of his work around the pitch has been very good.Not saying I wouldn''t like to see another striker here, but this is rubbish.
  21. [quote user="The Great Drinkell"]Last time we won promotion we made the mistake of breaking up the team that got us there. Hopefully as a club we will have learnt our lesson and we''ll just strengthen a little and see how the first 3 months go.[/quote]I thought we made the mistake of dropping the wrong people last time we went up. I don''t see how Malky could''ve been worse than Simon Charlton, and a lot of the new boys seemed out of their depth, but playing Holt over Safri and Steady Eddy over Helveg was rubbish.
  22. [quote user="Wings of a sparrow"]Canary callers are just fans discussing the club they love - just like on here.[/quote]Are they though? It''s a football phone-in, not Samaritans.
  23. [quote user="Planet X"]Travel all the way to sheep sha ggin wales with a very late return plus £''s spentor Few pints, watch on Sky sha g the missue and early night enough £''s left for watford away (not on Sky) mmmmmmmmmLet me think, TV winsrespect to all those who go though[/quote]Lad.
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