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  1. Some people are paying to see the opposition not Norwich City. Without wanting to get into the whole "real fans" thing that why the prospect of a trip to the Emirates leaves some all moist and breathless whilst a trip to Hull would leave those same "fans" unmoved.
  2. Sorry, but it''s football. Don''t care what Sky call the drivel they churn out.
  3. Fraser Forster played a blinder last night and must also feel he deserves a chance.
  4. At least Libra scored THAT goal. Ricky is turning out to be more of an expensive Ulf Otterson.
  5. He put Elmander on because he was fed up playing with ten men ie sticking with RvW
  6. Trouble is, when a club of Norwich''s means have spent £8.4 million, it''s not unreasonable to expect the player to hit the ground running. It should not be necessary to still be "adapting"and "getting up to speed" in October - that''s what pre-season is for. And I simply don''t buy the idea that he''s working his socks off - he has been noticeable by his lack of contribution in all games so far, admittedly barring one fantastic header. Even CH finally lost patience on Sunday and we looked infinitely more threatening with Elmander playing the lone striker role.   Let''s not forger we spent a ton of cash, by our standards, on another striker. I''d now like to see him afforded the same number of consecutive full games as Ricky was given so we can run the rule over him. My biggest problem with RvW is that is so patently lightweight. Hooper looks far more able to look after himself against those nasty rough boys.
  7. Like it or not, season ticket holders are the life blood of the club. Derided by stream-watchers and those desparate for a ticket for the manyoo game, but there you go - facts are facts. And yes, times are hard. Mucho thanks to him upstairs for making sure the St Chav''s collection plate is always full. Keeps me in fags and scotch.
  8. Just seen details of the club''s offer to allow members to buy 4 tickers for the Cardiff game before season ticket holders are allowed to purchase. This seems to be penalising the bedrock of the club''s support. Why afford special to those who pick and choose the odd game to attend?
  9. Rather than waste it on a, ahem, "striker" who can''t hit a barn door perhaps we could have brought out the hotel''s other investors, pulled it down and put in a temporary infill stand.
  10. For £8.4 million it should be taken as given that a player can cimontrol a simple ball to feet. Something to work on in training. A loan spell in the Championship would help and toughen him up to boot.
  11. And that would be that the first choice number 9/centre foreard at the club is Johan Elmander. Pairing him in a "little and large" combo with Hooper will pay dividends. As things stand, Becchio must be nrxt in the pecking order. RvW has gad his chance, failed to impress and is now due some bench time. I''d suggest getting him into the gym to bulk him up.
  12. Totally confident you''re both wrong. perhaps you need to screw your faces up, squeeze your fistsand wish really, really hard tbat he stops being useless.
  13. But didn''t Stan and James not spot his "excellent link up play" or make allowances for his "lack of service"?"
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