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  1. I think man city are unfortunately quickly going the way of their neighbours in the arrogance stakes, on and off the pitch. Shame because never used to mind man city too much.
  2. Agreed Essex but be assured it''s not just block E.  Fair few in other blocks including D where I sit.  Can''t make out what''s being sung at times. We used to be able to get all of "Nigel Worthington''s green and yellow army" in but now the singing is so fast that several years on, the green is being dropped by most people so it''s now "Paul Lambert''s yellow army".  One person near the back of block D gets so excited he''s started the next "yellow army" before the previous one''s finished!  Oh well, guess you can''t fight the tide.. 
  3. My observation (for what it''s worth having been in the Barclay for last 20 odd years)... There''s an increasing number who sit in the Barlcay who seem to be there for the atmopshere but who either can''t be bothered or lack the energy to contribute to it.  I''ve made the point several times in the past about the speed at which songs are sung nowadays (and the limited repetoire compared to those that used to be sung) and believe this doesn''t help but hey ho, guess that''s how things are now.  Before people get on their high horses, this isn''t an email saying one type of fan is better than another or that others don''t have the right to be in the Barclay but it''s obvious the make up of the Barclay is significantly changing.  One team (can''t think who) mocked us by referring to the Barclay as the family enclosure and it''s getting increasingly hard to argue, especially as the stand, like other stands) is now essentially a closed shop to ''new blood''.  Again, just an observation not an attack.
  4. I''ve raied the issue of songs being sung too fast (and in my opinion, generally ruined) on here several times over the last few years and how I feel we, as custodians of NCFC''s terrace history, should be preserving the old ways of singing the songs.  Most have agreed (though some said lighten up, go with the times and just accept all songs being sung at hyper speed).  I out of principle continue to sing at the old speed even if I''m out of step with most of the ground now.  Just frustrates me as the majority seem to acknowledge it''s happening and the pace of singing etc is getting ridiculous but most seem to go along with it, or as with the case with some of those I go to matches with; just give up and don''t bother when it starts getting stupid.  I believ this is why we struggle to sustain songs now.  If you do feel strongly about it, do something about it, don''t go with the crowd, slow it down and bit by bit maybe the process can be halted/reversed.  Regards.
  5. Not sure where the chants have gone.  Guess they''re still remembered by people like us but the longer they go without being sung, they gradually fade away and with it goes a bit of NCFC history.  It''s a shame as many of the younger supporters won''t know many of the traditional songs before long.  Equally though, I guess there were many songs sung befoe I started supporting City that I never knew about or heard.  Carrow can still rock when it''s on form but maybe it''s up to us older (30+ year olds as you say?) to pull our fingers out and fight the tide of super fast chanting and repetition of the same few songs over and over again.  I get the feeling though that maybe many can''t be bothered now or have just given up and so it''s just beome the norm.  It''s only when you listen to the link I posted that you realise just how the song has ''evolved'' . 
  6. Oh and: "Everywhere we go, People always ask us, Who we are, Where we come from, We always tell them, We come from Norwich, Mighty mighty Norwich And if you can''t hear us, We''ll shout a little louder"
  7. Yes Jem, definitely agree should be brought back.  Would many people remember it I wonder?  What about give me a N, O, R etc etc as well. Also, as we''re on the subject of shooting people and I''m in the mood to be belligerant; I''ve been getting increasingly disgruntled with the crap music being played over the tannoy right up to kick off and over the top of every goal celebration.  Would your father''s gun be up to the task??  Yes I am being a miserable git.  
  8. Sorry forgot link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPVn9eLOkF0&feature=related
  9. You tell that to the poor old boy who sung this Colchester.  He''d be turning in his grave (presuming he''s dead which I''d guess he is) to hear "Owyscdagul" being sung at Carrow Road.  Having said that, imagine in twenty years time when all you can hear is "Odagl" and all those at Carrow Road will be saying fondly and with a tear in their eye " I remember when we used to sing Owyscdagul".
  10. Nuff said.  Maybe you''re right and I just need to resign myself to change.... "Hurrah we''ve scored a goal" is dead, long live the Welsh village of "Owyscdagul" (Maybe I should get some t-shirts printed).   
  11. To the tune of chakita thingy by Abba.  Bit of a mouthful but... Pa pa pa pa pa pa pacheko, He came to Carrow to score the go-o-o-o-o-o-oals And with him, to the Premier League, we will surely go, Pacheko
  12. You got me Devonshire.  I''m crap at sarcasm.  Help me let it go and get used to the new ways.  Please
  13. Thanks, but Wikipedia says "Hurrah! We''ve scored goal".  I know those were the lyrics when I started singing it (though for many it''s always been "Oh we''ve scored a goal") over twenty years ago but I think they must have changed the lyrics over the last few years.  Could the person responsible for the Wikipedia article please update them?  I just wanted to know what people sing now so I don''t come across as some sort of dinosaur.  Is it "Owyscudagl" now? Please help as I just want to fit in again.
  14. 1) What is the last line of OTBC?   I can never quite make it out as it''s sung so fast.  Could somebody translate?  Tried listening on few Youtube videos and can''t make it out either.  Sounds a bit like Popeye (a ga ga ga we''ve "scdagul" scolive?)    2) When did Paul Lambert''s green and yellow army become Paul Lambert''s yellow army.  Do you think if it was slowed down a bit we might be able to get the "green" back in?  Just a thought a when I sing it to myself it seems quite easy to sing "green and yellow army"?  Please let me know if this is out of the question though. 3) Why are some people trying to sing "When the greens go marching in" in a jazz type fashion?  Thought it had been alright for decades as it is??  4) Do the following songs still exist (i.e.) - My old man - When I was just a little boy - Wings of a sparrow etc. 5) Does anyone else, like me, run out of breath when singing nowadays and if so, do you think there''s any business to be made as a circular breathing consultant at Carrow Road.  I''ve heard aberigini digeridoo players use it to great effect. I''ve really got ot let this drop
  15. To the tune of runaway train: Surman and Fox ran on the pitch hurrah, hurrah, Ruddy and Drury ran on the pitch hurrah, hurrah With Barnett and Whitbread across the back Holt and Martin in attack And Crofts who scored a goal just like Fashanu''s
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