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  1. Hi Guys, I''ve put together a quick crest concept, I thought its about time we updated our crest for the modern era. I''ve put a link below (not sure it will work), feedback would be great, thanks. https://twitter.com/SListerDesign/status/1042181607241728000
  2. I would also love to see him at the club, hes my all time favourite player, I just want to see him in the famous yellow and green.
  3. Reading other clubs forums, listening to the media etc. i feel no one wants us promoted and it feels like most other teams hate us, dunno why but im not use to other clubs hating norwich, maybe its because we winning more and doing well, it just feels like people think we dont deserve to be where we are. Do you guys feel the same?? What ever happens this season i am a very proud norwich fan.
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]im not very good at these so feel free to laugh.. but its to the tune of La Bamba, its simple, and I really hop the barclay and snake pit take it on and make it happen!"Pa pa pa pa Pacheco Pa pa pa pa pacheco he''s from Espana and he plays at the Carrow He plays at The carrow and he scores goals Oh he scores goals oh he scores goalsPaaaaa pacheco, Paaa pachecho, Paaa pacheco"and repeat... [/quote] love it
  5. http://forum.planetswans.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=95250 Heres how many fans they think we will take to there place. Some of them are saying are away support is awful lol How many do you think we will take, probably are biggest game for a while so im saying about 1500.
  6. Was at game and i thought the atsmospher was better than usual but i want to know how well it came off on sky? were we loud..etc?
  7. Dion Dublin will be talking about a new possible signing on the late kick off.
  8. i dont really mind that it is sung by everyone, its sounds great and its a change from are usual chants
  9. Did any one else hear city singing Just Can''t Get Enough song? dunno the words but it did sound great and probably will sound even greater if more than 10 people sing it haha nice to hear new chants, getting a bit tired of the hearing the same chants every game. otbc
  10. [quote user="The Pig Will Eat You"]Why''s that a random day out? [/quote] well done now hes going to write anouther essay
  11. go see avatar, despite them being blue its the best film i seen in along while
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