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  1. Look on the plus side as the extra 10 % on ticket prices are for the transfer budget so we were told. Then not spending the money the ticket prices won''t go up ??
  2. Do you all think in your wildest dreams that we would bid 9 million, the only thing we do know is that our second bid was well below the 6 million being quoted and our first bid was around 5 million. Celtic have also been quoted in saying they are looking around 8 million. Who ever would do bussiness with a club with such little respect for their wishes by offering a couple thousand or so more. You are again believeing your club who just put up the ticket price by 10% by looking to buy a player they were never going to buy.
  3. There is still something wrong at the top two billionaires walking away, tens of thousands of pounds send on brookers one of the biggest high profiles sponsors in sport we get nothing or very little what is going on in the broad room?
  4. I hope not with his positional play and pace along with the goals we gave away last season when he played, we need him like a hole in head
  5. Northampton Town when from division 4 to division 1 and back to division 4 from 1961 to 1969 crazy things happen in the Sixty''s
  6. I flew to Middlesbrough when we were in the Premiership at Christmas time at the airport we had the Middlesbrogh team bus take us to the ground. all the brough fans was cheering us thinking we were their players
  7. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]If anyone uses one near me they will be having it shoved in an orifice that is not the mouth [:D][/quote]Please let me know where you sit so I can bring mine and give Carrow Road some atmosphere
  8. Mine''s a Barnsley lass and most of her family are seasons tickets holders and as she says "They are a good kicking side" I don''t mind Barnsley as we beat them most of the time. (I hope she don''t read this)
  9. Is going to on at the Leopard just been refurbished new owners and I understand the first pint’s free
  10. I have worked along Dick many a time and it has been a big shock on the sparky network He was season ticket holder in the City Stand and went to every game. Regards and sympathy to his Family
  11. Here one for YouName that team  "I cry no witch"
  12. [quote user="Snakepit boys"]I do think this is the 1 thing the board have been very good on, we have very competitively priced season tickets and the sad thing is that Blackburns 4000 possibly bring in more revenue than our 18,000? The board have kept football affordable and I appalud them for that. With new owners this could quickly change. I would suggest that if news of a takeover is filtering through people top up to a 5 year if possible. The child and OAP prices are especially friendly and it is good to see.[:D] [/quote]   (Checking on the Blackburn site) Season prices for the two ends and Riverside stand £199 going up to £349 for Jack Walker Stand Centre OAP''s £129 to £249 Under 8 For free, under 15 for £65 to £99   (Checking on the Norwich  site) Compired to £366 for our ends to £509 for City Stand Centre if brought in Feb, then upto £479 to £681 at the end of the season (over twice the price)   
  13. Got tickets the other day cheapest way is to get single tickets each way off the National Express East Anglian web site then pick the tickets up from Thorpe Station (£12 normal class or £14 first class) that is to Liverpool Street
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