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  1. Fantastic post. I agree let''s sell out tomorrow and show him what he''ll be missing!
  2. If lambert goes to burnley ( I can''t believe I''m even considering this) I will be disgusted with him. They are a tinpot club and it will be purely financially orientated. It will also make us out to be an absolute joke of a club. I however have faith in common sense and lambert. If he leaves though he will make 30000 enemies..
  3. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]Away fans in the Jarrold Stand have to pay £31 for tickets, I certainly wouldn''t pay that for a fairly distant away game, in fact there is no way I could even afford that on top of other things.[/quote]QPR prices were similar for adults if I remember correctly. I and over 3000 other Norwich managed to sell out there away end easily.They are the definition of a modern "tinpot" club.
  4. I despise fans like you as much as any scummer! Don''t come to games you passionless tw*t and play FIFA or something. Although you might have to mute the volume because they have chanting on the game, which I''m sure You dislike as much as a pitch Invasion.
  5. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"][quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Thats''s all very well, but my original point is "who the f*** was he"??. I don''t believe as an earlier poster suggested that it was Solano ,wat we actually hadwas an obsure member of the Hull backroom staff entering the field of play gesturing at the home fans...in  my mind this is pretty unacceptable[/quote] Apparently he''s a friend of Solano''s, is nothing to do with the Hull backroom staff, yet seems to be allowed on the pitch. Odd.... [/quote] Well thats exactly my original point!!, if he''s nothing to do with the Hull staff, what we actually had was a member of the public encroaching onto the pitch (inciting the crowd) and therefore should have been punished as such. This isn''t therefore a refereeing matter but a police one and I hope NCFC takes this further and gets this looked into and this ***t punished accordingly.....as I said earlier , Hull City should be deeply ashamed of themslves having somebody wearing their club attire behaving in that way. [/quote] Did this guy also bone your wife or something? You seem to be getting really over annoyed over a little bit of banter... We would love it if one of our coaches wound up scum fans in the same way so don''t really see what fuss is about.
  6. What a shocking bunch of fans Doncaster were! Apart from their drum there was no noise created. This was complete contrast to fantastic support from us, even at 2 0 down getting right behind the team and putting tinpot Donny to shame. Any idea how many of us there were tonight?
  7. He was 2 rows in front of me as well. He was getting some bother from a group of four forest fans who were giving it large to him and others. The four made clear gestures they would find him given his distinctive look after the game. So I''m guessing was to do with that. He did nothing jus like me gave the Forest fans some abuse, like they did us. Probably just unlucky that he stood out. On a side note the stewards today were complete dickheads trying to get us to sit down all game! So annoying.
  8. Banana am I right in thinking you sit in the n+p? If so you never contribute to the atmosphere much/at all anyway.. Before the game and first 20 mins atmosphere was decent then went flat, due to us not having he ball at all. Also quiet Swansea fans. Very similar to games like oldham/ hartlepool last season. After the pen, was as good as Leeds at home last season!
  9. [quote user="I am a Banana"]won''t be hux! He will just be the name and face of the charity[/quote] You know this because your his son or something?? Didn''t think so
  10. I''ve never been on Ruddy''s back as like you said he needs to be given time to settle in.. However he was barely tested so the jury is still out i would say..
  11. Not being arrogant but the university i''m at and the degree i''m doing don''t fall into the category of rubbish degrees. True that there are others ways to get into certain proffessions... But for example I am coming towards the end of an internship this week and they will only offer jobs to students with good degrees and there is not other way to get to the position. I think when you applied for a job times were different and these days anyone without a good degree in top the jobs would stand out and not in a good way.
  12. To be fair if i was a footballer i couldn''t think of anything more annoying than little kids trying to pretend to be friends with me!
  13. [quote user="morty"][quote user="CanaryJames"]Ah the lovely & bitter old ''Students are a drain on society and should be ashamed of wanting to give themselves better long-term prospects'' band are out in force again I see...[/quote] Better long term prospects that will ultimately pay them a better wage you mean? They can''t have their cake and eat it. Lifes about choices, they choose not to take employment, their luxuries shouldn''t be subsidised. [/quote] But if students weren''t given loans and didn''t have some things subsisdised alot of people wouldn''t be able to afford to go to university and the country would run short of people to fill the higher skilled jobs...To be fair though this only applies to proper degrees, not basket making or art history which are a good excuse for getting pissed for 3 years!
  14. I''m a student in London and to be fair it''s still very much affordable.. I have an under 21 season ticket in barclay, which is good value and if you book trains in advance i can get between Norwich and London for a fiver..Its all about sacrifice, i choose to sacrifice working at weekends for football and nights out.. I think in all honesty there should be an under 18 price but to be fair not convinced that students over 18 should get a discount. Mainly because its so easy to cheat the system..I''m going Scunthorpe with about 15 other mates on saturday and we all bought student tickets knowing Scunny won''t check our ID, although only about 4 of us are students. But hey i''m not going to complain about the under 21 prices because by the time they get rid of them i will probably be older and have a job anyway..
  15. Yes probably right about any premiership club unless we challenge near the top this season.. I''m just trying to think of  a player similar to Martin in premier league and i''m really struggling? Well if he bangs in 20 goals this season in the league, given todays prices 3-4 mill is a possibility.
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