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  1. Nick


    Bad news from Coventry with the Robins situation. Seems he''s been offered 3x the amount he had at Cov!

    It''s a real mess over there
  2. Nick

    Are there any more lower league gems?

    No. None that are in our price range anyway. Paying anything over 5million for a championship player is criminal and I hope that Norwich never fall into the category of clubs that have more money than sense.
  3. Nick

    everton game

    We should start playing our strongest available team again:


    Whittaker Bassong Turner Garrido


    snodgrass hoolahan pilkington


  4. Cant believe Reading is at no.1
  5. Nick

    Relegation battle looming!!

    I don''t think we will either. But I do think we''l get sucked into this battle.
  6. Nick

    Relegation battle looming!!

    Thats all fair but even during the unbeaten run we didnt score that many. I''m worried, but not negative. Really hoping Chris can pull us through
  7. Nick

    Relegation battle looming!!

    I have to agree with the subject. They are closing the game and we don''t seem to be able to score at the moment. We still need to win games to stay up but how do we expect to win if we cant score? Bit worried. Think we might just turn it around but fear we''l get sucked in.
  8. Nick

    Declan Rudd

    Thought Chris Martin would suit a stint at Coventry. Could do with another striker after losing Mcgoldrick and Cody on loan
  9. Nick

    8 games we could have won

    [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Nick"]It''s getting a bit worrying now that Villa seemed to have turned a corner. The gap is now 6 points whereas before the villa game it was 8[/quote]

    To be fair beating West Ham at home is hardly "turning a corner." They are a very poor side away from home, and don''t really have much to play for as they should get enough points at home to stay up. I always fully expected Villa to win that game and if any of our relegation rivals are playing West Ham at home for the remainder of the season we should expect a similar outcome. In fact the only one of the relegation condidates who probably would not beat them at home is us as we would settle for a dull 0-0 draw on the basis that "these are a good side with great players."[/quote]

    Thing is though we don''t seem to be picking up many points either. They are catching us up whatever way you look at it
  10. Nick

    man united

    Great, thanks! Will have to be quick I bet
  11. Nick

    man united

    sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but can someone tell me if man united is going on general sale? Thanks very much
  12. Nick

    8 games we could have won

    It''s getting a bit worrying now that Villa seemed to have turned a corner. The gap is now 6 points whereas before the villa game it was 8
  13. Nick

    Absolutely awfull

    turned a good team into a poor team? We were a poor team when we 10 games unbeaten then?
  14. I think both teams were scared to lose. It doesn''t matter anyhow because the gap is opening.