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  1. Hull (H)               W3 Leicester (A)       W3 Barnsly (H)          W3 Blackpool (H)      W3 Watford (A)         L0 Coventry (A)        W3 Stoke (H)             D1 Sheff UTD (A)     W3 Colchester (H)      W3 Bristol City (A)     L0 Burnley (H)           W3 Ipsh*t (A)              L0 WBA (H)               D1 QPR (H)                W3 Wednesday (A)      W3 Applying some logic to the results, rather than gut feeling. The top 5 seem a slight cut above the rest (Watford, WBA, Bristol City, Stoke, Charlton).We have to play 4 of these teams - 2 at home, 2 away. If away I''ve put a defeat, if at home a draw. Ipswich have best home record, so logically (don''t shoot me) have put defeat. This would give us 32 more points = total of 73. W10, D2, L3. Not much room for error, will need to convert draws to wins more than have been, but on paper we should scrape it. The pressure will be on the strikers and the need to stay clear of injuries. The next 4 games will decide if the play-offs are a realistic dream or not.
  2. Worth noting though for all those talking about play-offs, that we were 12 points off them then, and now after our excellent form and climb up the table we have only closed that gap by 5 points. Still, good to see how much Wolves have fallen!!!
  3. Looks like I was right to speculate which senior players will go. Going by todays Pinkun article, it looks like I was spot on, not including academy players Martin and Spillane. I''d still expect Martin and Spillane to only be loaned out in January at most, as they are not going to be on massive wages. It appears you don''t get many chances to under-perform in front og Glen, and rightly so.
  4. 5 senior players seem to be out of favour with Glen. What are your thoughts on the future of these players? Do you think they will go in January to make way for the famous five loan players, with Pattison and Taylor signing pernamently? Simon Lappin - excellent on dead balls. Provides cover for left side. Not good enough to be 1st choice. Behind Hucks and Pattison for left mid, and GR got Camera in to replace Drury at LB, so clearly not fancied. Ian Murray - only contracted until end of season. Probably quite high wages as came from Rangers. Too expensive as a squad player. Does not seem to have a specialist position. Jack of all, master of none? On his way out? Julien Brellier - had high hopes for this Scotish import. Looked good against Ipswich, but nowhere to be seen again now. Seems to have fallen out of favour with Roeder, after the same thing happened with Grant. Hasn''t found the right midfield partner yet. Would be a shame to see him go, but if his departure made way for Pattsion to sign, then can go. If could not get in team with Russell suspended, would need a major injury crisis to re-establish himself. Chris Brown - Roeder made his feelings about Brown very clear in an interview where he said that no club can afford to have a striker that does not score his share of goals. GR will want rid, but will there be any takers? Possibly in league 1 or 2. Dave Striker - is not going to apapt to English football by playing a reserve game once a month against Stevenage. Either needs to go on loan to a league 1 club, or sell back to East Europe and try to get at least some of the transfer fee back.  
  5. [quote user="burn down the ipswich"]i dont mind buying marshall because he is a good keeper and will always be first choice, but the signing of matt gilks was pointless. yes it did mean that lewis could go on loan but why not just get a sub keeper from a prem club on loan for a season? it doesnt make sense to me.[/quote] Gilks is likely to have been a cheaper option than loaning a premiership keeper (see Grant''s comments on loan wages for prem players + loan fees). Gliks was a feebie, and would have been on a comparatively low wage at Rochdale, so nothing lost with signing him. Interesting point as to whether we needed to sign Marshall. Gilks could have been first choice whilst Lewis went on loan with back-up from the likes of Alexander. Would have left a nice amount of cash for a CD.
  6. Why was Curbishley interested in the Norwich team sheet? Was he there to scout Doherty?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARDEW!!!!
  7. And I thought he didn''t want us to be viewed as little Norwich...
  8. we''re certainly unlikely to win trying to lose, which is what we''re doing at the moment!! Football is about entertainment. For it to be entertaining you idealy want 2 relatively evenly matched teams both trying to win a game. There are no teams in the Championship that are that much better or worse than each other to prevent them playing to their strengths. We did not play to our strengths last night.
  9. Huck''s is not the problem. We are lucky to have him, and is what makes us exciting to watch. At the rate we are going we will not have that type of talent for a long time to come after this season. It just comes down to tactics. Grant got the best out of Hucks at the end of last season, but seems to have have forgotten how he did it!!
  10. I really hope we don''t bottle the appeal, in the way little Norwich normally do.
  11. Grant wants us the become Scotland. He watched France v Scotland, thought it looked like a good tactic and tried to replicate it. It''s a bit like playing Championship Manager, except it''s our club he''s doing it to for real.
  12. Two more games, as then we are into mid October, and Curbishley has declared himself available from end October... Come to the club modelled on Charlton, it will be like home from home for you Alan!
  13. Signed in January transfer window, and left at end of season, after making little to no impact.
  14. Yes we can. Any player not registered with a club can still sign. Think they will be referring to Djorkaiff (don''t know how to spell it, but you know who I mean - I hope?). Apparently he is after 1 or 2 more years in Premiership and is talking to 3 clubs. Would not be surprised if we were one of them.
  15. Have you shown Briggs the door already?! It does look good. If you think back to last December we have added Gallagher, Charlton, Bentley, Safri, Helveg, Huckerby, Mckenzie and Svensson to replace Crichton, Rivers, Easton, Roberts and Sinclair. A definite improvement. The other thing this squad has going for it - especially with Charlton, Bentley and Helveg is their versatility. In some positions we have more than 2, if required.
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