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  1. I see where you coming from but in reality it is. The player was unattached and there were plenty of clubs after him. In his talk Fozzy mentions that he wouldnt go to a prem club even though he wants to just to be on the bench. So i assume from that som eprem clubs where in too. I know its cheatinf but it is signing a player : )
  2. I really dont agree with this appointment - he is not a scout. As proved under Grant. Perhaps its a token position as Glen knows his targets.
  3. Can everyone please stop talking to Wiz on every good thread! He is a miser who winds people up just so he can get some attention because at his age he doesnt have any1 to talk to. The way things are going this may as well be a Wiz chat room.   As for Fozzy i think he has shown his commitment whilst also not changing his mind about personal goals. If we do improve i believe he will stay. He was honoured to be captain of such a great club - with great fans and set-up but alsowont put up with mediocrity. Well done Fozzy now lead us up that table!
  4. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Meanwhile, my reliable sources have confirmed that Father Christmas does, in fact, exist.[/quote]   I knew it!
  5. Where did the rumour we were getting Ethrington come from?
  6. How the f~*ck does every decent thread end up with Wiz making it all about himself. you are a selfish old man - probably live on your own winding people up on here so youll have someone to talk to.
  7. [quote user="scott"]No one denys that Hucks wasn''t perfect as every player is but his qualities far outweigh the bad points and at this moment in time when the club are not flush with money, basically just a lower end struggling championship club, releasing a player as good as Hucks appears totally senseless![/quote] Your right we are not flush with money - so a player who was on £15k a week whos contribution over the whole season did not amount to very much surely is not worth another year - wouldnt you agree?
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] but then Poirot its swings and roundabouts isnt it.. we have released plenty of players over the years without the chance to say goodbye or it being announced... so why the Furore over Hucks? jas :) [/quote]   I dont always agree with you Jas but reading your posts over this issue - they are all very sensible. Not in-line with "proper" fans who bemoan everything NCFC do - i need an example. Where''s Ricky - hes always good for a laugh?
  9. [quote user="scott"] Nothing personal against  Glen Roeder but hes made a terrible decision releasing Huckerby which in my book makes him a bit of a prat full stop! - If thats personal; victimisation then so be it!   But please explain the release of Huckerby - It wasn''t cause he isn''t no longer good enough, so there was some personal victimisation from Roeder towards Huckerby! [/quote]   You cannot build a team around one player - his lack of defending was painfully obvious aon sunday leaving Bertrand in the sh*t. He was getting too old and too expensive. There was no victimisation.
  10. Roeder. I loved Huckerby but you lot are bloody rediculous. An aging player who was well past it.   You blubbing sounds ridiculous - but we didnt get to say goodbye *blub*, *blub* - quick sack another manager im sure we can get someone better.   Huckerby is not a loss in football terms - he was the best player we had 2 years ago. He is a name that will go down in Norwich history. But i for one will be trying my hardest to help Roeder''s go into the history books. By showing my support to him trying to redevelop the whole club on little money.
  11. [quote user="Badcanary"]Has he not got 6 months left on his contract. He''ll be here in the summer on the cheap.[/quote]   He has another year on his contract - however i would imagine that they would rather get what they can for him rather than him running down his contract
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