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  1. But do you not think that breaking up an oppositions attack allows other players to get back in position and stops the flow of an attack, leading to disjointed attacking. Even if they have the ball back straight away, it''s not gonna be as fast paced an attack, giving defenders time to get set and mark up.
  2. To be fair, the ref did add another to minutes on to the added time to cover the subs and time wasting. As for the tackles i thought they were both the same, just Johnson isn''t a big pansy unlike Nasri. Always thought he was a complete tit.
  3. [quote user="QHcanary"]It''s not hard to work out why they do it. They gave us top billing last night because they had more or less no choice. Most goals and the most entertaining game to watch, but the simple fact is that there are less people interested in NCFC and SCFC than there are the bigger clubs in the division.If they gave us more screen time than the clubs with a bigger fan base they''d lose viewers, and that''s what it''s all about.What I really don''t get is why anyone cares. Are you so insecure that you need pundits cracking one off over Holt''s latest performance every week. It''s easily possible to watch every game these days, home and away, so why people are desperate for every element of the game to be disected in minutiae is beyond me. I''m more than capable of forming my own opinions on the important events in the game.If you believe Gary Lineker''s comments on twitter last night he''s happy we''re doing well, but that doesn''t fit with the paranoia on here, so we''ll ignore that.[/quote] Finally someone actually talks some sense! Have never understood the reaction to our motd coverage on here.
  4. A solid performance by the lads today, bit disappointed with the lack of goals for all the play we had in the midfield. Think it was more the fact that Barnsley were absolutely abysmal rather than we were so good. Dont''t think I''ve ever watched a professional team look so bad, and that''s including our performance at Charlton when we went down.
  5. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]And he''s unknowingly bringing up Kevin Webster''s baby![/quote] hahahahahahahahahaha love it!!!!!!!!!
  6. a mate of mine said there''s a few pubs in headingley with big screens where he''s gonna be watching the game. i''m down in cornwall so tryin to find somewhere of my own to watch it haha.
  7. go on twitter on steven gerrard and lucas leiva''s profile. quality!!
  8. to be fair to the lad he looked quality in the twenty minutes he played last season.
  9. he just seems to have put a cork in his performances. maybe he''ll get better with age.
  10. [quote user="WW"][quote user="kiwigreenandgold"]I think it''s fairly clear who the best team in the division is at this stage, by a fairly comfortable margin. However I think that they are looking in their rearview mirror and it may just unsettle them a bit to see us coming up behind so emphatically, especially after the scare we gave them at Elland Road.[/quote]I see you dropping more points than us before the season''s end.Great teams are built on great defences and ours is unrivalled in this league this season. That''s what''s going to get us promoted this season. Tbh, we deserve it, we''ve had enough of this horrible little league. Bates has done his best to completely mess us up with his managerial choices, stinginess and financial idiocy. We should never have been here in the first place (Wise brought in to keep us in the Championship ffs) and we shouldn''t have been here for longer than one season (would''ve finished comfortably in 2nd place had it not been for Bates and the -15pts punishment).Something about this season just points to promotion. We''ve been getting the luck that other teams were getting at our expense the past two seasons. Beckford''s winner against you, Gradel''s against Orient we just weren''t getting that before and all title winning teams have that.Good luck to you, you''ve got good fans and play nice football, have you got the squad and stamina for a full season of it though? Probably, like I say, I haven''t seen another opposing team better than you this season. [/quote]# does anyone not agree that it is so much more refreshin to hear a leeds fan blamin bates for the points deduction, and not the FA. i think leeds will run away with the league, as they should have done every year but just havent had the right manager. and i think we will run away with second place as charlton will lose their way, as they have been so close to doing so recently. also, i just feel that every time norwich play, they are the favourites for the win. lambert has instilled confidence and the belief that the team can do better than before. end of essay.
  11. Norwich City serivin up humble pie, with an extra dollop of cream!!
  12. Isn''t the only reason semmy played because we didn''t have any other recignised right-back?? when spillane is back i hope lambert sees sense and drops this tool!
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