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  1. Wot a fantastic game of football hats off to Charlton & Swindon ,just goes to prove wot a tough leauge this has been.One thing for sure thank god Nowich did''nt have to go through all that.Well done Swindon,here hoping the final is as good .Oh by the way would like Huddesfield to go up is a great day out & not to far to traval I know Charlton sent us down the other season but you got to feel for the team and their supportors,well any decent footie fan would
  2. Hey great videos morty ,wish id been there thanks mate.Hope the hangover was not to bad this morning lol
  3. Yeah didnt want to see the DIRTY Leeds go up either ,but just think 6points next season to the mighty yellows lol.And yeah about the bloody BBC not one pic from carrow road today seems they dont like winners lol
  4. Is all good for me rupert as all within distance travel for me  2hrs tops pity Sheff Weds gone that was a great day out
  5. Errm ok call me daft but think Brentford will not be to far away next season they a great home record & a few wins on the road next season could be up there
  6. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Nominations and your reason why....this should be fun...........[/quote] Athur defo not you as you speak your mind, I respect that hope you enjoyed a few beers at your local
  7. Great stuff you did us proud hope the beer went down well yesterday
  8. More volcanic ash has been spotted ,this time at CARROW ROAD ,apparantly when the trophy cabinet was opened ready for today it all come out .whooo hooo City are back
  9. Ok RSPCA for you chap never mail a cat wont fit though the letter box
  10. now i know you full of $hit just carry on take the wee out of folks & get your facts correct cos when you wrong you look a tiit  pmsl
  11. Is it a bad omen or wot, know for a fact twice this season we have worn this kit & lost. It has been a jinx ,curse ,or just me lol . So anyone know how meny times we have worn it this (DIRTY LEEDS kit) this season or more still do city have to ware it again ? ,Teams that play us think we are (DIRTY LEEDS) thats why they kick $hite out of us
  12. Any chance you can pm me the link also citty penguin thanks
  13. hey good leeds fan that possible good luck to you  not leeds  you ok wesse 
  14. [quote user="WAFLL"]What i wanna know is, why is there so much hatred that you feel for us?! Just cause a couple of Leeds fans come on here shouting their mouth of you think its a representative of all Leeds fans. You probably have hard feelings from the game earlier in the season where we won in the last minute.. thats understandable but we only went mad because we knew you were our biggest challenge to the title. Norwich, Leeds and even Southampton need to be out of this league as soon as possible. [/quote] nothing against you WAFLL but had scarey moments up there at bellend road when with my kid year ago willl never forget that just thugs
  15. Noooooo not at all let rot scum hate just as much as ipshit ,There problem  they should sort it out 
  16. [quote user="Methane"]Haven''t laughed so much as when Mick Jones broke his arm and montgomery saved the pen[/quote] you cad & a boundey methane but how true pmsl shut up now we sound like leeds scum  lol
  17. And will holty & lambert be given the freedom of the city on the town hall steps lol
  18. i dont give a monkeys now if we win or come second so long as the leeds scum dont go up
  19. Hmmmm Leeds who lol i hate the northern big i am barstewards as in the words of kevin keggan " I WILL LOVE IT IF WE BEAT THEM " northern monkeys stay in the leauge where you belong  
  20. Hey sad git go walk your dog order a chip buttie and bugger off you sad yorkshire pudding weeds git ,hey and speak ENGLISH  you a inbread sounds you EssexWhite wear short skirt & high heels
  21. Surely not Millwall fans great song with subtitles will make sure my dear lady whos a Brentford fan, gets this for valentines day lol cheers
  22. HAHAHA good to see Weeds suffer like this,only pity is those Weeds fans dont have a longer journey home.Well done Carlise
  23. [quote user="cityangel"] [quote user="SnakePit Lassy"]Are the coaches stopping tomorow on the way to london? I was told they are but personally didnt think they were.. any idea?[/quote]   I''ve never been on a coach that hasn''t stopped for a 30 min toilet/drink break. [/quote] Hey city angel any pics from the ground would be nice as you did at colchester
  24. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Brentford is hardly miles away, and as for being a tin pot club.....are they the same tinpot club that beat us 2-1 this season? And whats all this "we are a big club" and "all these tin pot clubs" crap? Since weve been in the promotion places ive noticed a serious increase in arrogance from Norwich fans, something that we have never been before, and something I personally do not like.[/quote] Arthur Wihittle ah ah well said nice football  team great surppoters Knowing me knowing you arthur whittle ah ah
  25. Excuse me morty & other fans on here (thinking we doing well gone to there heads on here ).But may i remind you that Brentford fans were clearing their pitch of snow last weekend to get a match on (TRUE SURPPOTERS).Why all this tat againest them a good pal of mine a Brentford fan and ashamed to hear all this bad feeling dont belive all you see on web sites they respect us as we should them .Yeah hope we win but no need for all this i am the big i am cos we aint
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