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  1. Yes it is a long time ago. But will he remember losing out to Norwich in a big pressure game? Will his team bottle it and let us come back to haunt him again? Remember the slogan ''you''ve let us down again'' its the same pressure for cardiff as it was for wolves. Nothing is expected of us. We are the underdogs and have been all season!
  2. What would your greatest memory be so far? For me it would have to be Iwan in cardiff play off final. Will never forget that feeling of sheer euphoria still sends shivers down the spine when i re-watch it. Something tells me a similar thing could happen at wembley in May but with the right outcome this time :-)
  3. Never thought we would ever come aross a worse ref than Durso but I think we did last night. How super Paul Lambert managed to physically restrain himself at the end I will never know. To say we were robbed would be an massive understatement we should all write to the FA to get him stripped of ever refeering a football match again at any level.
  4. brilliant all round performance barnett looked solid and very impressive in the air. Shame we didnt take the 3 points because we battered them in the second half. All in all a very positive start to the season
  5. completed the scum half marathon earlier in 1hr 37 mins as expected got a shedload of abuse during the race popular comments included ''f off back to norwich u scum c u next tuesday'', ''norwich scum'' ''your brave wearing that here''.responded to it by kissing the badge and gesturing back. Was it all worth it? Of course it was. Otbc !
  6. I am running the ipswich half marathon on sunday and am toying with the idea of wearing the entire norwich strip for the occasion ! :-) would it be idiotic or should i just take any abuse on the chin and go for it ?
  7. Hi everyone, I''ve put together some clips from Soccer AM last week for anyone who didn''t see it. By all accounts we done the Norwich fans justice, which was basically our sole aim as well as doing well in the hole of glory and getting a decent soccerette - Nicola T was lush it has to be said :-) . A quality day wrapped up in style at the Valley! Onwards and upwards. OTBC. Ole ole ole ole ole ole ole going up up up !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UDe3o03zDc  
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