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  1. [quote user="Go Wash Your Mouth Out Son"]Ye. Strange that he had to sit on the floor while everyone around him had seats.[/quote] I couldn''t believe he was on the floor either. Surprised he wasn''t able to get tickets to the game. Nice to see him there though
  2. Once again Martin has saved us from losing out on points. So rather than call him lazy and arrogant, maybe we should be thankful that he''s in our team. I have no doubt that he''ll come through for us during the next two games.
  3. Does anyone know how to get tickets or when they will go on sales?
  4. Yet another season where it looks like Leeds might end up in the playoffs. I feel sorry for their fans, and I know they''ve come on here a lot to give us grief but how would we feel if we were stuck in this league year after year with such promising starts? Hopefully they stick with their manager as he seems like one of the nicer managers in the league.
  5. No I didn''t get Hoolahan on the back but I got the one he wore during the launch :-)
  6. Just got the new kit today and I have to day it is very very nice
  7. He looked really good during the pre-season. Give the man a chance
  8. Is there any possibility that the club would offer a beam back for the Cholchester game?
  9. Nelson improved 2nd half, although he didn''t have much to do 2nd half anyway. Russell Martin wasn''t bad at all.
  10. "The most telling thing though, and what no one has mentioned, is that Lambert obviously sees the game in the same way as me and hauled him off before he once again did one thing too much and set up a goal for the Saints." Do you not think that Lambert took him off to rest him for Tuesday? Think before you speak
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