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  1. There were also a lot of impressed city fans, me being one of them. I felt that S Webber saw the sacking of DS felt he had chance to get a good manager with a point to prove. And so far it appears to be the case. OTBC
  2. Rupp, McLean and Rashica all played superb today and anyone of those could have been MOTM for me. I have always like Rupp, a neat, tidy and efficient footballer who does a job and in my humble opinion is quite underated. Chap next to me today asked what Mclean brings to the party. He saw what it was, in bucket loads by the end.
  3. The simple truth is that if he comes back and plays like we have seen him do so before, then he is a genuine PL quality standard player and for that reason I am delighted he is finally on the verge of full first team training.
  4. He (Gilmour) will have his chance now so lets hope he delivers for us. Pukki? could be a good season for him after all.
  5. I also see un on 16-18 points. However, I also see us gaining a bit of momentum in the new year if we can build on the new start. I'd rather go to CR expecting a good performance such as yesterdays second half rather than hoping to not be too far adrift come 80 minutes.
  6. Spot on. I believe it's one of the only badges without a the team or initials name on it as well. It stands out
  7. I'd imagine, if we do see a good performance the atmosphere will be a notable change at the end of the match from the last few home games.
  8. They should have been made to go by public transport until they won a game this season. Bonding and real world problems may have galvanised them a bit more. Especially if they had to stand up on the train, all the way back from the smoke. No win no seat policy.
  9. That is the point. Imagine the absolute horror if stuck on a luxury coach for two hours with nothing but comfortable seats, drinks, food, toilets and wifi galore.
  10. I wouldn't. I'd rather have cr4p like the sun spews , fawning over a FL inspired Norwich city, than continue with the pitiful attitude towards us from the media / pundits where we find ourselves now. It is tedious, not welcome and bordering on embarrassing. Lampard (if it is him) will be 100% determined to prove various people wrong immediately and it is very likely we would get the 'new manager bounce' from him. Possibly enough to get us to January and change a few personnel. We needed change and as much as I liked DF, it was time to go. Change of coach, possibly more positive from the media and it might just help our cause. We need new investment as well, that's for sure, but that is another thread discussion.
  11. "Not only do you get me but also Uncle Harry as finance director!"
  12. Just for a laugh I was wondering what the new manager might say on appointment. Or perhaps what not to say?
  13. Could see him doing well there. As far as our new manager / coach appointment goes, I'd rather the take their time and get it right. Who's the best for the job? No idea at all
  14. Almost certainly, it's what new managers do, and if he wants the gig it better be a decent amount.
  15. Ha ha. I doubt anyone gives them so much as a second thought now a days. They have made themselves irrelevant and other than Norwoods I couldn't name any of their team
  16. He should have just finished that 'Farke out' banner message we saw on here. It was quite clear his initial dismissal plan was to use the classic medium of 'dirty bed sheet messages from the stands' but obviously bottle it half way through the game yesterday. Instead he did it the cowards way, to his face, after careful thought and with respect. Not a good look for a progressive DoF
  17. Rubbish, and I suspect you know it. There will be a long list of managers/former managers out there with a real interest in us. Can't be bothered to go through all the reasons why, but they are obvious
  18. The whistle went and he seemed to get very agitated with something/someone. TK then kind of held him back. It was brief but a bit strange, did anyone else see it? In any case when you properly look at DF's record in the PL, despite him being a very likable and decent man, it is poor and gave the direct impression history would have repeated itself, in that we would get relegated if he had stayed
  19. watching the way Max Aarons behaved at the end of the game (with Tim Krull holding him back and calming him down), I wonder if the players knew what was on the cards. Top man (DF) but can see the reasons why.
  20. It was quite clear EB wanted to leave, and I understand the reasons behind that. However, with the added benefit of hindsight I wonder if we would have been better to have played hardball with him and have him throwing an initial strop but coming back into the team sometime later? After all, if this had been only his first outing since the start of the campaign I suspect we would have had that creativity we needed out there.
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