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  1. Nodody else will mention these but Craig Hignett and Gary Mcallister impressed me back in the day at Carra.
  2. Covid-19 to the tune of come on Eileen.
  3. With winnable fixtures. We can make a scrap of this. Not down and out. Not on the floor. There's something left.
  4. Because of a few recent topics on here I genuinely checked to see i hadn't clicked on the non football forum.
  5. Has anyone ever pulled it back from a more dire position than ours? Genuine question. We have to more than double our tally in 14 games.
  6. I couldn't help but think Maddison and co thought that was going to be easy.
  7. I'm more a fan of this approach, I have to say. In all seriousness. Good read.
  8. yeah a working one would be preferable if anyone can help?
  9. Just make sure it isn't me that gets blocked as it looks like you're requesting that. I realize you aren't
  10. Honest to God I thought this was about some sort of court case when I saw the title.
  11. Moaning that we should have won and were hard done by isn't the same as moaning at the team.
  12. One that still keeps you cool in plus 30 temperatures.
  13. Hernadez should cause Arsenal an issue or 5.
  14. I genuinely like him as a player. Can use both feet and shifts the ball quickly between them. Ever since he banged a quality goal in on his left peg in the cup last season, I paid a bit more attention to him. I don't understand the jest and jokes aimed in his direction.
  15. Football and social media when mixed together has the tendancy to go up like Hiroshima. You'd have to pretty daft to be writing deeply offensive comments with all the media and police attention social media receives these days. I'm not sure why anyone would want to anyway.
  16. A good read. Still hungry for goals at 44. Always struck me as an energetic player and person and that has served him well.
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