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  1. I wonder how many other Sporting Directors are not at their desks during the beginning of the transfer window?
  2. Surely one will be an announcement that the Scampi portion size will revert back to previous quantities!
  3. Interesting that this interview took place on Monday, why delay its release?
  4. After watching Luton last night, and reading about the club on the Beeb sports pages today, I wouldn't be opposed to Nathan Jones as our next manager. He has got Luton playing a good brand of football and they have had an amazing season for a club their size! One negative is that he's contracted till 2027 so serious compensation would need to be paid which I presume would rule this out!
  5. Yeah I thought that as well, must have been hell in the rain!
  6. That's a good shout, there is a wall and fencing behind the players, the wall looks very dirty, as a speedway track would look. Did they play footie at the speedway ground back in the day?
  7. Another one with similar kit, they seemed to play in a higher league so the ground could be appropiate.
  8. This kit seems to match, and the time frame seems to fit as well. The dark collar is on the other side, but I guess one of the images could have been reversed. https://www.times-series.co.uk/news/13217399.east-barnet-old-grammarians-football-club-to-hold-grand-reunion-for-former-players/
  9. Another disgusting decision from the Premier League, but, did the clubs have a say in this or was it an arbitrary decision, so they won't lose the money from China? Disgusting either way.
  10. I'm somewhat frustrated that we didn't mitigate for future signings this window at the beginning of the season. Having spent all available cash during the summer on, what, 11 new players, we left nothing in reserve for this window, when it would be quite possible that certain positions would require additional help. We basically hoped that all the summer signings would come good, and we wouldn't need to do any business in this window. Naive at best, I think it's safe to say that there would be a few failures, it happens all the time. I'm not going to go into specifics of where reinforcement is needed, that's a judgmental thing and people have their own opinions, but I do think we should have held some funds back for this window to bolster the squad. I feel a couple of signings in the summer could have been held back, and the funds used for additions in this window. I just feel there was a lack of forward-thinking in this regard, and we are now left with the consequences.
  11. I so want this to go t1ts up. Such an inflated ego he seems to possess.
  12. Yeah, as you say, it seems council driven. Would they finance it or the club?
  13. https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/19215166.watford-borough-council-continue-talks-watford-fc-stadium-plans/ You mean a stadium like this? Last week, the Watford Observer revealed that plans for a 33,000-seater carbon zero football stadium had been published after the private owners of Bushey Hall had put forward their site for redevelopment as part of Hertsmere Borough Councilโ€™s local plan, proposing the club as the occupier of the site. I think COVID may have delayed it, not sure.
  14. I question this bit about infrastructure. I maybe wrong ( I often am) but there was significant investment in their ground a few years back. I used to go occasionally in the late 90's early 2000's and half of the ground was falling apart, and parts of it were closed because they were unsafe. This from Wiki; Following the acquisition of Watford FC by the Pozzo family in 2012, the club were able to finance the development of a new stand to replace the Main Stand. Further improvements have been done subsequently. As for any sympathy for them, na.
  15. England to bat then. Won't see a Harmison moment then.
  16. I remember a couple of away series ago, two I think, I was watching the close of play interviews and I remember seeing the unmistakeable figure of the late Paul Rudd, R. I. P. mate, waving from across the whole of the cricket ground. I spoke to his close mate at the time and he asked me if I'd seen him too. Don't think he took a flag with him though.
  17. Here you go, it's Aussie comms, but don't really care. https://buffstreams.tv/live-the-ashes-australia-vs-england
  18. Not a fan either, think it would be a mistake if I'm honest, but, would Delia have looked so glum if her mate was coming in?
  19. I fear you're right TGMD, it's my guess as well.
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