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  1. If we win 0-1 tomorrow we will be in the playoffs with minus goal diff. Pretty sure that would be a first this far into the season. Considering most around us will be plus 6 or 7 could come back to haunt us towards the end of the season. A good 6-0 win wouldn''t go amiss. However thinks it highlights our goal scoring frailties.
  2. He''s had the whole of the summer to sort this out. He has inherited a far better team than most of the managers currently above us in the league. He clearly has no clue about English football. STOP MAKING EXCUSES!! We deserve to be exactly where we are, as I predicted we would be. Bad decision after bad decision by the board has brought us to this and yet another manager we will hold on to and keep giving chances and making excuses for until it''s too late again. See you all in league 1!!
  3. It gets really boring reading all of the petty squabbles and jibes at each other on this forum all the time. Stick to the football, that''s what people come on here to read!! Delia has made it quite clear that she does not see foreign investment as the future for NCFC. Although I agree things need to change, outside investment has major risks for the future of the club. Ask Cardiff or Portsmouth fans and many more clubs what pre Madonna big investors did to their clubs. Although I agree we have not lived up to expectations this season, maybe it''s time for a slight reality check and remember where we have come from. What is it fans actually want for a club like us? A few seasons of bought glory from a big foreign investor, only to leave us penny less and in administration when the debts catch up? Or go on a big spending spree splashing out millions to lure big names, to be left with a wage bill we can''t afford. Personally I think Ed was right. Time to take stock, have a clean out of the squad, a new manager and start again. It is not time for a change of owners right now. Be careful what you wish for!!
  4. I liked the first three albums, but has gone a bit down hill from there.
  5. [quote user="......and Smith must score."]All these cakewalk predictions have a nasty habit of coming back to bite you on the bum.So far although we''ve been blowing hot and cold and still winning there''s always a rocky patch for every team each season when the points dry up. It''s getting over that patch that''ll be the key. [/quote] There should be no excuse for at least not making the playoffs this season and anything less would be an unmitigated disaster. Not saying it will be a cakewalk, however on paper we should be up there or abouts, and if not, some serious questions would need to be asked on why? If we don''t get promoted this season, I can see a long stint in the Champ ahead of us and a lot of progress made undone.
  6. This season really is demonstrating the gulf in class between the Prem and Champ, with two of the three relegated sides seemingly finding it far easier to win games. Its a shame that Norwich seem to be stuck between not having the class in players to stay in the Prem, yet are too good to be playing in the Champ. We are kind of in a no-mans land, hence we keep yo-yoing. The sad thing is if we do get promoted this season we maybe only need to make three or four decent acquisitions to bridge the gap. However be prepared for more disappointment as the exact same thing will happen as previous seasons, where we drag our heals in the window, struggle to attract the players we want with the money the board is willing to spend and end up convincing ourselves the squad we have is good enough to stay up this time. Repeat!!
  7. On a positive we will be 5 points clear inside the automatic promotion places with a win tonight. That''s a big gap this early on in the season. We must grasp this opportunity to make as much daylight as possible to out weigh any slumps we may go through in the course of the season. A win tonight would be a real battle cry to all the other teams, and although to early to say we are certain for promotion, it would be a huge stride towards it so early on. That''s how important a good performance is tonight in my humble opinion.
  8. Didnt see the game, however heard he sturned a number of good opportunities last night and had a bit of a shocker by all accounts!! This could be his last chance to prove he can make it at the top this season and could see him becoming a bench warmer at Southampton unless he can finally forfill his potential. Apparently Saints fans are moaning he is very one footed.
  9. I thought he had a shocker!! His crossing is so frustrating. It always hits the defender. He had two occasions where he had space and time to cross it but paused and then just hit it on the legs of the defender. Crap!!
  10. [quote user="Ray"]Recently AN said it is not a psychological thing, based on what I have seen recently, I beg to differ, as I did then. There is something wrong somewhere and it falls to those in charge to identify what it is and sort it. There is a line of responsibility which starts with the individual players, goes through AN, then the so called Football Board, then McNally and ultimately the board and the owners. So, where lies the problem? The owners appoint individuals with ‘football experience’ (CEO, Football Board, etc.) to identify and appoint others (Manager & Coaches) with ‘football experience’ who in turn decide on the line up, tactics and manage and motivate the team. So it could easily be argued the responsibility stops with the owners, which I guess ultimately it does, however essentially the owners are fans and are not steeped in ‘football experience’, yes they have business decisions to make, which could include replacing anyone down the line, however they are advised by the CEO, so it all gets a bit messy. Someone needs to identify why we have gone so far backward (even though we have apparently brought in 4 new first team improvements) who should that be, who is responsible, who should be taking action and what action should they be taking? I have my own views, one of which takes me back to my first point, attitude, mindset, motivation, etc. are all psychological aspects of performance and I assert performance is 80% Attitude and 20% ability. You may not agree with that statement, but it was Didier Drogba who said, “90% of my game is in my head”, but whether or not you agree with the percentages is somewhat irrelevant, some part of performance is driven by attitude (mindset) and I believe this is where things are going wrong and the club needs help, not just with the players but probably the manager and above.[/quote] I never liked Ed Balls!!
  11. It is so irritating the mentality and fickleness of football fans. A few bad results and they want their clubs manager sacked. AN got us promoted in a glorious playoff final last season. We are lucky to be where we are, because without him we would still be in the Championship. Is it really the end of the world if we do get relegated? Why do clubs and fans not give their managers time before sacking them? I mean a decent amount of time to build something strong. You see it time and time again, new manager, few good results, few bad results, sacked, new manager, few good results, few bad results, sacked. Football always has its ups and downs, its the nature of the sport. Clubs just end up going around in circles. The most successful clubs stick with their managers and give them time, not over months or one bad season, but YEARS. AN is a bright, young manager and I hope he stays for the foreseeable future, weather we are relegated or not!!!
  12. Sorry, but this will almost certainly be a defeat. Just for the fact that it should be a game where we can win, but we wont. Conceed early sloppy goal (Proberbly from a set piece), lots of possesion, conceed on the break. 2-0.  
  13. I have an M8 box and wouldnt live without it. Latest movies releases, including cinema and DVD. I use Phoenix, but there are plenty of movie add-ons. Latest TV shows, Im totally up to date with the Walking Dead. I stream lots of live games, can sometimes mean abit of faffing around trying to find a decent stream, but I have never failed to find a Premier league game I want to watch. The M8 box itself can be abit tempremental at times and can get some getting use to (a keyboard remote control makes life easier) but once you get the hang of navigation and trying various links to get the best one then you are away. I can cope with small irritants when it saves me over a hundred quid a month on Sky and I can watch games at 3.00pm.
  14. I join the forum and this very positive thread is the first I am met with........... Personaly I say screw the Premiership and concentrate on the League cup, that Milk cup must be Fe2O3.nH2O by now.
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