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  1. The immigration centre in Dublin tonight: According to SKY News it's Far-Right to be angry about children getting stabbed.
  2. How the British have paid billions for the EU to enlarge itself Why weren’t the British people told about how their money was being spent? Montage © Facts4EU.Org 2023 We reveal the enormous sums the EU has paid to ‘pre-accession’ countries to join the EU Last week we published a two-part report on the nine countries the EU is lining up to join its political bloc. We showed that in its attempts to replace the UK, the EU plans to take on nine countries whose combined GDP is a fraction of that of the UK. Today we reveal just how much money the EU has thrown at these countries – and how much this has cost the UK taxpayer. The EU Commission is shy about revealing all this information, so we will do it. Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary The EU’s ‘Pre-Accession’ funding for prospective new members 2007-2013 : €11.5bn 2014-2020 : €12.8bn 2021-2027 : €14.2bn [Source: EU Commission data.] © Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2023 - click to enlarge How much has all this cost the British people? At a very conservative estimate of the UK contributing 12.5%, (we believe it is more), then the British people paid €3 billion (approx £2.6bn GBP) between 2007 and 2020. What we don’t know is how much more the British are paying for all of this as a result of Theresa May’s disastrous ‘Divorce Bill’, which included ‘future commitments’. This could well include the period 2021-2027. In all of this it should be noted that these figures do not include all the billions the UK paid to the EU for its ‘off-budget’ funds, such as the €6bn paid to Turkey for an ineffective attempt to stem the flow of migrants, nor the €30 billion paid to Africa under a separate fund. Conveniently Her Majesty’s Treasury never included these transfers in their calculations of the UK’s “net contributions” to the EU. The EU’s ‘Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance’ There are many poor countries seeking the EU’s largesse for wanting to join its empire. At present there are nine in total, seven of which are officially ‘Candidate Countries’ and a further two who are in advanced talks to achieve this status. The tenth is Turkey, with which the EU has been at loggerheads for the last five years. At no point in the many years of the United Kingdom’s membership of the EU has the British taxpayer ever been consulted about the billions of pounds the UK has contributed to the EU’s efforts to enlarge itself. We have previously published many reports about the massive wealth transference to poorer, existing EU Member countries, funded to no small degree by the British taxpayer. Today we lift the lid on the wealth transfers to enable the EU to enlarge itself by taking in new members. All of this comes on top of the British people’s generosity to existing EU Member countries For years the British people helped to fund countries from Poland to Romania to improve their infrastucture, giving them sparkling new undergrounds, railway terminuses, roads and motorways. All of this was badged “Funded by the EU”. In reality the British people paid for a significant proportion of this – and received nothing in return. Not even a ‘thank you’. Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary Want to travel “EU Class” to work today? Try Poland, courtesy of the UK taxpayer Łódź has a population of just 685,000, making it smaller than Nottingham. The EU has spent UK money building an underground system there. Facts4EU.Org Case Study A new Underground for Łódź in Poland Łódź Fabryczna station - Wikipedia Commons Licence - click to enlarge In August 2018 the EU Commission approved additional expenditure on top of what it had already sanctioned, for some railway improvements in the city of Łódź, Poland. The last time we checked, the total was nearly £0.6 billion pounds. Here is the EU’s statement: Here is what the then EU Commissioner said about this funding for the Lodz railway connection:- Observations For years the public have been kept in blissful ignorance about the British people’s funding of the EU’s expansionism. Brexit Facts4EU.Org has published many reports about this over the years. Given the EU Commission’s decisions last week regarding the nine accession countries, we felt that our readers would wish to know the facts. All of the figures above come directly from official data from the EU. Information from EU Commission sources simply can’t be denied by Rejoiners. If the UK were to re-join the EU it would immediately become liable for its large share of these annual payments, which will now start increasing further. Another major benefit of Brexit. With Rejoiners pumping out nonsense on a daily basis, and with the BBC seemingly uninterested in anything which paints the EU in a bad light, it is essential that reports like this one above get out there.
  3. Hardly surprising they were happy to go back - From 2000 to 2017 the UK gave the EU £122 billion more than the former got back - A good chunk of that went on Poland..
  4. I've been told by Lefties for years that the immigrants are coming here to do the jobs the British don’t want to do... So I guess congratulations to the Tories for creating 672,000 new jobs in one year would be in order
  5. So Yellow Fever, Herman and fellow Lefty Remainiacs -- Now Europe is turning Right and you strongly dissaprove of that, I take it you will no longer be wanting to rejoin the EU? You'll all be singing the praises of Brexit next
  6. I believe that VDD will merge with the Left which will prevent Wilders forming goverment, but the message is loud and clear - The world is turning Right - Milei, Wilders, Orban, Modi, Le Pen, Milei, Bolsonaro & Meloni etc... As you all know here, I've been awake for a long time and have tried warning you Pink'UN Lefties about the errors of your politics.. People worldwide are finally waking up. The moderate, safe peaceful Europe of the late 20th century has been dragged to the Far-Left by malign forces in the 21st - Its been beaten over the head as a disgusting, racist unfair continent by grifters and now rightminded people have finally had enough.
  7. Congratulations gorgeous and congratulations Holland:
  8. We have our political differences, but I hope you're safe mate.
  9. Never mind about its efficacy, we await the numbers of people it's rendered in bad health and the numbers of people actually killed. Pfizer and Moderna NEXT!
  10. It's not too late to vote in this poll
  11. You were fine with Twitter when it was a Lefty echo chamber like this site mostly is. Poor form ol'boy. The handful of non-lefties on here don't shy away from discourse despite the abuse they reguarly receive. I personally get heaps of abuse for my views, but it doesn't deter me. In fact it renders me stronger. The saying goes 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. Grow a spine, keep airing your views, however wrong they maybe, and stop being such a p**sy.
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