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  1. The demoncrats really want Bidet out now. This is now the THIRD document stash found. This time in his personal library. Now I can't stand the senile peedo- but it's clear what's happening here. Well, that’s the prosecution of Trump out the window.
  3. Give us a shout if and when he actually gets prosecuted
  4. I'm looking forward to the BBC running a news item on Hunter’s lap top or Burisma Holdings Now the laptops been authenticated as Hunters, yet I do wonder who the Big guy is ?
  5. Yes it's true, Trump paid no tax while in office, but like your beloved BBC you fail to mention that Trump refused to take his presidential salary taking just 1 dollar in wages, the minimum allowed. Neither do you or the BBC mention while he was in office he signed over his companies by law, because a president is not allowed to run a business while in office. As I stated in my previous post, think - Do some research before flapping those Equus caballus gums.
  6. Burnley taken the lead at Stoke. They're going to take some catching.
  8. It would be great if you and your clan of simpleton's here did just that - THINK!
  9. I was going to post a video of Biden supporters but can't find one
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