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  1. It was obvious imo that he would step up, he is playing with better players in a better team. He has the ability to become a top level player.
  2. Not according to one of the pr*ts on vital Norwich forum it is slow and crap
  3. I don't listen to the pundits, I will make a cuppa, get another beer, go to the toilet, switch channels, anything to not listen to the "experts" when a match is on. Since the punditry has become politically correct in it's selection of pundits I won't watch football focus, overpaid people stating the obvious. I have seen and played enough football to make my own mind up.
  4. Interesting points of view on this topic, I think he did a great job....but.....Cully and Karsa played a big part plus our squad was too good for league 1. The end result was a perfect storm. The club did well, the players did well and so did Lambert financially but now he seems, bitter, twisted and trying desperately to cling onto what will probably be his last job in football if he screws this up.......fingers crossed ! He has had his career, he should pa k up and disappear.
  5. Six pack, how naive of you to think that he will change most people's opinions if he continues to perform as he did yesterday!
  6. You make some very good points, I have a real life experience of a referee rising up through the system because he was politically correct, kissed the right backsides within the relevant authorities, attended the evening training sessions at the UEA, helping you get, less experienced refs, etc, etc. He ended up reffing semi pro football. He reffed me a few times and the fact was he wasn't very good but ticked all the other boxes some of which I mentioned above. He was also very keen, he made a few quid from it as well. With the shortage of refs their is pressure on the authorities to encourage and retain anyone who is interested, so from a smaller pool to start with it is normal that the levels will deteriorate. I think he is correct to criticise as the standards are falling.
  7. I just wish someone would ask him to chew gum with his mouth shut, uncouth, arrogant northern tw*t !
  8. If you all cast your minds back to when Krul signed, many of the idiots on here were slating him, why don't you leave it to the professionals at NCFC, they have far more idea than any of us. McGovern has been a success these past few weeks, he is an international keeper and has done a great job as stand in for a keeper that many slagged off as useless when he first joined!
  9. Surely McLean should be slated for whatever reason as he seems to be the new scapegoat
  10. Good shout, you should get on the Vital forum, they are experts at that !
  11. You have to appreciate that we won so the forum will be quiet tonight, nothing for the moaners to complain about apart from Mc Govern, Steipy and Cantwell's hair and gloves OTBC
  12. Slight change of subject but Son has just smashed in a worldy and Gary Neville has spent five minutes criticising various Arsenal players ffs, he should join this forum!
  13. Too many people on here are getting like MOTD pundits and looking to criticise somebody when they concede a goal. You should hold your hands up and say it was a class goal. It was a superb early cross into the box which is quite rare in today's tippy tippy football and caught our defence out. Expecting a keeper to stop a free header from a few yards out is ridiculous. Goals are more often that not scored from excellent play not defensive errors although of course in hindsight we can all say the conceding team could have done something to prevent the goal!
  14. I don't think the sports scientists and medical staff will allow tough training sessions at the moment with so many fixtures, many if not most teams are suffering excess soft tissue injuries caused by the unprecedented situation coupled with the seemingly inflexible football authorities. I would think they will be ticking over in training, nothing more.
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