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  1. The problem is the people you refer to clearly know little about football, it makes for good light hearted entertainment when I have nothing better to do. On the other side of the coin it sadly makes responding almost pointless.
  2. Red Rufus


    Spot on mate, amazing how all the "idiots" never feature when we win, you would hope the board would be busier after a great victory. I suppose the problem is that many of the scapegoats (potential or otherwise) played well, e.g. Krul, Kenny and Todd no thecwind up merchants have nothing to moan about.
  3. Red Rufus

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Got to be Kenny or Steiperman
  4. It would not make the club a good plaice to be at! On a serious note I agree with you, we have gone down that route before and it doesn't work. The moaners need to get real and calm down, did they think it would be easy this season? Take a look at Vital Norwich Forum, some total idiots on there!
  5. Yes Mid Norfolk, as you say the Barca fans and media will rip into the team and rightly so, all I was pointing out that Liverpool were exceptional and being English, or a neutral, or just a football supporter you really ought to celebrate such an amazing spectacle rather than just state the negatives. Also Barca had chances during the game, the Liverpool keeper probably had more saves to make than the Barca keeper so ithey could easily have snatched the goal to win it.
  6. Typical to see Mid Norfolk focus on the negatives rather than a fantastic performance by a Liverpool team, wouldn't want a night out with him! Yes, Barcelona weren't at it but you really ought to focus on the positives or get a job as a pundit on MOTD.
  7. Red Rufus

    Lets be honest...

    Sounds arrogant but it is clear to me that a large percentage of supporters generally and posters on here don't know much about football. Even during the first few games this season we looked okay quoting the West Brom game, the first 25 minutes against Leeds. In both games we looked good but were unluckily undone by individual mistakes. It was clear to me that the style had changed from last season, playing the ball much quicker with more long diagonals but once many have an opinion it takes an awful lot to change it!
  8. Red Rufus

    Relegated without Buendia?

    We could all see the difference but you were either trying to stir people up by being extreme or you are of below average intelligence with little knowledge of football so sit down, take some pills and have a sleep dear boy!
  9. Red Rufus

    Relegated without Buendia?

    Nobody will ever know, there is no I in team but there are two in idiot! other players have proved they can step up during the season who says Buendia can be personally responsible for us being top two, possible but not probable.
  10. Red Rufus

    Relegated without Buendia?

    Best to ignore the idiot! He spouts ignorant sh*te
  11. He is unable to spell, unable to use correct grammar, starting sentences with And! He would be better placed counting his brain cells before posting in future. I have to read it two or three times to even get an idea of what he is trying to say. Would medication help?
  12. Red Rufus

    Ridiculous and Unnecessary.........

    He did turn inside a split second before he hit the shot and was blocked, I could see his intention as he tried it again, got a half yard of space before lashing it into the top corner. All goals have an element of a mistake but all we could do was reluctantly admire it and swear!
  13. Red Rufus

    The Fans

    The Barclay and Snakepit were rocking most of the game, sore throat and hoarse this morning!
  14. Red Rufus

    Tim Krul under valued

    Yes, with all four of them having great seasons although Onel is struggling for form at the moment I suppose they would all be hard to replace.
  15. Red Rufus

    Not..Ahem...Going Down...Well in Ipswich

    They should get stuffed by quite a few against our rivals if you go by the form book, they are a poor outfit, relegated, on the beach, no confidence, no skill, etc, etc. No need to worry about their results, we are there.