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  1. Really great to read all the positivity, that's the spirit chaps. Maybe you should all join the Vital Norwich site, the only time they are quiet is when we win 👍👍👍
  2. There is an endless list of players that have been written off within two or three games by this forum, give the young man a chance to settle in then judge him. He gives 100% and I think he will get better and better. No, I am not Lakey in disguise 😀
  3. Update, just listened to Ashley he said y'know twice in three words, Jesus what a t****r!
  4. Agreed, Klinsman is good, has command of English, shame the same cannot be said for Ashley Williams who says y'know every three words. Surely the basic requirement for a pundit is to have a basic vocabulary. I find most of them irritating, trying to tell me what they will happen before the match, then telling what did happen afterwards, I am able to make up my own mind not listen to often biased opinionated twerps!
  5. Is it sarcasm or lack of brain cells?
  6. What exactly do you mean by him playing favourites? Do you mean he is not playing your favourites?
  7. It makes a pleasant change to read such a sensible, balanced post from a supporter of another team, let alone our nearest rivals. Quite simply, I would love them to be in the same league as us, two derbies a season would be great as long as we continue to beat them every time, everyone's a winner. Ipswich in a higher league, we get a guaranteed 6 points every year and East Anglia raises it's football profile.
  8. It was obvious imo that he would step up, he is playing with better players in a better team. He has the ability to become a top level player.
  9. Not according to one of the pr*ts on vital Norwich forum it is slow and crap
  10. I don't listen to the pundits, I will make a cuppa, get another beer, go to the toilet, switch channels, anything to not listen to the "experts" when a match is on. Since the punditry has become politically correct in it's selection of pundits I won't watch football focus, overpaid people stating the obvious. I have seen and played enough football to make my own mind up.
  11. Interesting points of view on this topic, I think he did a great job....but.....Cully and Karsa played a big part plus our squad was too good for league 1. The end result was a perfect storm. The club did well, the players did well and so did Lambert financially but now he seems, bitter, twisted and trying desperately to cling onto what will probably be his last job in football if he screws this up.......fingers crossed ! He has had his career, he should pa k up and disappear.
  12. Six pack, how naive of you to think that he will change most people's opinions if he continues to perform as he did yesterday!
  13. You make some very good points, I have a real life experience of a referee rising up through the system because he was politically correct, kissed the right backsides within the relevant authorities, attended the evening training sessions at the UEA, helping you get, less experienced refs, etc, etc. He ended up reffing semi pro football. He reffed me a few times and the fact was he wasn't very good but ticked all the other boxes some of which I mentioned above. He was also very keen, he made a few quid from it as well. With the shortage of refs their is pressure on the authorities to encourage and retain anyone who is interested, so from a smaller pool to start with it is normal that the levels will deteriorate. I think he is correct to criticise as the standards are falling.
  14. I just wish someone would ask him to chew gum with his mouth shut, uncouth, arrogant northern tw*t ! 😀
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