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  1. curious yellow

    Zimmerman '95% out' for Wolves

    Two including Famewo
  2. curious yellow

    Team for Wolves

    One of his early chances against Liverpool was an excellent shot which brought a great save. His pass led to Cantwell's goal v Man City. Good squad player and excellent Championship player.
  3. curious yellow

    Team for Wolves

    Nobody on this planet
  4. curious yellow

    I Seriously Wish This Lad Every Success

    I hope we can see a lot more of this excellent youngster at our club for many years. Imagine what he could do at 100%! All the best to Shae.
  5. curious yellow

    Forget how good some of our players are....

    Rupp missed our best chance against Liverpool and he played at Burnley. So why drop our 3 players who have created/scored the most this season? The best team in the world is showing interest in our homegrown star - weirdly this has upset you, hence the rant. It is you that should grow up.
  6. curious yellow

    If we go down -

    It is important that we let players move on, if the right bid comes in and they want to go. The players left look like an excellent championship side with more youngsters coming through and a healthy Bank balance. Good luck to all the players that move, they have deserved it.
  7. Young players deserve encouragement however they play. Our criticism should stop at the manager before it turns into abuse.
  8. curious yellow

    Hanley chosen....

    "contributed massively" by getting injured. Had 0% contribution to our promotion.
  9. curious yellow

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Martin Peters was one of the most important players in the modern game. He could play in any position yet there wasn't a position that suited his incredible talent. His time at Norwich was a joy, should still have been playing for England at that age.
  10. curious yellow

    We need to talk about Carlton....

    Another top performance yesterday. Didn't know McGrandles is now at MKDons
  11. curious yellow

    We need to talk about Carlton....

    Best of luck to him whatever happens. Has been doing well the past few games so who knows. Perhaps Russell Martin's MK Don's will be like Ron Ashman's Scunthorpe of old.
  12. curious yellow

    DJ Thrills the Crowds.....

    I think we have, if we weren't interested in keeping him, we would probably have offloaded rather than loaned. The problem has been the injury but he now looks our best player out on loan
  13. curious yellow

    DJ Thrills the Crowds.....

    His manager is raving about his latest performance "Premiership class"
  14. curious yellow


    Lineker makes me not want to eat crisps
  15. curious yellow


    Perhaps we should consider starting with Pukki and Drmic. Yesterday Drmic unsettled the Burnley defence from the start which gave us the upper hand early on. His aerial ability is not only an advantage in defending set pieces but also scoring from set pieces. Yesterday was an example of how our greatest asset could be the cause of our worst problems?
  16. curious yellow

    64% of Pinkun readers want Ryan Bennett back...

    We need a central defender. Bennett has done well since he left and probably had more success /experience in the Prem than any of our centre backs. Had a brilliant game in our win at Spurs a few years back and pushed that Arsenal player in the pit. Legend.
  17. curious yellow


    That is a most important ability in a striker. Pukki is a different kind of forward and I doubt whether he would have been in that position for the second goal.
  18. All comments on here about Drmic on Saturday before he scored
  19. curious yellow

    Amadou off?

    Would be strange if he left and was not replaced by a central defender. Farke said we had enough central defenders and named Amadou as one of them. Yet we have had problems in this position and have always been one player down since Klose was injured. We let Famewo go and he's doing really well in Scotland. We should be looking to strengthen this position.
  20. curious yellow

    Team for Newcastle

    LDC doesn't pick Cantwell for any of his potential teams. Previously he said he gives the ball away too much now he says he's a great link player. Hernandez hasn't been so good this season but needs a run in the team while Cantwell gets back to fitness.
  21. curious yellow

    Team for Newcastle

    Yes, why change a winning team? Why were we better without Maddison and why didn't Jimmy Greaves play in the World Cup Final?
  22. curious yellow

    Team for Newcastle

    Same starting eleven as v Burnley. Not the best players but perhaps the most effective formula.
  23. curious yellow


    0 starts 1 goal in the Prem, very poor?
  24. curious yellow

    Now this did surprise me ...

    I've heard the Cantwell fee before. This would explain why his agent was stalling on the new contract. He is just out of the academy, would we have given him a massive rise when we are short of money? If we were relegated we wouldn't want players on high wages. I would expect these are the basic wages with generous bonuses on top.
  25. curious yellow

    How would you like VAR to work?

    Keep the rules as they were and have a limited appeal system as in tennis.