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  1. Who said we don't deserve to go down if we finish bottom 3 after 38 games?
  2. End the season as it stands, no promotions or relegations, but you get to keep all points at the start of next season.
  3. All the managers to play a full season of Championship manager.
  4. 3-0 For 76 minutes, then 2 quick goals for Wigan and wet knickers for everyone for the last 10 minutes before a wondergoal from Martin. 4-2 full time.
  5. ? You''re saying his wages would outweigh getting back to the prem?
  6. [quote user="vos"] What is so frustrating is that not one player has improved this season. [/quote] O''Neil?
  7. 1-1 and Bennett kicks Sanchez over the advertising hoardings.
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