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  1. I am not saying that Jamal will be as good as Dimitris (he may be) but there is over 2 years difference in their ages, and DG wasn't exactly tearing up top level leagues 2 and a half years ago, whereas JL has played 50 games in the Prem at the same age. They are at different times of their careers, so a proper comparison is harsh on JL. I very much like the look of DG though
  2. I was about to comment how high is the bar set, when you are critiquing his performance?
  3. I have pledged £50 to the CSF if 3 or more teams get to 90 points this season.
  4. What do you mean Til? I don't get it Looks like a very successful GB relay team to me.
  5. For those of you who say we should just concentrate on our own results and not rely on others, yada yada, do not fret my dear hearts. To the best of my knowledge, none of the players, nor managing/coaching staff write on here. Also, what we write on here, really won't influence our team's mindsets . It has been said many times, that those of us who comment on other team's results etc are just creating a talking point. What we say will not influence either our own team's, nor opposition's, performances. To lay a fear to rest, most of us can concentrate on more than one thing at a time. We are ok, but thanks for worrying about us. We can wish our team to play well and get a favourable result but also wish that other teams falter, as that will ultimately, benefit us (by way of lost points/goals, reducing the pressure on our own team, increasing pressure on other teams etc). After our team winning, the next focus (in terms of priority) is gaining any advantage we can, anything gained is a bonus, nothing more. Nothing is lost by this way of thinking, it's parity at best for the opposition. Another element of the talk is highlighting inconsistencies in the games. We all want a level playing field (but we are not naive enough to know that will ever happen) and want the sport of football to improve by eradicating such elements You guys can keep solely focusing on our team (top priority)and the rest of us will embrace that, but will carry on wishing our closest rivals fail at every possible hurdle (2nd, 3rd, 4th etc priority) One other reason I look at other teams results is that I want us to win this League, and win it by a country mile
  6. You could have bumped this for the last 2 and a half years tbf (and for many more to come)!
  7. Oh that is a real shame. That would make a shed load of difference to his life I am sure. Does he bet big accies like that a lot? Has he had much success before? I was once one number off sharing the £8M lotto, but I am over it now.....................
  8. Not sure about today's pen, it looked legit on 1st look. Wednesday's penalty was a dive, and Boro had a perfectly good goal disallowed because the ref made a shocker of a decision. They are using their luck up
  9. I am not worried about them, but it would be nice if things evened themselves out over the season. Our quality has overcome any bad luck we have had, but can anyone recall how many games we have been 'lucky' to win, or take points from, this season? Swansea have had 2 in 3 days
  10. Swansea are running dry and have everything going their way (penalty on Wednesday, disallowed Boro goal today) It won't last and certainly won't trouble us.
  11. Gooooaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll (for Middlesboro)
  12. Middlesboro have had a goal disallowed because of a Ref error.
  13. I'm certainly not writing him off, but I feel we were getting him at just the right time in his career and he could ignite that 10 position. It may do yet, but he is a level from that atm. His injury certainly has had a part to play, unfortunately
  14. Ha ha, I knew that Herman. I guess they are not really helped by having our Chris in charge of them these days.
  15. They are still only 1-0 down and are pressurizing Watford.
  16. Possibly, but I'd rather keep him and Skipp as they were, dominating
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