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  1. Can I throw a (very late)choice in before the door finally shuts for this week please? West Brom to get back to winning ways against Stoke Great work from the pickers this week btw, awesome amounts to add to the total
  2. Crabbycanary3

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    Burnley away............ great
  3. Crabbycanary3

    Clever substitution?

    Aarons on for Cantwell. Vrancic and Buendia would seem a more natural replacement, but that nicely cup ties Aarons.
  4. Well, thank goodness for that! After my recent record of picking results, I was fearful with real money going on it today. Thanks every one for your help Unlucky Lessingham
  5. Thank you for everyone's help, I do appreciate it. Ok, here goes Nutty £1 each on the following 10 'hopefuls' please; BTTS Norwich win H/T Draw F/T Norwich H/T Preston F/T Draw H/T Norwich F/T Norwich Stiepermann to score anytime Idah to score anytime Hernandez to score anytime Over 4 bookings in the game Over 2.5 goals
  6. Hi Nutty. I think Harrogate will beat Maidenhead
  7. Crabbycanary3

    Going Down

    Mmm, on stats, it may have looked like it but I felt we had the best 2 chances (Buendia free kick and the Mayor hitting the bar) and yet I can't remember Krul making a save of any note I was sat with a neutral (Man Utd fan) and he also felt we deserved the win
  8. Cheers Nutty for allowing me to point my pin! I will have to do my predictions on Friday evening, and I certainly would appreciate you PuPs and your thoughts and recommendations
  9. Crabbycanary3

    Going Down

    Anyone else feel that was our 'poorest' display for many games, yet we still deserved a win?
  10. Crabbycanary3

    I have had a premonition

    No, you haven't had a premonition, you've just had too much barley, water, hops and yeast
  11. Crabbycanary3

    If fans on here were were employed by the club

    I feel I'd do a decent job selling sweets from the sweet trolley
  12. Kings Lynn to beat Alfreton please and H/T Norwich F/T Draw
  13. Hartlepool to beat Dagenham please and a straight forward (!) win for us Best of luck to the Birthday boy and Sid
  14. Crabbycanary3

    Guardian Top 100 Players

    Waveney's filled the top 32 positions
  15. Cove to get back to winning ways against Stenhousemuir me thinks and less than 3.5 goals in our game might be worth a punt All good for the 4th Jan Nutty, thank you All the best pickers
  16. Crabbycanary3

    Simon Hooper

    I agree Thirsty. I actually had a bit of me that felt sorry for Hooper yesterday. Having said that, I hope there is a very fluid dialogue going on between the Refs on the pitch and the VAR head honchos, as to what effects are happening in each game, for the players and the fans and the 'beautiful' game.
  17. Crabbycanary3

    It's that time of the season....

    Well, we're going to get 15 points from winning our last 5 home games, so..............
  18. As any analysis I have put into recent predictions has failed miserably, I've got the pin out, and it has landed on Hamilton to beat St Mirren, and a Norwich win I hope that the pickers have far more fortune than i have recently.
  19. Crabbycanary3

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    We are making them look like World beaters BALLCOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Crabbycanary3

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    You'll be proven right, but that may or may not be for 10 years. He's currently between the Murphys and Maddison imho fwiw
  21. Crabbycanary3

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Garry Brooke was a stocky midfielder from around 1986 who had a thunder of a shot Err, Ginger Pele anyone?
  22. Crabbycanary3

    Complete Bulls***

    Oh yes, apparently Simon Hooper is the ref for Sunday's game..............
  23. Crabbycanary3

    Complete Bulls***

    Apparently only if it influences the play. If the fan had thrown it into the middle of the goal area, then play would have stopped. Mind you, if Aubameyang had been marked........
  24. Crabbycanary3

    FA Cup Draw.

    Coventry at home. Written in the stars.
  25. Crabbycanary3

    Complete Bulls***

    Why not have a line that is say, 3 metres drawn outside the penalty area (players stay behind that) , and (like in Rugby Union, when a conversion is being taken) when the taker moves to take the kick, then it is free game, for all the other players to move as they see fit. This could be aided by the penalty taker to signal to the ref that he is ready to start and the ref blows his whistle for the kick to proceed. Once the whistle goes, it's every man for himself!