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  1. Yeh, again 'possibly' but we need a striker that is on a level with Josh right now. We are obviously weaker without Josh and need 3 strikers minimum. Moving forward, to have 3 strikers of that level plus Idah (especially when we like to play with 2 up front), who may well come good, is crucial in my opinion
  2. Is this a 'I ain't got nothing' (Therefore I must have something) grammatical situation and Kenny IS going to Leeds? 😉
  3. Well, I get that, but it does leave us 5 months before the Jan transfer window finishes, so 'possibly' By that stage, I'm sure we'd have a date for Josh's return, so can make a much better informed decision
  4. How about a scenario of getting Cannon in, and, when Josh is back, sending Idah out on loan in January ?
  5. Yep, clearly remember Drinks scoring (at our end) Great start to the year! 🙂
  6. and a mighty fine win that was. I remember driving down there, through the middle of London, to get there and parking not too far from the ground. It did help that it was 1986, and it was NY day, as there wouldn't be a hope in hell that I'd repeat that journey now (not withstanding the ULEZ charge 😉 )
  7. Loving Leeds being back to being our feeder Club again...............
  8. £1 for every Adam Idah goal in the Championship, League Cup and/or FA Cup £1 for every Jonathan Rowe goal in the Championship, League Cup and/or FA Cup £1 for every Liam Gibbs goal in the Championship, League Cup and/or FA Cup £1 for every Championship clean sheet
  9. For me it was sweet revenge for the 1-0 home defeat a month before, game ****housery aside, it was more their fans celebrating immediately afterwards who let all around them (us included) that they were definitely going up and we weren't! The taunting was relentless as we headed to our car.
  10. That noise when Nathan scored the 2nd, will always send the hairs up on the back of my neck
  11. Apparently the Rottach-Egern manager is bemoaning the lack of VAR as he thinks the 12th and 23rd goals were definitely offside
  12. I'm another one who thought it was 1977. It's definately Hansbury and it's definately Coppell (Hill was left footed and, I think, mainly wore the No 11 shirt?)
  13. Norwich City: Sao Paulo's Nathan and Corinthians ace Mosquito linked | The Pink Un Need better brains than I, to come up with some mosquito jokes here
  14. He was never coming. I saw a text from his (Lampard's) right hand man that said so
  15. He said he was never going to play for us again. He left here an angry man.
  16. Hi Nutty. Haven't been on here for a long time, but popped back on to pay my dues. Thing is, can anyone help me with my pledges and check my figures please? 50p for every Hayden start in the League 9? 50p each time either Rowe/Tompkinson/Gibbs/McCallum start in a League game 0 + 0 + 18 + 12 ? £1 for every Sara goal in the League 7? £1 for every Sargent goal in the league 13? £1 for every Hanley goal in the League 1? £10 if we finish in the top 2 Nope £1 for every penalty not scored against us in a League game ??????????
  17. We (as in the fans as well as the team) have to be prepared to be patient on Sat
  18. Haaland has now scored 1% of all Man City goals in PL & CL history (apparently)
  19. At the start of the season, my daughter's boyfriend (albeit seeing things through Man Utd glasses) said he thought Haaland would struggle. I said he'll score 30 goals for fun. I think we will both be out with our predictions
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