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  1. We are favored to be relegated, but I am encouraged by recent performances.
  2. I don't he was very popular, but Kenny Foggo was a prolific scorer.
  3. Too far out of his comfort zone for a variety of reasons. Fact is FL is not like us.
  4. Knutsen is my choice because he is results oriented.
  5. Serious question: Is Lampard really like us? I don't think so. He'll be off like a whippet at the first opportunity.
  6. Lampard appears to be the favorite, but I have some reservation about him. Personally, I like the Bodo manager. For sure, I'm no expert.
  7. I think Cantwell should say something, anything. Things are going down the toilet and he's photographed by his car. Doesn't make sense.
  8. This was my first opportunity to watch Norwich on the TV. I was amazed at the difference in talent level of Leeds compared to Norwich. I guess money buys a lot of nice things, including a team. Not impressed with the dives the Leeds players took, including their goalie that resulted in a yellow card. The replay showed no contact, but he was flopping around like a fish out of water. I don't know what the future holds, but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. I remember Suggett scoring from a corner kick. That was great!
  10. My impression his sights are set on the transfer portal, maybe forcing the issue? Burning his bridges? He's made it clear he wants to move up. My two cents worth, spend it however you please.
  11. Disclaimer: I don't have football knowledge like you guys, but am surprised by some of the brutal comments posted. I know it's not easy being a supporter, after all I am a Wyoming Cowboy supporter too and have a generous supply of disappointment from that direction. I will only say a supporter supports his team
  12. Not easy being a Canary supporter. Almost as difficult being a Wyoming Cowboy supporter. Both are up and down. Can never be sure which team will show up to play. For me, it's like a double-whammy. . Guess I'll continue supporting both...
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