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  1. At least our team would have 'something' to play for. Imagine what the fans (and players) of Everton etc must be thinking. their games only mean something to their opposition. Integrity of the game/What the public wants? My a***
  2. But as we have beaten 2 Prem teams away and a top 6 Champ team away, SURELY we deserve it on the Cup equivalent of PPG. It can't matter that we have 3 games to play, can it? That's got to be irrelevant. Come on, for the integrity of the Cup, present us with the trophy now...........
  3. Only the Pluto supporters thought they were the biggest , and most popular Planet in Space, though. Everyone else knew the truth
  4. This is me also. It also highlights how (mainly) Leeds fans want to claim the moral high ground with their accusations of us wanting the money, Premier League 'kudos' , yet no one I have seen connected with our Club have said anything to back that up, so they can say they told us so (Sorry). They are panicking because games haven't been played yet, and may not be for weeks (which would impact on the start of next season along with the precious finances). No Norwich fan wants another death to occur, and we also want the World to get back to normality. If that means relegation, then, for me, I couldn't give a monkeys. Leeds fans can't get that, but that is their small mindedness nothing else. They are blinded by the Promised Land, as they have been looking in, from the outside for years, and they have this conception of what it is. They are going to be disappointed.
  5. Let''s not panic, Lowfields may be back. He may have been walking his dog, researching the truth , ringing his mates to tell him of his stint on here, or he may be on the other Clubs fan's forums that I talked about earlier. Ultimately he has , in print, shown that he certainly does have the DNA of a typical Leeds fan.
  6. No, no no NO. Lowfields consulted his mates in the Echo Chamber (is that a Pub in Leeds?) and they said it to him, so it IS true that games that are abandoned, means the result stands.
  7. It's this. Yes there are imbeciles, but generally people with an agenda are in the majority who cannot see the unfairness, and they decide (like the Leeds fans have done) to use the morally 'superior' (*sigh*) argument of greedy, money hungry Bottom 6 teams/pandemic etc as their cover up for their own reasons. I've seen Liverpool and Leeds fans call for a null and void and I have seen Norwich fans call for the games to be played out.
  8. He's the 'T' equivalent on the Brexit/Coronavirus threads. Like a kid shouting for attention, wanting SOMEONE to agree with him, so he can shuffle off with a smug look on his face (I was going to put something ruder, involving a mirror and some tissues, but that'll be for another forum)
  9. Err, pot, kettle? You have been told what has ACTUALLY been said, but that doesn't matter to you does it, because it doesn't justify your comments on here?
  10. This is the echo chamber you were talking about. Whenever anybody connected with Norwich have been asked (Management, players, fans etc) they have all said , let's play the games when it is safe. That's the honorable way. You're making it up, or have the opinion of one or two 'fans' of our Club, to justify your moral crusade. You're using the Sky money talk to validate your rant. That is shameful in itself and tells us far more about you than us. Integrity of the game, my ****. You may be panicking that any delays to getting the games restarted, means that next season, and subsequent competitions will have to be delayed (and that will lose the EPL etc money, quelle surprise). Time may be your enemy, and who's fault will that be? The Virus/Legal appeals/Morals/Bottom 6 team's fans? I think you also need to be worried, as Leeds are such a big Club, that Championship Clubs will obviously vote to keep you in the League, so they can reap the rewards of hosting you and your fellow fans once a season. Likewise Premier League Clubs will vote to keep Norwich in the Prem as they will see that as an easy 6 points , by the time the next season gets going. You must be going apoplectic on the Villa/ Bournemouth/West Ham forums. What have the fans etc of Clubs positioned below West Brom been saying, especially those just outside the play off positions?
  11. What I am struggling to get my head round is , there are loads of empty seats on that bus, yet John Barnes sits next to 'Arry
  12. On a side note I have been watching Euro having a Laugh with Redknapp managing some ex pros on tour in Europe. It's been quite entertaining (apart from Ruddock's health issues)
  13. He said he'll be looking at Non League or poss League 2, a Club that has got a bit of potential. He's not looking as high as the top 2 Leagues. He couldn't afford us.
  14. Mmm, I haven't met any Germans like you T, nor Brits for that matter
  15. Eugenics. That's a great word. Where did you get that Pugin? Were you educated abroad per chance?
  16. and HP (Houses of Parliament) brown, at that
  17. Brown. This isn't even up for debate (said in a T like manner)
  18. Exactly. I am 6' 6", played rugby and did the London marathon 2 years ago, but apparently I need to drop a biscuit or two and should have done many years ago.
  19. Are all the obese people in Germany, immigrants?
  20. How much does 165cm tall, Angela Merkel weigh?
  21. T will tell you that you should have learnt another language KiO
  22. 'Normal' weight for someone who is 6' 6" starts at less than 11 and a half stone. That's an image I don't want to see.
  23. So, in pure number terms, the UK had (approx) 18.08 million obese people and Germany had (approx) 16.24 million obese people in 2014. That's a lot of obese people
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