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Steven Pressley

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I''m not suggesting instead of Chris Hughton but WITH Chris Hughton as assistant.......

"Football management is a fashion business. Right now, Steven Pressley is the football equivalent of Armani, Mulberry, or Prada.

He’s hot, a must-have accessory. The chattering classes can’t get enough of him.

He’s even got his own TV show, Friday night’s FA Cup tie on BT Sport

between Arsenal and Coventry, the side he has shielded from car crash

politics and unwanted exile.

The former Scotland defender, whose leadership qualities were

determined as a player with Rangers, Celtic and Hearts before a

successful managerial apprenticeship at Falkirk, has flourished in


Pressley knew what he was walking into last March, when he arrived at

the Ricoh Arena. Coventry were careering towards administration, with

their parent company heading to liquidation and ejection from a stadium

which hosted the Olympic tournament less than 18 months ago.

He has been bold, releasing 19 players from last season despite a

transfer embargo that has only just been lifted. He has been principled,

in defining and then trusting a group of unheralded young players to

deal with a ten-point penalty.

He prepared assiduously, studying development systems at Barcelona,

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. The unrealised ambition and the

unceasing energy of youth is central to his high-intensity,

high-pressing game.

His squad is small, and leavened by exemplary senior professionals like

Andy Webster and John Fleck. His problem is the double-edged nature of


Asset stripping and opportunism increasingly shapes modern football.

Coventry, who play their home matches in Northampton and continue to be

hampered by owners who lack credibility and authenticity, are vulnerable

to the predators.

Despite the absence of the outstanding Callum Wilson, with a shoulder

injury, the Arsenal match, one of the highlights of the fourth round

draw, will inevitably focus wider attention on their emerging players.

Pressley, too, is coveted. He is deemed to share the hunger of his

players, and his mastery of a tight budget has impressed many

Championship chairmen and chief executives.  Interest is growing, and

will inevitably lead to approaches.

There is a great, and growing, tradition of Scottish managers. The game

is dying, slowly, in their homeland, which cannot provide a suitable

outlet for their talent.  But of one we can be certain: Steven Pressley

won’t let the Brotherhood down."

And this from a fan.......

"Fast-forward to the present and Steven Pressley''s stars are playing some

of the best football seen in years, scoring fantastic goals,

overturning deficits (unheard of for years) and have connected with the

supporters in a Richard Keogh-style way. We have cult heroes for the

first time since Keogh and Big Mo Konjic while Joe Murphy continues to

defy the opposition with wonder saves in a Keiren Westwood/Oggy-esque


The last time I can recall such free-flowing football with a pattern of

play was in 1999/00 as Robbie Keane and company worked their magic at

Highfield Road.....

There isn''t an ounce of common sense inside the boardroom walls of

Coventry City and hasn''t been for many years. The most clued up person

is Steven Pressley - the man''s a genius, initially for taking on the

role, creating the ''bomb squad'', then working his magic to transform our

young side. His players give their all for the cause and have turned

the -10 into a potential play-off crusade."

Sign him up McNally as Hughton''s assistant and you will have a manager ready to step in when you decide it''s time for Hughton to go.

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[quote user="lincoln canary"]Don''t think we stand a chance of attracting him as an assistant....[/quote]I can''t see why not. Currently playing home games at Northampton in front of about 1,000 fans, no money to buy new players and having to sell anyone who shows a bit of talent.Or......Coaching at a Premier League club to get experience of the top division. Could work out well for City, at the end of the season move Hughton upstairs as director of football and promote Pressley to manager. Everybody''s happy.

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" director of football"what would that be ?what responsibilities would he lose retain, acquire ?

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I think that unfortunately Hughton, Trollope and Calderwood come as a package and unless Northampton town come calling you are just wishful thinking Lapp.

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[quote user="City1st"]" director of football" what would that be ? what responsibilities would he lose retain, acquire ?[/quote]Dunno....but it sounds important.

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I think that would be an ideal situation. Bit of a pipe dream but I could see it work.

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This would be a great combination Laps and bring back good old unity between club and supporters.

Hoots needs a strong character as No 2 and Pressley is the man.

NCFC wise I would be a happy chappy for the first time for a few months.

Can''t see it happening but no harm in hoping

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He seems like a good manager right now but he hasn''t had an awful lot of experience. Went straight from managing Falkirk to managing Coventry City at a time when Mark Robins had left and not a lot of other managers would have fancied the job.

He seems to have got the best from the young players at the club; Callum Wilson, Conor Thomas, Cyrus Christie, Blair Adams. He''s done a fantastic job for a club that couldn''t sink any lower, they were at rock bottom.

He''s not ready yet though. If he gets them promoted and they have a good season in the Championship, he might be worth a shout.

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Another glowing report, this time from James Nursey in todays Mirror.......http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/used-seeing-coventry-manager-steven-3057340#.UuJ7K7TLfDc

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Also nice bits today on him and Coventry in the Times and the Telegraph as well as a feature on the youngsters at Coventry in this month''s FourFourTwo.

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I think Pressley would be a great shout, not as an assistant but in charge. I know there is all this about not a lot of experience as only a couple of jobs but if we went for someone like Phelan then they don''t have ''managerial experience'' with regards to being a number 1 so its swings and roundabouts.

I mentioned him a while back to friends and think the style of footaball he plays would suit us and the fact that he is bringing through youth would be benificial to a team holding the FA Youth Cup, not that i''ms suggesting throw them all in the team now.

I''m sure he will go onto bigger things than Coventry but I guess its all hypothetical unless our board grow a pair and don''t think that one result saves our season especially with our run in!!!

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