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  1. Also has Stanley tucci whose normally good in most things his been in.
  2. Will they have the new manager bounce before they face us, or will Bilic be sacked before....who can tell?
  3. I'm going to watch Harry Styles attempt to act in Don't Worry Darling instead of watching England.
  4. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/arctic-monkeys-to-play-at-carrow-road-in-summer-2023 Be quick, I predict this will sell out pretty quickly.
  5. Really surprised, Rotherham have started pretty well in the championship. I wouldn't have put Warne as a manager who is after the payday.
  6. Would Aarons take a direct free kick over Nunez? At the moment no and I can't see if ever happening.
  7. Could have been sorted with cover in the summer but we never learn do we.
  8. Maybe the players have been replaced by robots and they are malfunctioning !!
  9. Diangana & Thomas-Asante gave him a torrid time at the weekend, beating him for pace several times. Midweek turned his back to Wells for Bristol's first goal (and hardly blocks or stops crosses coming in).Also as pointed out by others now stops at the halfway line when we are on the attack. So in my opinion this is why investment has now been accepted as Aarons was seen as the last asset for the self-funding model and no one actually wants him.
  10. Sara put in a few decent deliveries, they were well defended while everyone in the River End was shouting there was a west brom player unmarked at the far post and our players just gawped.
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