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  1. The lot down the road are only slightly worse off at 18/1, would shorten if McKenna was to be snaffled up by a Premiership team.
  2. Massive downgrade for Ireland. Ferguson banging them in the Premiership to Idah.
  3. Also if you takes Rowes goal against Millwall, a ball from Sara/Nunez/Fassnaught etc into Barnes who lays it off and he curls one in.
  4. Injury time again, wonder how many minutes its was over the allotted time this time.
  5. So far in the premiership - arsenal are 1 down and man u are 2 down
  6. Rangers 1-0, not a great game, very few chances. PSV really haven't turned up yet.
  7. Arsenal down to 10, palace still don't look like scoring.
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