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  1. Phillips is more of a holding midfielder being asked to do more then he can manage while Bellingham is the more all round box to box midfielder.
  2. Summer is back... England batting collapse ensues.
  3. Dijks was a pretty solid defender, was a shame we didn't sign him.
  4. Man ure fans I know would happily drive Martial off to another club.
  5. defensively who conceded the same goal 4 times at the weekend, not my word's but the Daniel Farkes.
  6. Will just replace Perez with Iheanacho or Daka who both have serious pace, which we can't deal with as none of our players can actually tackle.
  7. They will just replace Perez with Iheanacho or Daka, who alongside Vardy have serious pace, and in the opening 2 games have proven we still can't deal with anyone whose quick on transitioning from defence to attack as none of our midfield or defence can actually tackle !!
  8. We would need to buy a Hugill type upgrade if we wanted to play for territory. Watching the early game Burnley had his option with Chris Wood.
  9. Sky Sports have already put the goals up All the goals are near identical so doesn't look like the players are "learning" from their mistakes. It's so depressing....I can take how hard the games were dealt, but if we had made the games closer then you could take some sort of positives from them.
  10. Swansea have lost their spine... no woodman, guehi,houilhane and ayew. Russell Martin has a massive rebuilding job on his hands.
  11. De bruyne got minutes under the belt coming off the bench against Tottenham. I would be very surprised if guardiola doesn't start him against us. 5-0 win for the new plastic mancs
  12. After yesterday's game, it is imperative we get a holding defensive midfielder thorough the door asap
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