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  1. [quote user="lake district canary"]So they invited people from twitter??   In my experience people who are on twitter are also on facebook, email loads, are prolific on message boards, spend vast amount of time on the internet and text uncontrollably - therefore, on top of that, twitter is a time consuming, addictive and unhealthy pastime and anyone who spends a lot of time on twitter is bound to be minus brain cells and ability to think for themselves because of that and all the other media they use.   Why not put an ad in the paper as well as on social media, inviting people to send in pieces by email as part of a competition, the reward being column space, opening it to everyone and ensuring a top quality end product?   If they had four slots they could have had four age groups as well, thus ensuring a balance across the age range. Whatever the qualities of different ages, any writer about football, be they 12 or 72 has an opinion worth hearing.  In the interest of balance, a 15, 35, 55 and 75 age range would have been a better spread of ages to get a wide range of  real fan input to the paper.    Four fans 20-36 selected from twitter on the face of it is a token gesture. [/quote] Assumptions, assumptions - I''m on Twitter but hardly use any other social media (and am certainly not on Facebook).  For what it''s worth I''m 59 and in my 50th season of watching Norwich.  Good luck to the ''young guns who are taking part in this.  We used Fanzines in our day to express our views but times move on.  Looking forward to seeing their views. 
  2. If you do get tickets - come back on here for advice about accommodation, places to eat/drink - lots of helpful advice always available!
  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Wigan have lost their Talisman in Dave Whelan and the club and players face an uncertain future.. this could actually spur them on a bit!2-1 to us but I think we''ll go behind first[/quote]   Think we''ve almost mastered the art of not conceding at the moment so I''m going for another 2-0. Just wish I''d had a bet on my last 2-0 prediction with Grabban and BJ to score........... absolutely foomin!
  4. [quote user="TCCANARY"]  It''s National Pie Week, could be a bad omen.         [/quote] Only if Holty was still playing for either us or them!
  5. [quote user="Chip20"][quote user="Shyster"]Then pardon me all over the place for preferring to look where Southampton & Swansea are at.[/quote]But, Shyster; every team from lower half of the EPL down to the Conference and further are looking at where Southampton and Swansea are now. Why should we expect to achieve what they have above all the other competitors? And will you still be looking at what Southampton and Swansea are doing if the wheels were to fall off for them over the next five years, or will you just ''look'' at whichever team is on a good run at the time and base our aspirations on them instead? Or do you confidently expect that Southampton and Swansea will be comfortably top-half EPL teams for all eternity and every other team below them must be run by incompetent idiots for failing to emulate them?Our time will come again; as will others''. To expect to be in the EPL and performing well for the rest of our existence is unrealistic. To hiss and boo and stamp our feet when it isn''t going our way is, imoho, puerile.[/quote] And remember....it wasn''t that long ago that Charlton were being touted as the team to aspire to!
  6. Nice to see you using a pic I took of Steve Coppell taking a corner at the River End in April 1979 as your AVI.  Did you get it off the Geograph website???  Always thought it was one of the best footie pics I have taken. No problems with your use of it BTW.  OTBC!!
  7. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Something tells me we will be playing the Scum at Wembley on May 25th.[/quote] That game would probably be more worst possible nightmare made even worse by the fact I would miss it because I will be in Cork that weekend!
  8. Yes, I''ve sat next to Bryan Gunn on a train going to Birmingham - very pleasant bloke and made the trip a lot quicker with all the football chat!  Met Kevin Keelan, Jim Bone, Graham Paddon, Clive Payne and David Cross at the old Trowse training ground.  Met the whole Milk Cup Winning Squad and the following year''s promotion squad at City Hall Civic Receptions.  Got a lift from Geoffrey Watling on my way to seeing Ken Foggo getting the Player of the Season Award in 1967/68? (and bumped into him again in the Galleria in Milan!) Chaperoned Malky for a whole afternoon at an NCFC Open Day and dealt with a planning application for Kevin Drinkell when I worked at City Hall! (Oh, and my daughter went to same primary school as Darren Eadie''s children).
  9. Having had some great non-league experiences over the last few years in attending a few Ebbsfleet United games I wish you all the best and will have a look in. Do a piece on the Fleet and you''ll have me hooked!
  10. Yes, HC, it was the same when I looked.  Wonder who got that pulled then????
  11. Of course Jimmy is a celebrity....he used to play for the mighty Ebbsfleet United !!!! (nee Gravesend & Northfleet)
  12. [quote user="daz"]he cant be TOO Bad as hes starting for Norway tonight....... :)[/quote] And got rave reviews for his performance!
  13. [quote user="Molly Windley"]A colour photo from the 70`s would perhaps have given this one away, mainly due to the lack of any green on the playing surface.[/quote] Is it Derby (Baseball Ground) as that was one old ground I never went to???
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