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  1. deltic31

    Bounce straight back up?

    Unless we obtain new owners we are doomed to to failure. It’s like the football version of Groundhog Day! As a fan there is nothing I can do about this, but I have realised that over recent years, I enjoy getting to the Premiership much more than actually being in it. The whole set up is geared towards the big clubs (even VAR decisions so it would appear). I am looking forward to next season when at least we know that our team will be competitive. I don’t blame Farke, he has performed miracles in getting us promoted with the funds at his disposal. My only worry is whether we can keep him.
  2. deltic31

    Are we satisfied ?

    The only thing that worries me is our strike force (or lack of it). I don’t like Oliviera, he is not a team player and has absolutely no defensive qualities. Marley Watkins has given us nothing so far so that leaves just one striker!

  3. deltic31

    How on earth can we only have 1 senior striker

    We haven’t even got one striker. Oliveira just wanders around with his hands on his hips moaning! If we could get even a couple of million for him we should get rid!
  4. deltic31

    Kenny MacLean

    Totally underwhelmed!

    We are not short of midfielders.

    We are short of strikers!!
  5. deltic31

    Jerome to Derby

    Makes sense, after all we have a surplus of strikers
  6. deltic31

    Rangers bound

    Good deal if we could get rid of both!

    Naismith certainly wont be missed!
  7. deltic31

    Jerome to Derby

    Don''t call me Shirley!
  8. deltic31

    Renew or not renew, that is the question

    Supporters do so through thick and thin! That’s not to say that the Stowmarket two’s interview did not annoy me. Smacked of taking fans for granted!
  9. deltic31

    Whose coming in ?

    Don’t flatter yourself Hercules. Unlike you I have a life outside this forum!
  10. deltic31

    Whose coming in ?

    We are in financial difficulties! We have too many players on premiership wages that are not even worth a place on the bench, that no other club wants.

    We won’t be getting anyone in in January because we can’t afford to.
  11. deltic31


    We have been crying out for a good striker for about 5 or six seasons now, but I don''t hold out much hope of this being addressed in the January window. I wish the young lad all the best.

    I don''t expect Madison to be around for much longer either. Let''s face it our board of directors don''t have a clue on running a football club. If they did we would not have wasted our Premiership money on players that were mostly dross!

    The only way that we will get back into the Premiership is by getting directors in who know how to run a football club.
  12. I needed a massive clear out after today''s game just to cheer me up!

    Klose was awful!

    Bennett was his usual useless self!

    Martin was also shite, stood watching for the third goal!

    Murphy was useless going forward and he forgot about his defensive duties.

    Let''s hope we see a new defence next season.
  13. deltic31

    Official Match ThreadA

    This club is a shambles!

    Embarrassing display from our defence!

    I am so angry I could burst!!!

  14. deltic31

    Official Match ThreadA

    We''re shite and we know we are!
  15. Couldn''t give a toss as long as Irvine is in charge!