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  1. Next season will be worse than this season. Most of the squad need to be got rid of. We will sell Aarons and Rashica, but as we have the same scouting team I doubt that we will find quality replacements. The people who think that we will challenge for promotion next season are deluded!
  2. Totally agree, to turn up week after week knowing that we will get beat is soul destroying!
  3. I could forgive them if they looked as though they were giving 100% in every game. But for the most part they look as if they really don’t care, and that is unforgivable!
  4. It has been brought about by letting Stuart Webber handle the buying and selling of players. He obviously knows very little about what constitutes a good Premier League player, as we now have the worst squad that we have ever had in the premiership! Indeed I would say that this is the worst squad that any team has had in the history of the Premiership! I fear for us next season. The squad that we have needs a massive overhaul before we can even compete in the Championship. Dark days are ahead. We won’t get anywhere with the little old Norwich attitude, time for Delia to sell up.
  5. Have to agree with PLM and Kenny statement!
  6. Totally agree, it’s not the Smith’s club it’s ours. Time to get rid.
  7. We don’t stand a chance. Arsenal was the worst display I have seen in years!
  8. I am now positive that we are going to be relegated!
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