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  1. Agree with this, particularly how it''s January, we have a strikeforce the envy of many Champ clubs yet no partnership has really got going. As you rightly say the Hooper and Jerome partnership hasn''t gone as I expected either. To me we should go back to the 4-2-3-1that worked so well at the start of this season.
  2. I know what you mean! But currently Jerome has been comfortably our best striker this season. Bor fair point re the promised land,I''m always looking to avoid cliches so will not make that mistake again.
  3. Dear all, Dear all, Here is my piece on why Cameron Jerome is the signing of the summer. Posted the link before but thought if I put the piece in my post more might read it If you like it please follow me on twitter.com/MLMC_123 If the piece provokes you to comment please do so here http://www.footballfancast.com/championship/norwich/is-this-norwich-city-star-the-signing-of-the-summer , as they (my boss! likes to see people comment and interact under the original piece! Having already notched 11 Championship goals to keep new employers Norwich City in the Championship promotion race, it could be argued that Cameron Jerome is the Championship signing of the summer. The Canaries poached the striker from Stoke for an undisclosed fee believed to be around £1.5 million, to mixed reaction from City supporters. This concerned Jerome’s lack of reputation as a prolific goalscorer, having notched just twice in 28 games for Crystal Palace last year when on loan. However, Norwich manager Neil Adams did not consider the risk due to his Premier League experience and pedigree, and has been vindicated by the striker’s excellent return thus far. In the summer transfer window so many Championship clubs panic bought as they chased the promised land of the Premier League, none more so than Fulham. They spent seven times what Norwich spent on Jerome to acquire Ross McCormack, a player without Premier League experience. In contrast, the Canaries have a player with years of top-flight experience, following successful spells at Stoke and Birmingham, yet who is still only 28, so only now arriving into the peak years of his career. Jerome has settled quickly at Carrow Road and scored goals that have kept Norwich in touch with the play-offs, despite stuttering badly after an excellent start to the season. The ex-Stoke marksman started by assisting and scoring to help the Canaries seal a remarkable comeback from 2-0 down to win 4-2 at Cardiff City.The striker had come on as a half-time substitute, and was credited by many supporters as being the catalyst in this remarkable turnaround. Jerome then claimed braces away to Brentford and home to Birmingham, the former including a spectacular long-range strike and the latter rescuing a draw from two goals down. The striker also scored a valuable late equaliser to secure a draw at home to Rotherham, before another brace gained a much-needed win against Bolton, just as the Canaries’ form was beginning to slide. After a quiet patch the striker recently scored in three successive games, notching in-home thrashings of Huddersfield and Millwall, and most importantly scoring an equaliser at promotion contenders Derby. This campaign is Jerome’s best goalscoring return in nine seasons since 2005-2006, when he announced himself with 20 goals whilst at Cardiff City. This is quite remarkable when you consider we are only halfway through the League campaign. Jerome considers the attacking philosophy and style employed by Norwich manager Neil Adams and it is the the most positive style he’s played under since those early days at Cardiff. Do not believe that Jerome simply offers goals though, as the striker has brought far more than that. Pace and power are his primary assets, important for allowing him to be a threat both in the air and on the ground. Although even this season his finishing has by no means been unblemished, Jerome is an unselfish strike who is ideally suited to the physical demands of the Championship. Jerome is versatile, adept to playing as a lone striker due to his physical presence and ability to hold the ball up and bring others into play. Moreover, he has shown a willingness to work hard for the team and retain his defensive shape, qualities also evident during his stint at a well-drilled Palace side under Tony Pulis last season. Regardless of future events Jerome has been an outstanding summer signing and this campaign been one of if not the best striker in the Championship. If the Canaries’ top-scorer can combine improved finishing and goalscoring with his obvious other attributes, given that he is now approaching his peak years, there is no reason why he cannot again be a Premier League success next season. Whether this is with Norwich City or whether he will need to move elsewhere, time will tell. But, without him this season Norwich’s chance of promotion this season would already be all but extinguished.
  4. Dear all, Here is my piece on why the Championship is the most exciting League in the world. If you like it please follow me on twitter.com/MLMC_123 If the piece provokes you to comment please do so here, as they (my boss! likes to see people comment and interact under the original piece! http://www.footballfancast.com/championship/why-the-championship-is-the-most-exciting-league-in-the-world The Championship is the most exciting League in the world through the fantastic attendances, emerging players and being a rare League that is truly unpredictable and competitive. Forget the Premier League, La Liga or any others, the beauty of the Championship is that it is so fiendishly difficult to predict. Most other Leagues pride themselves on the fact that teams expected to struggle can occasionally take points off the sides of which more is expected, but the Championship goes much further than this. In the Championship, teams expected to struggle can massively outperform expectations and even gain promotion to the promised land of the Premier League. Fantastic recent examples of this concern both Blackpool and Burnley, with the former starting last season as fifth favourites for relegation. Joey Barton, who has played in the Premier League, Ligue 1 and the Championship commented that England’s second tier is comfortably the most competitive out of the three of them. Regardless of your opinion on Barton, this statement appears hard to disagree with and statistics support it. The gap in terms of points acquired per game between the top and bottom of the Championship is on average 15% closer than in the Premier League. This is reflected by eight of the last 20 teams who gained automatic promotion losing 10 League games or more in the process – Hull lost 15, gained just 79 points and yet still finished second. This happens because the gap in quality between the top and bottom of the division is minimal, affected by teams being relegated despite gaining more than a point a game – Peterborough United went down with 51 points in a recent season. The Championship is a rare division where the top teams will regularly lose games as, unlike the Premier League, no teams have a clear financial monopoly over the division, meaning talent cannot be hoovered up by select elite clubs. Moreover, the division is normally so tight that heading into the final game of the season almost every team still has something to play for, whether this be retaining the play-offs, automatic promotion or avoiding relegation. This inherent unpredictability is key to the Championship’s excitement, assisted by the League having six new teams each season – most top divisions only gain two or three. The excitement of the division is reflected by its superb attendances, it is comfortably the best followed second division in the world. And for total attendances, the League is consistently in the top five highest in Europe, reflecting it being an exciting product. The Championship is also engaging because of the huge rewards available to clubs, the dangling carrot of the Premier League and £90 million in prize money guaranteed, including parachute payments if relegated. Thus promotion from the Championship will fundamentally change a club more than say winning the Premier League, as though of course Chelsea or Manchester City would love to do so, they already have plenty of cash. Promotion for Championship clubs can finally allow them to consider much-needed expansions of stadiums and facilities, in addition to acquiring personnel that might help them stay up. Meanwhile at the other end relegation to League One can spell the beginning of a spell in the doldrums for sides with huge support and respected histories – Leeds United took five years to return to the second tier. Whilst the Championship might not provide the world’s best quality of football, it contains many excellent players who are chasing the promised land of the Premier League. Combine that with superb attendances, a tiny gap between top and bottom creating a truly competitive and unpredictable structure, and the huge rewards on offer and it definitely is the most exciting League in the world.
  5. Thank you very much, do give me a follow on twitter.com/MLMC_12345 if that''s your thing! Also starting an exciting new Non-League TV football show, the only one of it''s kind!
  6. It''s interested you say that re link up play, i''d say both that and his finishing can get even better yet! However his confidence is back which is huge for strikers, great value for money and still cannot believe how much crap he''s gets on twitter from some of our fans! Thank you very much, do give me a follow on twitter.com/MLMC_12345 if that''s your thing! Also starting an exciting new Non-League TV football show, the only one of it''s kind!
  7. Thank you very much, do give me a follow on twitter.com/MLMC_12345 if that''s your thing! Also starting an exciting new Non-League TV football show, the only one of it''s kind!
  8. I am a young journalist, Canary fan at heart, have done a piece on Cameron Jerome you might all enjoy. If you like please follow me on https://twitter.com/MLMC_123 http://www.footballfancast.com/championship/norwich/is-this-norwich-city-star-the-signing-of-the-summer Thanks and OTBC
  9. Great thanks ! In answer to how to watch it- online at sportstonightlive.com is your place to watch online, or freeview 244 is you have a freeview hd box- we are looking to move onto freeview or sky in a few months if all goes well. Follow me on twitter.com/MLMC_123 to keep up to date with it all, hope you enjoy the show
  10. Dear all, I am starting a new TV show covering all things Non-League on http://sportstonightlive.com/ tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6-7pm as I feel this area of the game does not get enough coverage- I am a Norwich fan at heart so would love to get you support! Please follow me on https://twitter.com/MLMC_123 to keep up with everything concerning the show. This week we have interviews with Barnet manager Martin ''Mad Dog'' Allen, the Hereford United supporters trust on the mess happening there and player and manager Roy McFarland on working under Brian Clough. There is also ex-Cambridge, Mansfield and now FGR left-back James Jennings in the studio, some Conference match highlights, discussions on the FA Cup and whether the Conference merits three promotion slots. Here are some clips from our recent show, including a piece on depression, which I don''t believe gets enough coverage in the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nARPQGBAR0c&list=UUYzpkIPrHA2e-HUkLP9H4UA&index=5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7EhUMcYJkM&list=UUYzpkIPrHA2e-HUkLP9H4UA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNicVP7EA08&index=4&list=UUYzpkIPrHA2e-HUkLP9H4UA Kind regards, Michael
  11. Dear all. Shall be attending the player appearances involving Snodgrass, R. Martin, Tettey, R.Bennett, K.Kamara, Seb Bassong (tank), Pilkington ad Leon Barnett this coming Monday and Tuesday. Can get a personalised signed high quality photo from any of players while I''m there if anybody wants, for themselves or a gift for another, for just a tener. This will go towards a local cancer charity I''m involved that does some fantastic work. A win-win! Please ring me on 07923097420 which is preferrable, or just reply on this message to show your interest. Kind regards and OTBC
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