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  1. Ched Evan was convicted of rape. He was handed a sentence which, under English law, is deemed appropriate punishment for this crime. The safety of his conviction is not relevant and neither is the fact that he continues to maintain his innocence. If we have faith in the criminal justice system we must accept both the verdict and the punishment. In doing this however we must also accept that once sentence has been served a convicted criminal has a right to put their past behind them and to move forward living a crime free life as a productive member of society (the fact that many choose not to also irrelevant). Should Ched Evans play football again? Yes, absolutely. In supporting his return we do not condone his past actions but are accepting that he has been appropriately punished for his crime. Will this set a bad example? Not really. Its not as if he ''got away with it'' or ''got off easy''. In fact it might show others who have broken the law that it is possible to successfully reintegrate into society.Finally, one thing to remember is that Ched is only half way through his sentence. On his release he will most likely be sent to a hostel where he will be subject to some very restrictive conditions and a strict curfew. It is highly unlikely that he would able to to play football professionally whilst resident there. Once he is allowed home (usually after 3 months or so) he will still be under the supervision of the probation service who will ultimately be the ones who say whether he can return to football prior to the end of his sentence.Moo
  2. So here is a bit of a claim to fame.....I have played against SC Vallee d''Aoste! It was back in my early 20s and I was working for an outdoor education company who had a centre just outside the town of Aoste. Every season there was a game between our staff and SCVd''A. Every season we lost....apart from this one year where we managed a draw (Thanks to an injury time equaliser. All very dramatic. They were none to happy about it either). Obviously this has no relevance to today''s game but it has brought back some good memories!Moo
  3. [quote user="City1st"]3. Ex Canary Craig Bellamy scored for Cardiff against City, Feb 2014 - name the three firsts connected with that goal,[/quote] It was Solskjaer''s first victory as Cardiff''s manager and I think it was Bellamy''s first Premier League goal for Cardiff. No idea what the third first is though, but I will guess at it being the first time Cardiff had come from behind to win a game? Moo
  4. So you would really risk getting a Vincent Tan type owner? The camels, as you (/Delia) put it, don''t invest in football clubs because they have any passion for the club. Football teams for them are play things, a status symbol. Billionaire owners invest millions in a club to buy success, but the money isn''t a gift, it is a loan. Would you really want to see Norwich get a £100m investment in return for a few years success and then a lifetime of debt?  Go and ask a Portsmouth supporter what they think about that?Moo
  5. [quote user="Nicko"]I thought everyone would be pleased that we didn''t risk it all with Lennon or Malky.[/quote]I think people feel that we have risked it all with Adams instead. Whoever was appointed would be a gamble, I just think that appointing a manager with experience at this level would have been less of a gamble. I genuinely don''t know how I feel about this appointment. I trust our board but in my gut something doesn''t feel right.As for being joint favourites.....I would read nothing into that at this point. There will be a lot of changes within the Championship before next season and I am sure betting odds will change accordingly. Moo
  6. If we start well I suspect the discontent within the ranks will quieten. I think much of the complaining that we are hearing is because this is seen as a big gamble by the board at a time when we need stability. Neil is unproven as a first team manager and we have no idea if he is up to the job (I don''t think we can draw much of a conclusion from the final five games given the opposition and state of the team he inherited). So, we are all sitting here fingers crossed tightly. Win a few and we will all relax a little.Moo 
  7. That is what Martin O''Neill said when he left Norwich, implying that the board were trying to interfere with how his team played. Managers don''t like that sort of thing.Fast forward to last week when our board stated that style of play would be included in the new manager''s contract. Add a technical director breathing down their necks and is it any surprise that we have failed to attract an experienced manager? It''s not as if the names who have been associated with the vacancy are going to struggle to find employment elsewhere this summer. All except Adams of course who is probably a little more willing to be dictated to by the board in order to be fast tracked into first team management.I reserve judgement on whether this is a good appointment, only time will tell on that front, but it is, in my opinion, a massive gamble. I only hope it pays off.Moo
  8. I certainly wouldn''t take the members of this was forum as being an representative sample of Norwich fans. That said I consider myself as quite trusting of the boards judgement, but even I am stunned by this appointment. I just hope it works out!Moo
  9. I''m not sure why you think this is a a strange question!When Fry became a director Delia said he was an ''ambassador'' to attract new investment, and I seem to remember Fry himself saying that he wouldn''t be involved in the running of the club. That is why I ''singled him out'' as I wasn''t sure of his exact involvement. Moo
  10. I think people on this forum take things too literally some times. The appointment will take as long as it takes. The board may want to appoint within ''a week'' or in ''a couple of days'' but there is a second party in negotiations who may, for whatever reson, have their own time frame. It will happen when it happens. I am sure that the board are working on it as fast as they can!Moo
  11. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Newton"]McNally is one vote on a board of 6 - in Jan he alone could not have decided to sack Hoots - the rest of the board must shoulder the blame[/quote] To be pedantic there are 7 board members.......DS, MWJ, Michael Foulger, David McNally, Stephan Philips, Alan Bowkett and Stephen Fry. [/quote]Is Stephen Fry a voting member of the board? Moo
  12. I was not brought up in a footballing household, my parents coming from a country where ''soccer'' is a minority sport. I was born in Norfolk though and as a child went through phases of ''supporting'' Arsenal (gun on their badge!) and then Liverpool (copying older brother), but it wasn''t really proactive supporting . I think my loyalties changed to Norwich at around the age of 10 after being taken to my first game. So, to answer the original question.....yes, if you are under the age of 10 but not after you understand the meaning of the word loyalty! Moo
  13. [quote user="he likes paella "]Moosheep you are wrong His basic is approx £250k and the rest he earns is through bonus - get your facts right before putting false accusations on here. And mine is fact.[/quote]So aggressive!!My source is here - http://www.norwich.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=340096 - which seems to be backed up here - http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/apr/18/premier-league-finances-club-by-club. I apologise for not stating them in my original post. Where did you get you £250k figure from?  But regardless of the figure involved I was just interested in whether McNally had the same relegation clause in his contract. I am actually a McNally fan btw, and I am not accusing him of anything! Moo
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