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  1. 3 wins in a row, try backing your team, go on you can do it !
  2. don''t tell everyone, its suppose to be secret
  3. Well its off and running, perhaps it wasn''t a bad idea after all
  4. sorry thought i was allowed to start my own thread
  5. Seeing the thread lower down, i have to agree Adrian Childs is as dull as dishwater, but the one man i turn over as soon as he starts talking is Garth Crooks, drowns in his own self importance. Best Gary Neville talks a lot of sense
  6. get rid, only want players fully committed to the cause if we can get a little money all well and good
  7. its a shame adams had them final 4 fixtures as he was on to a hiding to nothing.people seem to be judging him on that .yes he''s not my choice but not any stand out candidates saying i want the norwich job
  8. will everyone climb back in there box ? Neil was not first choice if it is led to believe malky could not agree .lets face it this team needs a few changes i.e. forwards who can cut it in the championship so I''m more interested in which dross he gets rid of and who he brings in .One thing i noticed last year he''s not scared to make changes dropped bas song and also used the subs earlier than negative chris .theres enough quality in this squad with a few alterations for us to start well then we will see
  9. OUT ,but not malky too similar, another vote for glen hoddle best england manager for some time and plays attacking football
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