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  1. Agree, excited. But pulling off a top 6 finish is going to be miraculous. It has to be a longer term approach, 2-3 seasons, are we ready for that I wonder OTBC
  2. Well, what a season! Glad it's over and we look forwards to what will be a significant rebuild. I'm a little concerned at what is beginning to feel like what could be a major 12 months in the NCFC story. We have a new major investor who is relatively 'New' to football. We have a new sporting director in Ben K who is 'New' at operating at this director level. We are going to have to undergone a significant rebuild across the squad. We are likely to lose many of our experienced valuable players and will need to unearth some 'New' young talent. We are on the hunt for a 'New' manager who is young and hungry. It feels all very, well, new. And untested and we're asking a lot to expect this level of untested personnel to deliver. And quickly. Hmmmmmm. Not necessarily offering an alternative but we could be in for a testing, patient few seasons while we find our feet.
  3. Well, the writing was on the wall, it doesn't take a genius to see Webber had already mentally left. I wish him well, overall a decent job.
  4. The biggest problem is he is Sporting Director, entirely entitled to his own opinions but in his capacity as a Director this was a car crash statement. Unprofessional, disrespectful and frankly I'd slam him with a misconduct warning. If the club and investors have anything about them then Webber will be gone very soon.
  5. I disagree, one is a performance issue and the other a conduct issue. How can the board even begin to condone his comments? As a minimum the board should strongly warn him about his conduct and we all know how Webber is likely to respond. He heads up a football club and basically alienated half of the potential supporter base. Not professional, foolish and clearly proves it is all about him. I actually like Webber, in many ways he's done a fantastic job. But this demonstrates just how much his eye is off the ball. I suspect he'll be gone very soon. Tick, tick, tick.. OTBC
  6. Interesting views. I have just read the comments regarding Women's football and the backlash that has began. I think the interviews may be his last, he's clearly frustrated and his petulance was worrying enough and that was before I heard his comments regarding the Women's game. I'd be shocked if Webber is still in post by this time next week. Very poor judgment, terrible optics and the board will be rightly alarmed!! OTBC
  7. I've made time to watch the Stuart Webber interview a couple of times and I'm a little disappointed to be honest. I don't disagree with much of what Webber says however I feel the interviewer failed to press Webber at all and it was little more than a tick box exercise. I also feel that whilst Webber should be proud of lots of what he's achieved during his time here, he is a little petulant. His remarks such as (to para phrase)' People in my job don't speak to the media' and 'Write what you want about me, I don't read it' and ' 'if you think that you aren't educated in football' were poor, very poor. He's slowly becoming a PR liability and unless he's careful could end up making a difficult transition for the club a nightmare. I also would like to see the reporters such as Paddy sharpen their pencil and to more readily question and challenge Webber.
  8. Hey guys, I've finally relocated back to the fine City of Norwich after leaving here as a small child! Sadly, my car is making knocking noises when I turn and I suspect the ball joint has gone. Can anyone recommend a decent garage that is reliable and sensibly priced. Thanks! J OTBC
  9. Ethics!! Hilarious! The Newcastle owners passes the 'fit and proper persons test'. Do you actually realise the world we like in. Footbsll, like everything is utterly f___ed! Enjoy! 😀
  10. We just need to make it to the tunnel, then come out flying again! We cant sit back against a talented and powerful Palace attack. OTBC!
  11. He's pretty awful, would prefer to see Micky in goal - Gunn is heart attack material! My heart!
  12. Fab start! Pukki!!!! Something to protect now! Really want Gunn to have a monumental game! Gunn between the sticks still worries me 😬 OTBC
  13. It's her club technically, and hate is a very strong word. I suspect you may not be real, maybe just a penis with a keyboard.
  14. Binner or not, the problems here at City sitting bottom of the EPL are trivial to most clubs in England. That's why most fans enjoying seeing Norwich whipped!! We're a medium sized club trying to scrape by in the top tier, very few manage it long term, West Brom, Sheff Utd, Fulham, Derby, Middlesboro, Cardiff, Swansea... on and on this list goes. There are exceptions that sustain a reasonable stint in the league, Brighton, Wolves but they are rare. What do you, and many others, fail to understand? I've asked before, give me one good reason why we deserve to avoid relegation??? Just one. Oh, Jordon is a bell-***, always has been, however, his comments on this occasion are justified. OTBC
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