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  1. Exactly! A point at Spurs would be a huge point, keeping momentum and all that! Possible. They will have a lot of the ball but against Boro mid week they were nothing special at all. Jose is under pressure, and unhappy squad and Erikson on his way out could be a good time to visit. Or possibly not OTBC
  2. Nelson will not go to Wolves. Lazy journalism! He's being touted across Europe by his manager. A link to Wolves will help ignite interest. Nothing to see here.
  3. Great read!! Emi is a talent! Sad he didn't really get going until December but since his 'little rest' he's been utterly immense! POTS will likely be from 4 players. If I was deciding today based on the season to date it'd be 1st - Tim Krul 2nd Cantwell 3rd Pukki 4th Emi But on recent form and ince Emi came back into the team: 1st Emi 2nd Tim Krul 3rd Cantwell 4th Pukki Great little player, on a par with Wes and just a notch under Maddison for me. He doesn't totally own his space and stamp his personality on the game. (Think Maddison and Greilish) But that will come, he's still young! He'll be a very, very good player, playing in the top tier from hereon in - Enjoy whilst we have him! OTBC
  4. Rupp unlikely to start v Spurs. He may get a run out if we're being tonked after 60 mins. Most of the action will likely play out in midfield so we'll need physical players winning the ball and capable of holding their own. I'd expect to see the starting line up something like: Tim Aarons Zimmerman Hanley Byram Tetty Trybull Emi Duda McClean Pukki OTBC
  5. Possible v Probable. We are probably down as at 20th Jan - but it's the fight we want to see to scrap for survival. A few weeks, and a few results going our way and things can change. Unlikely given the task ahead, but possible. Interesting article, it read like an algorithm wrote it! The scoreline would have been very different if the Bournemouth keeper hadn't had such a good game. OTBC
  6. It's 19 Jan and I was chatting to a friend who asked me to rate the regular playing squad so far this season. Here are my scores: Tim Krul - 8 I feared Tim would be a disaster in the EPL but he's been solid and showed great passion and real leadership! Aarons - 5 Huge potential, super fast but largely little end product. His decision making needs to improve at both ends of the pitch. Byram - 6 I like this lad and his energy and defensive work is mostly v good. He's missed some sitters though! Zimmerman - 5 A big lad with a big personality, always up for the fight! I do feel he's prone to diving in too often and every time I watch him I fear he'll fell a player in our box. Hanley - 3 See Zimmerman but less mobile. Not EPL level Godfrey - 8 Solid player, mobile, can play, excellent the majority of the time and getting stronger as . the season progresses. Emi - 8 Love this guy, a real talent and one to watch. Unlucky not to have had a few goals to his name especially today! Todd - 9 What a season, huge energy, his range of passing is superb and he's a scrapper too! His goals have also been huge this season. For me the surprise of the season and someone who we'll be fortunate to hang on to. Onel - 6 Great lad and a good outlet for us. Can be sublime and awful even in the same game. Like Aarons needs to make better decisions with his final ball. McClean - 6 I like the lad, has a directness to his game and would like to see more of him Pukki - 8 Super guy, great talent and works his socks off. 10 goals is a good return in this team. Would LOVE to see him double that before the end of the season. Tettey - 6 Amazed he's featured so much. Still combative, a popular character but the EPL is possibly past him now Trybull - 6 Not consistent enough, needs greater mobility, rarely gives the ball away but question marks over his overall contribution. Thoughts> OTBC
  7. If it's reason and logic you're after then this board, and football in general, are not the places to find them!!
  8. Wait until next season. There are 'allegedly' discussions with advertisers to take flash spots to of 10-15 second ads out in-game whilst VAR is being reviewed. Whilst the VAR delays and frustrations will no doubt continue for players and crowds at least viewers will get the chance to be distracted by, for example, the latest Mercedes SUV, McDonalds burger offering or Ed Sheerans lasts album release. You heard it here first!
  9. Ok, nobody wants to be in January sitting at the foot of the table and YES I do of course want us to somehow survive this season. But, realistically we are unlikely to ever be considered a 'Big' club and be regularly challenging for a top 6 spot. So, with the top 6 out of the equation would you rather be in the bottom 5/6 teams dramatically fighting for survival; where every game matters and every goal or goal conceded throws up a myriad of permutations on the next game. Or, would you rather be 'comfortable' existing in that 'no mans land' of say 8th tom14th spot where you neither challenge for anything nor find yourself in a dog fight? This game, for spectators and fans, is actually entertainment, a journey, an experience and the huge highs (beating Boro in the play-off final, beating Leeds away comfortably and making Man City look average) were all dramatic and largely unexpected. Its the drama that keeps me hooked and that is made up of the highs and the lows. Yo-yoing between the Championship and the top tier, fighting for survival then challenging for titles is actually a thrilling watch, Dire disappointments and incredible highs. Would you really swap our the Norwich City way for say Everton, Crystal Palace or West Ham. I could of course possibly be a little sadistic! But in the words of Russell Crow 'Are you not entertained'??? OTBC
  10. Thanks for the response all. As the club continues to move forward and develop; all the peripheral club associated activities, channels, , merch and ventures will also grow. It'll be interesting to see how the landscape changes and not just on the pitch. OTBC
  11. London based myself which is why these sites, channels, sources are appreciated, That 'balanced Norfolk insight and amusement is appreciated. TNC, for me, is a good watch, there is some skill and talent on display and I suspect Chris is set up to encourage controversy and debate. Both chaps are bright and could, potentially, hugely progress if managed and financed correctly. Beyond entertainment however, the seriousness of their opinions are debatable which is a trick missed. I haven't looked but if they are happy with 100k subscribers then fair enough, but the audience potential is huge. Norwich, for a PL club, are lacking in this independent, insider fan content. It isn't being executed just right yet! Yet! Michale Bailey, brilliant, so Norwich, but hugely credible! Really enjoy his analysis and opinion. Paddy D, terribly old hat, lazy journalism crammed full of predictable, meaningless jargon. But, there are thousands of 'football journalists' of this ilk struggling to deal with 2019 and are at battle with being forced into a piece to camera gigs. Entirely regional and not PL in the least. J
  12. Just to add, huge respect to all involved in TNC, I appreciate the 1000s of hours that go into this and the likely financial sacrifice. Watchable, enjoyable but missing something? Thanks, J
  13. Hey all. If like me you enjoy soaking up as much opinion and insight pre-match as possible; you may have stumbled upon TNC, Talk Norwich City. Jack Reeve and Christopher appear to be the main guys behind this, primarily, youtube, self-styled Norwich City fan offering. I wanted to know (a) what the Pinkun faithful think of the TNC offering and (b) whether this is actually a legitimate and credible source of info and opinion. ALSO are there any other fan podcasts, channels you'd recommend? On one hand I quite enjoy TNC, Jack Reeve has some talent and is amusing and skilled in his hosting of the 'show'. His stooge (sorry) Christopher seems rather to easy to goad, is, comparatively, less balanced and is more of your traditional, blinkers on, run-of-the-mill fan. I guess, objectively, this is a positive chemistry. So what's the deal with TNC? Serious? Credible? Tom foolery or a couple of harmless witty chaps having fun with an iphone and a spare bedroom? TNC, in my opinion, has some potential to really own the independent Norwich City commentary space and its an area Im considering. No front of camera but commercially. Do TNC deliver or what are they missing that we'd all appreciate? Thoughts, from those that follow TNC , would be appreciated.
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