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  1. Thisty Lizard " I'd prefer Gibson in the centre of our defence to be honest." Nobody has seen Gibson play competitively for 18 months. Move on!
  2. Trying to reason and constructively debate with the 'average' football fan is often futile. Football, like discussion forums, attract many, many male chickens! Make your point, all are welcome, just don't think you need to respond or react to everyone.
  3. Agree, keeping Idah is a must! Read my update, looks like cra* chat!
  4. I also think that just brought in a striker in September. Anyway, seems like trash talk and agree that Idah must be kept! (and played more)
  5. Ignore! Allegedly stemmed from some idiot on Twitter ! (And breathes)
  6. I just finished a long post and while writing I got 2 messages from different contacts saying Sheffield United have apparently contacted the club to enquire about Idah!! Surely a wind up but 2 different people in the space of 15 minutes. Anyone heard anything??? Surely pure rubblish!!! Wwe need Idah here! Silly season!!
  7. Ok, straight off, the £25M+ for Ben Godfrey is actually a great piece of business by the club and a good potential move for Ben. In 2018 we secured £20M plus add ons for a certain Mr Maddison and whilst we were all sorry to see him go, it was a great fee! Ben is nowhere near the level of Maddison at the point we sold him. Young, talented but still working out his trade (and position). £25M represents a gamble in my opinion especially right now with COVID hugely impacting revenues across the game. His performances, especially since the restart, haven't been exactly great. But, I wish him well. I believe in Hanley, Zimbo and (reportedly) Gibson, we have ready made replacements that can more than fill the void for Godfrey and we still have Klose and Tetty as a make-shift should we get hit with an injury pandemic! Jamal was also a good piece of business, great promise but little end product for me. Quintilla will prove to be a notch above from what i've seen thus far. So I believe we'd also done good business on that. So, with Jamal and Ben that's £40M banked with add-ons potentially! That takes us to the remaining assets, Cantwell, Emi and Aarons. Cantwell had a good spell of 10-12 games in the Premier League and, understandably wishes to ply his trade back in the top flight. Without over analysing it, the rapport between Cantwell and Farke has been noticeably strained for some time. Watch the end of game sequences when players shake hands and Farke wanders on, he and Tod barely make eye contact and there is a noticeable difference in how Farke appears warmer to other NCFC players. Why? I have no idea, but it has been clear especially in the run of games after lockdown. Cantwell gave us some real highlights in an otherwise very dark season. I personally liked his peacocking, it's after-all, meant to be entertainment and every pantomime needs a villan. So Cantwell goes and I'm cool with it. He isn't essential to our play and if he and Farke are grating on each other then you can bet that is felt throughout the dressing room and training sessions. Move on, circa £15-£20M would be perfect! I wish him well. Aarons is a different kettle of fish. We don't have a replacement anywhere near his ability fit and available and tested. He's a good lad, ultra professional and gives solid, reliable performances. We would miss him dearly! In the event he is sold, I'd expect a fee to eclipse that of Ben Godfrey. On that basis the club should be hunting for replacement talent for Max that is already established at a top 6 Championship level. We could throw anything up to £10M and we'd still show a great return for the changes should Aarons leave. This takes us to Emi. undoubtedly the most talented and most valuable player asset we have. To find a player of his ability, who is available, proven and who can dictate tempo and play and carve open opportunities for strikers at our level is a tough call. For me, Dowell was a good signing but he's out for 3 months. Selling Emi would need us to quickly source probably 2 players of similar status to when we unearthed Emi to attempt to cover his should he be sold. It is a very difficult task but at least the funds MUST be made available. Emi should be sold on the basis we can reinvest a significant percentage of the sale fee immediately or a decent established player swap is included. If Ben went for £25M that would suggest, for me, bids in excess of £35M for starters. That, given the current state of the market and the fact Emi isn't Home Grown, is a Hefty price. So i'm 50/50 as to whether any clubs actually have the financial clout to take a punt on Emi against the backdrop of COVID and what will probably mean 6-months with very little match-day revenues. SO My gut says Cantwell will be sold, Emi will probably be with us at least until January and Max, that is too close to call. What ever happens, with the exception of Godfrey, any further sales of the current squad will need like for like replacements if anyone else is sold. I mean quality replacements and not obscure European lower league punts! Do that and we'll be in teh mix this year. We will have: Krul, Skipp, Quintilla, Dowell, Hernandez, Pukki, Hanley, Zimmerman, Kenny, Idah (looks great) so the spine of a very capable team at Championship Level. OTBC J
  8. £20M about right for Todd. I'd snap their wrists off for that. Todd has been great but his continued fractious relationship with Farke spells trouble ahead. All the best if this comes off. Fulham though?!?!? Another 1 season wonder like us!
  9. Based on what? Gibson hasn't player for a few seasons. Klose was also top draw in 2018!
  10. We don't need cover a CB. 4 CBs on the books in Hanley, Klose, Zimmerman and Gibson. Plus we have Tettey as cover. What we need is quality that isn't injury prone. Even with Ben gone, we'd need to ship out someone before adding another. Who's going to sign for us as 5th choice CB? Nobody of any quality.
  11. Exactly! A point at Spurs would be a huge point, keeping momentum and all that! Possible. They will have a lot of the ball but against Boro mid week they were nothing special at all. Jose is under pressure, and unhappy squad and Erikson on his way out could be a good time to visit. Or possibly not OTBC
  12. Nelson will not go to Wolves. Lazy journalism! He's being touted across Europe by his manager. A link to Wolves will help ignite interest. Nothing to see here.
  13. Great read!! Emi is a talent! Sad he didn't really get going until December but since his 'little rest' he's been utterly immense! POTS will likely be from 4 players. If I was deciding today based on the season to date it'd be 1st - Tim Krul 2nd Cantwell 3rd Pukki 4th Emi But on recent form and ince Emi came back into the team: 1st Emi 2nd Tim Krul 3rd Cantwell 4th Pukki Great little player, on a par with Wes and just a notch under Maddison for me. He doesn't totally own his space and stamp his personality on the game. (Think Maddison and Greilish) But that will come, he's still young! He'll be a very, very good player, playing in the top tier from hereon in - Enjoy whilst we have him! OTBC
  14. Rupp unlikely to start v Spurs. He may get a run out if we're being tonked after 60 mins. Most of the action will likely play out in midfield so we'll need physical players winning the ball and capable of holding their own. I'd expect to see the starting line up something like: Tim Aarons Zimmerman Hanley Byram Tetty Trybull Emi Duda McClean Pukki OTBC
  15. Possible v Probable. We are probably down as at 20th Jan - but it's the fight we want to see to scrap for survival. A few weeks, and a few results going our way and things can change. Unlikely given the task ahead, but possible. Interesting article, it read like an algorithm wrote it! The scoreline would have been very different if the Bournemouth keeper hadn't had such a good game. OTBC
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