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  1. He was but he was to enlightened to even contemplate coming to an England still in the dark ages of football. Hoof!
  2. Or they've researched him more and realised he was good for Brentford as well as Villa. His involvement at Brentford (a club doing things the right way) was overlooked IMO, put in the building blocks for their later success.
  3. Why? So if he was from Portugal say, and had the same career, would it make him acceptable to you? Strange comment. This idea that British coaches are behind the continental curve is 20 years out of date. You are talking like he has a reputation for 4-4-2 hitting the channels, he really hasn't. He also has a lot of the things a continental coach doesn't. Premier and Championship experience, relationship with Webber, knows the players (Michel Von Lakey from Belgium doesn't know who Cantwell is), knows the club.
  4. If the link between defence and midfield is broken, (Skipp not being replaced) and a defender needs to run out with the ball to keep possession then it is a tactical issue and it is a Farke problem.
  5. If we win, i'm probably going to start believing again, which will make the following run of bad results all the more painful. I think if we lose the next two (or fail to win one maybe) then it will be the final nail for most fans.
  6. small steps? over 25% of the season has gone and we are 8 points adrift of safety. Maybe you could use the tortoise and hare analogy? Unfortunately we are the tortoise and our competition the very refreshed and focussed hare.
  7. Most of our recent managers have been hired while working at another club, they weren't 'available' so to speak. We don't need to peruse the out of work list.
  8. It's an opinion Beefy, I'm not outside Webber's house with a banner. If he has concluded that DF is the best option then good for him but it's a difficult one to argue with every performance that passes
  9. I hate this 'who is out there, who can do a better job' argument. I hadn't heard of Alex Neil, Daniel Farke, I knew nothing of Lambert's coaching career. It's not my job to know the extensive web of European coaches, it's Webber's and I'm sure he has quite a few names ready. Who can do a better job? This could be the worst ever Prem team ever, I don't mean that as a sulky fan comment, I mean literally points, goal difference etc worse than Derby. 'Who would want to come here?' is another argument. The facilities are now top class, it will interest a lot more Managers than it did 4 years a go thats for sure. I'm not sure anyone could do worse, it's been an absolute disaster.
  10. I'll have to watch it back again but it seemed to break straight to his feet. His mobility might be an issue I agree
  11. Yes a penny for Jordan Hugill's thoughts. Sargent is praised for his effort, aerial challenging and commitment. All these things Hugill has in spades. The difference is Sargent seems to lose his head at key moments where as I would back Hugill from a number of the positions Sargent missed from. I also think Hugill is a bigger influence on the team mentally and hates to not win. I don't care if Sargent is 21, it means nothing at the end of the season, I think Hugill should be here and I think he would have earned a chance in the team, based on results and performances.
  12. Out and out wingers against full backs who don't like defending, what could possibly go wrong? 3 - 0 loss. Poor set pieces leading to at least one goal. I can't see us scoring. A long difficult winter ahead.
  13. You have a short memory. Some of the players we saw in the 90's and 2000's were almost amateur. The squad quality today is good, It needs to come together as a team and quickly.
  14. Unfortunately the majority of the mistakes have been made by Senior players and the nature of the mistakes have been routine. I'm not sure a defensive coach telling them not to watch the ball as it sales into the 6 yard box or let the only striker stand in the middle of your three defenders and have a free shot at goal. The system is exposing them (wingbacks) and they are making schoolboy poor decisions. I don't think getting a celebrity defender to come in and coach fixes this.
  15. Quite happy to see Kenny on the team sheet most weeks. A leader, won't be bullied, neat and tidy in possession , covers the yards, moves the ball quickly. Important to our success last season, will be involved if fit, probably in a midfield 3.
  16. He had a good run of starts at the start of last season and was highly predictable. IMO he hasn't worked on his game enough, something that would frustrate a coach like Farke . Trying to do it all on his own and not playing the system. This is why he is being replaced and why we haven't seen a flood of interest in him.
  17. Hernandez hasn’t learnt a lot since being here. He’s still pretty raw and he really shouldn’t be at this age with this amount of coaching. I know he is generally heralded by fans but it’s true. little variety in his play. Drift inside, not looking for a pass but always looking for a shot that is usually straight at the keeper. Placheta is also raw and unpredictable but is young enough for that to be acceptable. neither will get many starts if any at this level.
  18. I remember reading an article with Nephew Tom when he joined and he talked about how football clubs are changing to adopting head coach, technical director, fitness director etc and how the days of the 'gaffer' might be over and we need to move with the times. Not saying he hired Webber etc but... he might have influenced the major shareholders to back a change
  19. Possibly naively, I’ve always thought that Norwich may get relegated a few times but eventually the financial doping in football will become unsustainable and clubs will either fail spectacularly or really cut back on outgoings making it a much more level playing field (in the bottom 10 at least). At this point Norwich can flourish and can enjoy the Premiership again. Investing in academies over contracts for 31 yr old journeymen is always prudent.
  20. I’ve been thinking about the money in football since the super league hit the news. I had no idea how desperate most of these big clubs were for money. I concluded that the money bubble will eventually pop and well run clubs like us will prosper while clubs spending everything they earn on wages will be in huge trouble. I think COVID might be that pin as there seems to be a real lack of big transfers
  21. If under 18s haven’t been offered it then they would be exempt
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