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  1. "Trouble is that "on his day" is about once in every 20 games"Not the Pilkington from his first two seasons..... 14 EPL goals in 66 EPL games.Both footed too.But I think he wants out.
  2. Ayala, Butterfield, Adeyemi, Smith, Vaughan.If we''d have been relegated last season we''d have had plenty of good Championship players at the club.This season we are going to watch an expensive squad dismantled, and Championship signings arrive. If anybody thinks we will get away with keeping players like Fer and Bassong on parachute payments then they are seriously deluded.We are going to find ourselves coming up against some good former City players and wishing we still had them. One of the biggest disasters has probably been the pace at which Hughton has wanted to dismantle the squad and replace it with his own players, because we are going to have to do the exact same thing next season.Particularly in the striking department. There is probably a chance that we will keep Hooper but Elmander and RVW will be gone (good riddance to both), Becchio probably doesn''t want to stay. We are going to have to sign two or three strikers for next season, and will they be any better than Martin, Vaughan, and Kamara?At centre back we will be losing Bassong and Yobo, Turner will only stay if we agree a new contract (doesn''t look forthcoming?). We will probably keep Ryan Bennett, Russell Martin if we can keep hold of Whittaker, but will new arrivals be any better than Barnett and Ward?Hughton has felt it necessary to bring in not one but two left backs. I hope we''d be able to keep hold of one of them, but both probably on big wonga, so we need one of those. Tierney is a good player at that level.In a way I wish we''d just gone down in Hughton''s first season, with a realistic and sustainable squad, without having to watch rats jumping the sinking ship and people like Van Wolfswinkel being written off for a huge loss.Grant Holt on loan next season anybody?
  3. Every team in every league has decisions made which impact their seasons, like goals which cross the line, or penalties from dives.Would be pathetic to blame our relegation on that incident.... we had 32 other shots in that match and couldn''t score fairly and squarely.That is the issue, not the disallowed goal.
  4. If somebody could make a gif image of Van Wolfswinkel''s pass to the invisible man, and then keep it on your hard drive to be shared only at a point in the future when we can look back and laugh (e.g. after he has gone, and we are top of the Championship) that would be wonderful.Thanking you kindly.
  5. If the change had come a week earlier we''d have beaten West Brom at home.
  6. "Spineless"I''d be happy to be proved wrong.And you are welcome to put your money where your mouth is.£10 on Norwich to stay up at 7/4£10 on Fulham to go down at evens£27.50 profit. Easy money right?
  7. "You should believe because you are a City fan Juggy"Oh right.... yeah that thing, "belief", unfortunately I can still remember Craven Cottage 2005. We were relegated last weekend when we lost to West Brom at home. Today was our chance to pull off the unexpected, we didn''t manage it.
  8. We aren''t designed to yo-yo.Look at the players we have got, how many of those are on wages which can be sustained if our turnover falls by 60%? Clubs who yo-yo keep their team together, improve it slightly each time (West Brom did this).We have high profile players on Premier League wages. Our wage bill exceeds what our turnover will be next season.You don''t yo-yo by having to completely rebuild a team (can''t remember Leicester and Burnley in this league last season?).Fer, Van Wolfswinkel, Bassong, and others will be gone. So this is not a "yo yo" club, the new manager will need to massively restructure the team, using youth partially.I don''t expect automatic promotion if we have to rebuild the team, that is unrealistic. .
  9. The main problem is the expectation? Are you f*cking serious?We are about to see our turnover fall from £100m to £45m(ish), with a wage bill which exceeds that level.We''ve got an £8.5m striker who has scored 1 goal all season.F*cking expectation? What, we are supposed to be happy? Hooray, we might finish 19th above Sunderland (a big club!) yay!Sorry you are right. Haven''t we been fantastic.
  10. "We have no debts"That can change very very soon. "a low wage/turnover ratio"I don''t expect everybody to be financially literate, but it doesn''t take a rocket scientist to work out that our current wage/turnover ratio (whatever it is) is calculated against a turnover of somewhere around £100m, and our wage/turnover ration next season will be calculated against a turnover of somewhere around £45m. Our current wage bill against next seasons turnover would likely be somewhere in the region of 150%, that''s how catastrophic relegation is and I''m shocked how many Norwich fans just can''t see this and expect us to maintain our current squad (lol, lol, lol). Relegation = we are f*cked. "biggest parachute payments in history"Our turnover will halve, possibly slightly more than halve. That figure includes parachute payments. "biggest parachute payments in history"That is completely dependent on whether we can get rid of players, we are contractually obliged to pay their wages if they stay. See: Jimmy Bullard. See: Matteo Sereni.  See: Finidi George. See: Zigic.
  11. Stick your neck out then Brienne..... predict the results of Fulham, Cardiff, and us, put them on here for all of us to see and show us why we should believe.
  12. It is basic maths that we will have to see a massive clear out.Next season we will look at players like Chris Martin, Kei Kamara and James Vaughan and wish we still had them.We might as well give David Fox a new contract right now, and Andrew Surman a contract extensions.That sounds grim, but I''d rather have Fox and Surman than going and signing a load of Carl Robinson''s and Mark Fotheringham''s.
  13. I seriously fear for the future of our club now.At the point at which we get relegated we are likely to have a wage bill which far exceeds our projected turnover for next season.We likely also have money owed on transfer fees, such is the way that clubs operate these days.We will also owe a large bill to the HMRC from this years revenue, to be paid next year.Our squad will be torn apart, but no guarantees that people are going to come along and snap up people like Bassong. How much demand is there for a player with two relegations in three seasons? I just hope we can survive relegation without administration.
  14. They acknowledged those mistakes after we''d been a whisper away from bankruptcy!!  Which is where we might be heading now if we don''t yo-yo and get stuck with some massively overpaid tosspots.
  15. Hang about..... is this the same has the barclay king who was a Hughton-inner until about two weeks ago?F*cking turncoat, now you are pretending that McNally acted too late?
  16. Adams should have been brave and started Carlton Morris today.
  17. "Lets take a moment and remember who our Chief Exec was before McNally. Do you want a return to that?"No, which is why this is the right time for Delia and MWJ to sell their shares in the club, so that we aren''t lumbered with a board who make stupid decisions like giving the club secretary the job as CEO and an overweight club commercial manager who happened to play a bit of footy 20 years earlier as team manager.
  18. We need answers, lots of answers, a full account of what happened this season.Does anybody have faith that we will appoint the right manager in the summer? The same people who appointed Hughton, allowed him to blow £50m on players, and then failed to sack him until 5 games before the end of the season despite widespread unrest amongst fans.Do we have faith in their next decision?
  19. Holloway offered his resignation, which was accepted.A manager can''t just walk away from a contract, just like a club cannot without paying compensation.How do you know that if Hughton tendered his resignation it would have been accepted? Didn''t we reject Lambert''s resignation?If Hughton resigned his position he could then find himself in a position whereas he wouldn''t be able to take employment until the period of his contract had elapsed, if his resignation was not welcomed by the club.Things are not that black and white in football SeattleCanary.
  20. ^^^^ in which case he should still resign.If a decision like this went to a board vote then we are truly tinpot.Are you saying Phillip J Fry that a comedian with the same surname as you who has admitted he knows nothing about football is considered qualified to cast a vote on whether Hughton stayed or was dismissed?Our board is not qualified to make decisions like that, wasn''t that the whole point in McNally leading the club in the first place?If McNally has been undermined he should resign.If McNally has not been undermined he should resign.
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