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  1. They''re only doing it as Seville are charging Utd away fans that amount. Utd have decided to charge Sevilla fans £89 to help subsidise Utd fans tickets for the away tie. Fighting fire with fire
  2. It''s a tough decision on who I''d rather keep and who I''d rather sell. In terms of potential, Maddison certainly has a bright future. Although I''m not one of these that thinks he''ll have a great England career, he''s only had half a season in the Champs and things can quickly change. (Andros Townsend is the first that springs to mind, although the list is endless) But I think Pritchard is dynamite. The City vs Brentford game a couple of seasons back where he came and ran the show was a game I won''t forget. He was brilliant. Same goes for the Brighton game at the end of last season, it was the Pritchard show and outclassed every player on the pitch. I''d take a fully fit Pritchard over Maddison at this point, if we''re after results. If we''re thinking cash and potential sale value, I''d keep Maddison.
  3. Someone''s got a bit ahead of themselves and changed him to a Norwich City player on Wikipedia too... I''d say it''s in the bag...
  4. [quote user="paddycanary"]How''s this team? Matthews Pinto Raggett Hanley Lewis Thompson/Trybull Godfrey Josh Murphy Cantwell Phillips AN other forward as yet unsigned Subs: Jones, Zimmermann, Adams, Middleton, Toffolo, Abrahams Only one new signing in that list, with a few getting game experience at the moment to hopefully benefit over the next few seasons. We''ve been told in no uncertain terms that the pockets are empty and that acquiring & developing youth through the academy is the chosen path. Perhaps the team next year or the year after is envisioned something like that above? Youthful prospects at this point in time and looks like a mid-table championship team. As often lamented on here, football is now less a sport than a money-hungry machine and the gravy train that is the EPL has left NCFC on the platform. We had a couple of chances to consolidate over the last 6 or 7 years but failed. Bloody Sunderland![/quote] Not saying this team is ideal, but I''m quite excited by the possibility of next season, providing the right players are sold/bought over the next couple of windows. A more experienced Godfrey and Matthews would be adequate replacements for Tettey/Gunn. We''ve also got Thompson coming back (fingers crossed!). A young and hungry side would be a breath of fresh air compared to the average, overpaid players we''ve bought in the last few years.
  5. [quote user="Woodman"]The problem is that we could have done with having this transitional season last year. With the loss of income/parachute money this year, people can''t cope with next season being another transitional one, especially when we have no option but to sell our better players to balance the books. Or are we banking on doing exactly the same thing as Huddersfield? I don''t think our fans have that much patience - their immediate expectations are high.[/quote] That''s modern football I guess, fans are now used to City being in the Prem and that''s where they expect us to be, when in reality we''re not a Premier League side; we don''t have the financial backing. Agree that we should have done this last year, and I''m sure the whole NCFC board would agree, but hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  6. Is this not the same Farke that took us on an 8 match unbeaten run, at which point everyone was singing his praises and excited by the prospect of a long-term ''Farke Life''? One win in ten is poor, but the confidence knock, along with injuries has led to a downturn in results. I''m sure it''ll come back. Didn''t see the game on Saturday, but it sounds like it was another good performance, which is only positive. Give it time. A transitional season which I didn''t expect much from, given the turnover of players in the summer, which will continue in Jan and again in the offseason. Negativity isn''t going to help. Get behind them and support the lads, and stop being so fickle.
  7. Always rated him - confused why he hasn''t been a regular starter... looked sharp against West Brom in the cup with a couple of crucial tackles. Time to give him a try.
  8. Always been a huge fan of Ruddy, but it''s time for him to have a spell on the bench. His performance yesterday was not good enough, should have got down quicker to the second, and just from memory, there were 2(??) which went straight across goal. Positioning should have been better. I saw someone mention his reactions are slower - read a piece in the mirror today about overweight players. Olsson tops it and Ruddy about 5/6th. Says it all, doesnt it... From what I''ve seen of Rudd this season and his time at Preston, he looks promising and deserves a chance. Along with Ryan Bennett who was solid vs West Brom last time he got a game. Martin bashing - how poor was he Sunday?? Completely at sea for a couple of the goals. Positives - Mulumbu coming back. Him and Tettey holding might help sturdy the defence until January where we can invest in a CB and RB... But still, absolutely embarrassing on Sunday
  9. Nice report! Although, don''t agree with the Mbokani as MOTM. For me, it was between Jarvis or Bassong. Jarvis was incredible, everytime he got the ball, everyone expected something - a little Huckerby-esc. Bassong was immense also. Read the game so well - easily our best defender. Ryan Bennett was good also, brilliant last ditch tackle to deny McClean and barely put a foot wrong. Mbokani held the ball up well, and I''m not sure whether it was due to a lack of English, but he didn''t seem to release the ball quick enough. But looked like a decent , strong player. Real asset this season!
  10. Agree with Toffolo being given a chance, looks very promising. However, can''t see AN changing the line up at all. Played very well over the first 3 games, dominating in most, so why fix something that isn''t broken? Cant see him dropping Dorrans either!
  11. Really rooting for the guy as he''s a proper professional. Not once has he moaned about how he''s been treated etc. But I think he could fit Alex Neil''s system. Yes, he''s not strong, but he''s a tall lad at 6''1 and has shown before that he''s half decent in the air. (Mainly thinking of his first goal and then the terrific save from McGregor). AN may be able to help him improve his hold up play etc and with decent service into the box and/or balls played in behind he should do well. He''ll never be a big Cam Jerome knocking into players, but he has just as good work rate, IMO
  12. Has anyone seen enough of Jordi Amat to say whether its a good target? remember Swans buying him but haven''t really seen him. Must have some potential with Spain u21 caps, only 23 too so fits the ''young'' criteria. I''m a huge fan of Pritchard, brilliant player!
  13. I''ve just seen via a friend that Hooper wasn''t at the open training session, and then this. Possibly moving Hooper out, and bringing Murray in?
  14. Just seen this on the Mirror, might be a load of rubbish, but we''re above a few ''big'' clubs there, considering the kind of money being spent by them! http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/premier-leagues-richest-clubs-how-6293748 Don''t know how to link, sorry!
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