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  1. This post is what is idiotic. Those defending Delia who think we want a stinking rich Chinese owner or want us to be Man City or think that spending at the start of the season = getting us stuck with overpaid players are wrong. Stop going to the other extreme and then attacking that approach. You don't know any better that no-one has approached the club.
  2. How do we know there isn't a billionaire out there. Or even someone with a decent sized wallet? Because of the fact Delia has categorically written the idea off, we will never know. I don't hate her but because of her holding us back with her approach, I certainly don't like her.
  3. Absolutely all of this. Selling Maddison, fans funding the academy, £50 home/away memberships, almost non existent investment in the squad prior to a PL season. All things that has have happened because of a self funding approach necessitated by the relatively shallow pockets of our owners. Still astounded by the fans that laud all of this as a good thing.
  4. She has put a modest amount of money in (although probably a large amount of her net wealth) but had that repaid and her shares are now likely worth a decent amount so she's done well from it. Today we will become the first club to be relegated 5 times. 3 times in the last 10 years we have failed to capitalise on an opportunity and consistently we have failed to put the money in at the start of the campaign and we've either got in trouble when we've thrown money at the situation in the January transfer window or acquired players that we couldn't afford at the start of the season. The reason for this is that we have owners who will not or cannot put money into the club. We had the nucleus of a great young side at the start of the season that with a few sensible additions at the start could IMO have easily reached mid table. As it it, we stand to be relegated again and stand to lose these potentially great young players. At this point it becomes negligent. Their insistence on not selling up and bequeathing the club to their nephew is holding the club back. Look at Sheffield United this season. They identified the gaps in their squad, sensibly invested what was still a relatively small amount in their side at the start of the season and reaped the benefits. That investment will be repaid by another season in the Premier League. The purchases they made weren't financially suicidal and on players with resale value (I make that point to counter any "well what about Aston Villa" comments - I'm nowhere near suggesting we should spend >£100m). I'm also not suggesting that we should be selling out to a stinking rich Chinese owner but I also cannot believe there is no-one out there that wants to put money into a club with a large fan base and good infrastructure. So that leaves me with the conclusion that Delia is obstructing outside investment. It still amazes me that people buy into this sustainable, top 26 club ethos, unaware that it is the only method that enables Delia to remain in control.
  5. As you asked so nicely.... Zoom board meeting 12/5/2020 Webber: So guys, we've put out the presser about how we're going to rebate the fans, but you know, we need that money. Any ideas? Kensell: We gotta be careful boss, you know the sh.tstorm caused by the away membership fiasco. Webber: Yes, we need to be a bit more delicate with this. Delia, what are your thoughts? Delia (after her 11th gin of the morning): We have the besht fooshball shuppoters in the world. Kensell: Quite. Well boss, why dont we ask the fans to donate to the academy. That's probably the least contentious way of going about it. But here's the kicker - however much they donate, we dont need to spend on the academy next year. Mwahahahahaha Webber: Brilliant, quite brilliant. Delia (after misplacing the gin bottle): We need a 12th drink, where aaarrrrrre you?
  6. It wasn't praise. Fully believe we're being held back as a club by the owners inability to put money in where needed.
  7. Perspective on Norwich's owners - they account for 1/3000th of the total value of Premier League owners.
  8. Arsenal fans are just gonna complain when Bournemouth insist on being called AFC Bournemouth
  9. All anything is right now is speculation. I would say there is an extremely high chance that the Premier League have something written into their "rules" which will say what happens in the event of the season needing to be voided. This might be a little naive of me from a legal perspective but as all teams sign up to these rules, would that not head off any legal challenges?
  10. Not the first time hes stuck one in to something that already screwed
  11. Anything must be better than a board with Morty as a moderator
  12. The euphoria of Wembley and winning the league last season was very quickly followed for me with the knowledge that the following season was likely to be the antithesis of euphoric. Be it the inevitability of failing after once again trying to do it on the cheap due to the restraints of our owners or the big 6 leanings of the officiating, you quickly realise that promotion is more a curse than a blessing from a football perspective. For this reason, it's now been 3 seasons I think since I've had a season ticket and to be honest I dont see myself getting another at the very least until someone a bit more ambitious than Delia/Tom are at the helm.
  13. Absolute nonsense. If Delia is not in a position where she can fund the club even if it a short term loan until the TV money rolls in then if she truly had the best interests of the club at heart rather than retaining ownership then it's on her to court investment. She's explicitly said that she's not doing that without giving up ownership so if you're suggesting that I go out, source a list of potential investors and present them to the owners when they've come out and said they arent selling then I'm suggesting that in the absence of a sensible argument you are suggesting something you know to be folly to deflect from that.
  14. Little old Norwich. Let's just accept what we've got, enjoy our day out at Old Trafford and back down to where we deserve to be next season. Nah mate, some of us think with the right backing the club has much more potential than that.
  15. Has approximately 1/20th of the personal wealth of the 19th richest owner in the Premier League, let's not kid ourselves that the self funding model some have swallowed as good for the club is in place for any other reason than as a mechanism for her to remain owner of the club. When this lack of investment causes relegation likely leading to 4 outstanding young players to be sold rather than become the future of the club, you cant claim any longer that it's in the best interests of the club for them to remain owners.
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