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  1. BarclayWazza

    EPL new plan

    Arsenal fans are just gonna complain when Bournemouth insist on being called AFC Bournemouth
  2. BarclayWazza

    Decision not to spend will look very wise

    All anything is right now is speculation. I would say there is an extremely high chance that the Premier League have something written into their "rules" which will say what happens in the event of the season needing to be voided. This might be a little naive of me from a legal perspective but as all teams sign up to these rules, would that not head off any legal challenges?
  3. BarclayWazza

    Ex city player

    Not the first time hes stuck one in to something that already screwed
  4. Anything must be better than a board with Morty as a moderator
  5. BarclayWazza

    Bounce straight back up?

    The euphoria of Wembley and winning the league last season was very quickly followed for me with the knowledge that the following season was likely to be the antithesis of euphoric. Be it the inevitability of failing after once again trying to do it on the cheap due to the restraints of our owners or the big 6 leanings of the officiating, you quickly realise that promotion is more a curse than a blessing from a football perspective. For this reason, it's now been 3 seasons I think since I've had a season ticket and to be honest I dont see myself getting another at the very least until someone a bit more ambitious than Delia/Tom are at the helm.
  6. BarclayWazza

    Delia simply never ever learns

    Absolute nonsense. If Delia is not in a position where she can fund the club even if it a short term loan until the TV money rolls in then if she truly had the best interests of the club at heart rather than retaining ownership then it's on her to court investment. She's explicitly said that she's not doing that without giving up ownership so if you're suggesting that I go out, source a list of potential investors and present them to the owners when they've come out and said they arent selling then I'm suggesting that in the absence of a sensible argument you are suggesting something you know to be folly to deflect from that.
  7. BarclayWazza

    Delia simply never ever learns

    Little old Norwich. Let's just accept what we've got, enjoy our day out at Old Trafford and back down to where we deserve to be next season. Nah mate, some of us think with the right backing the club has much more potential than that.
  8. BarclayWazza

    Delia simply never ever learns

    Has approximately 1/20th of the personal wealth of the 19th richest owner in the Premier League, let's not kid ourselves that the self funding model some have swallowed as good for the club is in place for any other reason than as a mechanism for her to remain owner of the club. When this lack of investment causes relegation likely leading to 4 outstanding young players to be sold rather than become the future of the club, you cant claim any longer that it's in the best interests of the club for them to remain owners.
  9. BarclayWazza

    Red card for VAR ?

    I cant believe how much of an incredible f up the FA or whoever is running this has made of VAR. It could be so simple - each team has 2 reviews which can be used for anything. Ref goes to Stockley Park and if they can't decide within a sensible amount of time or its unclear then the refs decision stands. Or the ref reviews in the screen next to the pitch. We've had a couple of shots that have taken deflections but given as goal kicks recently. Within seconds it was clear on the telly that it went the wrong way so why not have this available to be overturned. Football is so depressingly behind other sports in how technology is used and to the ordinary supporter it just seems so illogical. VAR has the potential to improve the game but is being horrendously misused. In it's current format, get rid.
  10. Aah the good old days of challenging at the top of the league and cup runs. Who would imagine now that we were once contenders for a league and cup double. Had a lot to think big Bob Chase for
  11. BarclayWazza

    Self-sustaining model

    1. Ok so let's spin this around. If the recent promotions are down to Delia, is the failure to build on that not also down to her? 2. My point is that there is not ever a guarantee of return to the Premier League, and there's no point in having all this money and being the richest club in the championship. We're here now, and have been 3 times in the last 10 years. Ironically the only time we made a decent fist of the summer transfer window was first time around when we were trying to pay back £30m odd in debt. 3. You missed the past tense - I believed in that moment that the way that the club was headed, mid table champs was the about par for our situation and very little leading up to that stage suggested we were due a promotion push let alone what we did achieve. We were a club in decline being made to suffer for bad decisions in the previous few seasons. I still await your admission of amazing hindsight saying that you did see this coming. 4. If your opinion is no more valid than anyone elses on this board then please accept that and dont go out of your way to attack other views. I'm happy that I was wrong about last season but let's be honest, no-one saw it coming and was based out of what I saw happening at the time. I stand by my "glass ceiling" view and we currently see a lack of summer investment and likely failure once again to capitalise on another PL opportunity. Like I said, I'd be happy for you to pick this up again in 15 months if we're sitting mid table in the PL towards the end of next season. 5. You really need to move away from this obsession of needing to compare us to other clubs with money. As I've said many times, I'm only interested in comparing our performance against our potential. By extension, using your method we could lose every game 5-0 this season but that would be ok because Derby have spent a load of money but arent in the Premier League. I see this clubs potential and set up as being something more than just being happy to be in the PL and taking the money.
  12. BarclayWazza

    Self-sustaining model

    Really? There are 2 ways of thinking and both are understandable? You wouldn't think it from some on here I jest but I simply cannot fathom those that dont just disagree with but attack views that are ultimately rooted in wanting better for the club.
  13. BarclayWazza

    Self-sustaining model

    1. I challenge anyone who saw any of what we were putting out up until the 1-1 against Ipswich to suggest that the remainder of last season was what we had around the corner. Credit to Farke for that change though, my belief is that the change was down to bringing the youth through and bedding in Buendia but nevertheless could anyone have foreseen the impact they ultimately had on the side? If you can honestly say after getting humped 3-0 by Leeds that you saw this coming then you're either Nostradamus or a huge bullsh*tter. 2. Realistically what counts as success for Norwich? I know that you're one of those that has bought into this self funding model idea so I'm sure you're delighted that we've got lots of young exciting players that will make us oodles of money when the bigger boys decide to wave their cheque books out. Each successive promotion has lost the gloss for me because as great as last season was, as we are being hamstrung by the owners inability/unwillingness to invest in the summer, our current position has to be expected. I'm sorry but I'm not exactly excited by the thought of coming back down with oodles of cash but likely minus the likes of Godfrey/Aarons/Pukki that got us here in the first place and no guarantee of return. I don't particularly wish to celebrate Delia's influence in this. Sorry/not sorry. 3. My belief was that our natural position would be mid table in the Champs. Concurrently, my belief was and still is that the limit of our ability under Delia and her self funding model is only a little higher than where we currently are. They are 2 different things and can co-exist. 4. I really struggle to understand your motivation for pretty much everything you post on this board. I understand that for some, Delia is a goddess but you and some others still act as a bastion of defence for her, ignoring and often attacking any views that dont align with your own and then coming up with some sort of hyperbole to attempt to diminish alternative motivations. "Mythical owners" have been found at plenty of other clubs, but ours have publicly flat out refused to engage with anyone. For me, along with their seeming insistence on gifting the club to Tom, just looks like a narrow minded approach to the detriment of the club.
  14. BarclayWazza

    Self-sustaining model

    "Barring a miraculous change" - anyone who predicted the turnaround after the start we had last season can give me a call because I could use a lottery win just before Christmas! My belief has always been that under Delia, we've got a glass ceiling to our potential that sits around the area of PL survival (I know you like spending your time searching through my post history so you'll likely find comments to that effect in there) and I think the way this season is going so far that this is being proven correct. Of course I'd be delighted if things have changed in such a way that you feel the need to drag this post up again in 15 months time and call me embarrassing.
  15. BarclayWazza

    Self-sustaining model

    Any stage over the last 10 years or so when it's become blatantly obvious that someone with a personal fortune of c.£20m is vastly underfunded to be anywhere near a top flight football club. I cant work out whether you're stupid or for some unfathomable reason trying to deflect by making a ridiculous comment. I've got absolutely no time for whatabouttery - yes there are a bunch of teams with money that we are doing better than but it's also plainly true that there are a bunch of teams with money that are doing a lot better than us. The measure that we should be concerning ourselves with is our potential with a comparatively poor owner at the helm and our potential with someone who can stick £40m in at the start of the season.