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  1. BarclayWazza

    Women’s World Cup

    I think there is much that can be done to improve the state of the womens game but I think you have to market it as something separate to the mens game rather than something that needs to be made more equal as the two are completely different things that are likely to appeal to different groups. While I think you need to market the game separately, the first way you're going to improve the quality of the game is to ingratiate their teams more with the mens teams, much like Manchester City. Allow them to use the same training facilities and have the games played in the main grounds, perhaps give tickets away to increase exposure. I guess in time it will be seen whether womens football can stand as it's own commercial entity but I dont think it will be helped by trying to equalise it to the mens game.
  2. BarclayWazza

    Women’s World Cup

    The part I find wrong is the people who make comparisons between the relative pay of mens and womens football in an attempt to suggest they should be equal. In any sport, the salary of the competitors is a function of the money generated through ticket sales, TV coverage and other commercial activities which has some correlation to the quality of the product on offer. In every variable above, the top level of the mens game will dwarf that of the womens so imo from a purely economist view, they absolutely should not have salaried artificially inflated for "equality" reasons.
  3. BarclayWazza

    Hillsborough memorial

    One of my earliest footballing memories and with this was the culture of football at the time - pitch invasions, fighting in the terraces and warnings not to travel to games if you don't have a ticket. Whilst what happened to the 96 should never happen at a football ground what I find extremely odd that the various inquiries lay the blame at the feet of police and stadium staff who had to identify in a short space of time whether the issues were hooligan related or a genuine health and safety incident against the backdrop of the problems in football at the time and the pressure to keep a high profile game running. Regardless of any of this, I believe this doesnt happens at all if you don't have fans there without tickets. IMO any justice for the 96 should be sought from any fan who went to that game and tried to gain entry without a ticket as much as it should from any official.
  4. BarclayWazza

    Man Utd seethe at NCFC fans

    Have to admit I cringe a bit at it. Certain songs identify clubs and imo should be exempt from copying and while this is a new song theres a strong link between the Stone Roses and Manchester United so I kinda get why they have a bit of a gripe about it. I always preferred the song they did to "Made Of Stone" anyway
  5. BarclayWazza

    Ticket available for West Brom

    Turns out we did but managed to get it sorted on the drive over. Hope you manage to get some!
  6. One of our guys has pulled out of today's trip so have a ticket available. Anyone interested?
  7. BarclayWazza

    Season tickets renewal

    Lots of fag packet accounting here but if you assume 22,000 season tickets at £500 a pop, then season ticket revenue is £11m and 25% of that is £2.75m. Which pales in comparison to the £100m + that we'd get for being in the Premier League.
  8. It''s been the first time in a while that I''ve seen a game and I couldn''t believe the difference between last night''s game and what was being served up in the run we had at the start of the season. Buendia and Cantwell were extremely positive going forward, the full backs looked extremely assured on the ball and the quickness of how we moved the ball were imo the reasons behind this.

    I have confidence that we can make the top 6 however I still think we have a ceiling to our potential because of the owners. Should we make the PL, great, but how much are we going to achieve on a shoestring. If we don''t then our model of self sustainability in the championship means we''re destined to lose the players I mention above.
  9. Politically this is going to be a mess whatever happens. Corbyn wants to use any uncertainty over Brexit (which he has never publically offered any opinion on, although he''s always voted against Europe) to force another general election. We''re due to leave within 6 months and the time taken to arrange another referendum would take us past this. Let the champagne socialists do what they like, it ain''t gonna change anything.
  10. BarclayWazza

    Tomorrow's Defeat.

    I do appreciate you taking the time to trawl for posts containing subjects you don''t really care about though.
  11. BarclayWazza

    Tomorrow's Defeat.

    Eff and Jeff me, you do like trawling through posts don''t ya! I don''t really get what your problem is here - yes I got rid of my season ticket and on several occasions I''ve taken advantage of spare tickets. Where I then quickly remember why I got rid of my season ticket.

    And Eff and Jeff me, if you think that was a rant at you which led to you suggesting I was the feminine part of a homosexual couple then my boy you are a bit precious.
  12. BarclayWazza

    Tomorrow's Defeat.

    I don''t get what''s hypocritical - you trawled back a year to make a glib comment on a year old post, I commented on what was perhaps the 5th highest up post at the time, making what I felt was a relevant contribution to what was being said. Namely that a year on, while we may have won the game in question, we''re now in the position where you expect to lose rather than win and that we should be right to hold Delia to account for this.

    I take the point about you not saying it was a dig but I ask you also to read the post and respond to what was written...

    Based on the regularity of my attendance, I find the regular process of turning up and watching what inevitably ends up being rubbish a chore. Based on my presumed regularity of LDC''s attendance, he doesn''t have that. LDC then confirmed this. Yet you persist with your incorrect opinion being presented as fact that LDC goes to more games than me. Which, to answer your question, is what is wrong with that statement.

    I really wish I''d imagined the last 3 league games, I''ve never been so bored at the football than at the first 80 minutes at Preston. I really wish I could have had more of a positive perspective before the Leeds game - after all, this was a team we''d spent a long time at least on a par with but i went there wondering how many we would get beaten by, the answer being 3 without much resistance and while i didnt go to the derby it struck me after watching it on telly that it''s a measure of how far we''ve dropped that we consider ourselves happy that we didn''t lose to the team bottom of the table. That good enough for you?
  13. BarclayWazza

    Tomorrow's Defeat.

    You''re not very good at this are you - perhaps you missed the bit where I said it wasn''t a dig at LDC. My point was that from me going to games it personally feels like it has become a chore rather that something you look forward to and that if LDC doesn''t feel that way it''s probably from reduced exposure to the shyte from the last few years. No digs at anything there - just a statement of what turns out to be fact...

    "I don''t get that sense of going to the football being a chore - maybe because I don''t go to many matches", oh there you go... LDC actually saying that himself.

    But continue to make (now proven incorrect) comments on posters rather than actually adding something meaningful... you only continue to prove my previous point.
  14. BarclayWazza

    Here's a novel suggestion

    Am I right in saying Nepo Tom was responsible for the failed sponsorship of the South Stand by that coffee company? If so, I''d hardly suggest that he''s that intelligent!
  15. BarclayWazza

    Tomorrow's Defeat.

    LDC - No-one is expecting this team to win, which is kinda the problem... I don''t feel I have the right to expect my team to win, but I do feel I have the right to question and express dissatisfaction at our rapid fall from grace and our owners who have presided over it. Going to football has very quickly become a chore rather than something that you look forward to at the weekend. Perhaps you don''t get the sense of that not going to many games (not a dig, by the way).

    Nutty - From the very infrequent spells of browsing on here that I do, it appears you have taken up Morty''s habit of trawling the message board attacking posters without really adding anything meaningful to conversations. Are you so happy with where we are as a club because there''s only 1 group of people I know of that have genuine reason to be happy with what''s going on here...