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  1. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Stig"]It''s not about internet usage, Morty. It''s about the content you are adding to it. You''ve not been constructive or added anything to the thread at all, and I''m aware in calling you out on your rubbish I''ve sunken to your level but the thing is, I have been in many other threads. Literally your vocabulary is so miniscule your posts have about a variety of ten differences before you start repeating the same posts over and over. You have no reason and no logic, you just post daft off hand comments. All I''m saying is I implore you to become a more diverse poster with well thought out posts and something more beyond "Binner" or "Pant wetter" or whatever is hip and cool on the forums these days. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As for the OP, I think from the end of this season the overall expectation would to then improve season upon season until we eventually hit whatever our ceiling is. So next season I would hope for a top half finish, or maybe just outside of that. The season after possibly the same finish again but with improvements to the club, such as plans for our stadium or whatever. I know it''s going to be a long way off, but perhaps this gradual improvement could see us vying for Europe. Ultimately though, if we are in the same position this time next year I''m going to have been asking serious questions about our aim as a football club. In taking over, Hughton has pretty much killed off the clubs forward momentum. It''s arguably changed the direction of our club, the momentum picked up from two promotions and a fair finish in our first season could have seen us push on from there - but there was a general acceptance this season that we''d take a step back from that and try and grow roots in the premier league. [/quote] I literally could not give a flying fig what you think. Seriously, shove your opinion of me where the sun doesn''t shine. You have no say whatsoever on what I do here. Now poke off. [:)] [/quote]   What an odious toad you are sir.
  2. [quote user="Stig"]"Just another match" - but it''s not though, is it? In every way, it''s not "Just another match".[/quote]   This with knobs on. [Y]
  3. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="kick it off"][quote user="morty"] He has had to cut his cloth accordingly. I fully support him, but if he has his chance to spend in the summer and things don''t improve pretty quickly next season, then I will be asking questions. [/quote]That about summarises my point of view too.[/quote] Me too.  People were on Hughton''s back even before the season started and haven''t got off it since.  Talk about giving the bloke a chance. One season to consolidate, second season to develop, third season to see the best.     [/quote]   And if he fails even to achieve this, then what?[^o)]
  4. [quote user="unique"]I must admit I haven''t trawled through the five page thread, but I do take issue with its title. I wouldn''t think there is any NCFC supporter who ''hates'' Hughton. He must be one of the most respected managers by home fans, and one of the least offensive to away fans that you can possibly get. There may be a lot of fans who believe that he has lost his way since Christmas, and failed to progress a squad which finished comfortably mid-table last season (and lets not start all the bollo**s about Championship standard players over-achieving - the players got to the PL on merit and proved they were good enough to stay there). To use the word ''hate'' is both ridiculous and unnecessary.[/quote]   Well I don''t hate the man as such, but I do hate the fact that he is our manager![:|]
  5. If we stay up it''ll be despite Hughton, not because of him.   Mick McCarthy would be my choice.
  6. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]After a win last week, normal service resumed with poor tactics, poor subs and going into the game looking for a point this week. Well done Chris. Well done. Oh and thanks. You''re great. So brilliant. Really hope you stay for years to come. I''d like you to stay even when we''re in League 1 travelling to away grounds and hoping for a point and coming away with nothing. We love you.[/quote]   Well said.[Y]
  7. [quote user="Dr Crafty Canary"]I suspect you''re right however he''ll always be a legend here. If he does go it should be with the grateful affection and appreciation of all City fans and the wish that he''s successful in his remaining career.[/quote]   I totally agree Dr Crafty. [Y]
  8. Terrific win that, not totally safe yet, but near as damn it![Y]
  9. Helping to relegate Villa would be my dream scenario.
  10. [quote user="TheRock"]Why does Colin suddenly love us? [:|] I''m starting to like him! [/quote]   I''ve always liked him.[Y]
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