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  1. Ray

    Possible postponement

    Imagine if our Canadian friend who is looking for 2 tickets and is due to arrive on the 14th Feb (it may of course be the 13th if Dennis is pushing him across the pond) manages to find his 2 tickets and then the game is called off. I guess he'll be one unhappy bunny!!!
  2. Ray

    Possible postponement

    Depends who is closer to the actual on the day I guess, I hope it is the current accuweather forecast, I guess it may also depends on how often it gusts!!!
  3. Ray

    Possible postponement

    Accuweather.com saying gusts of 56kph, so 35mph, all a storm in a tea cup if you ask me!
  4. Ray

    Norwich v Liverpool

    Snowflakes, that's all I've got to add
  5. Best away goal, gotta be Russ Martin at Brighton for me.
  6. Nutty, putting a CB up front surely means we pump it it up there, I can't see DF doing that. I may be wrong of course?
  7. All the top managers have a Plan B, and some get called tinkermen, but it is necessary. Some might like Mourinho but he will 'tinker' with his team/formation as and when need and often successfully too, sometimes making subs after 20 mins. I know DF is learning and I hope he learns this facet of team management too. That said, I accept you may need the array of talent to have such a luxury.
  8. Ray

    Sean raggett

    I'd be amazed if he was here as a top 4 CB next year, that said CB is a position that can take few years to blossom, he may be on a steep learning curve and make the step up. I hope so for his sake and ours.
  9. Ray

    Ben godfrey

    Hanley has been there and done it and imo is a decent CB, I for one would keep our club captain in the starting 11, afterall I guess Farke made him captain for a reason. Our goals conceded when he is playing speak for themselves, which is why I say, a back 3 with Lewis and Aaron's may be the best way forward, allowing the FB's more chance to bomb forward and Godfrey to play a more CDM role when appropriate. What do we have to lose?
  10. Ray


    Either accept for what it is or don't watch, simples. I for one enjoy it as I love sport, in whatever guise, man/woman v man/woman or team v team, or dare i say it, horse/dog v horse/dog, its competition and you can't beat a bit if competition imo.
  11. Ray

    Genuinely hate to say it

    That's why I said, "fast becoming". He has a lot about him and assuming he remains fit until the end of the season he could/may be a choice for next season.
  12. Ray

    Genuinely hate to say it

    Thompson is fast becoming a mainstay at MK Don's and highly rated by Russ Martin, who is turning their season around, so let's hope his fragility and/or bad luck are behind him.
  13. Ray

    We will beat Liverpool

    What's history got to do with it? I know it's the hope that kills you, but......
  14. Ray

    We will beat Liverpool

    I agree, but taking points from anywhere will help, including Liverpool
  15. Ray

    We will beat Liverpool

    Time will tell, but we may as well go all out and maybe surprise them, whether Farke agrees who knows, but nothing to lose imo.
  16. Ray

    Genuinely hate to say it

    Thompson, next season?
  17. Ray

    We will beat Liverpool

    But, token scalp taking is what we need to stay up, let's face it they are all above us, and some, so they are all potential scalps
  18. Ray


    When, and it could be a big when, we have 3 fit CB's, I would like us to try 5 at the back with the two full backs, which includes Lewis, bombing forward. It's a change of tactics but needs must. Not sure it will happen though, that said if Farke keeps us up without changing tactics I shall bow my head accordingly.
  19. Ray

    Loan players (out)

    The two at MK Don's were their best two players last week, according to their Manager (Carlton Morris and Louis Thompson). Some shrewd work there by Russ Martin, who is turning them around and appears to be well liked by their fans.
  20. Ray

    Amadou off?

    Byram was an absolute steal though.
  21. Ray

    Team for Newcastle

    Also, we need to take more shots from outside the box rather than trying to pass the ball into the net, but not Tettey!
  22. Ray

    Team for Newcastle

    Cos there were no substitutes and Sir Alf went with the players in form. A tough choice but he got it right on the night.
  23. Zimmermann, if not asleep, then dozing imo.
  24. Ray

    Max Aarons

    Currently a loan back is not permissable: Premier League clubs cannot loan to another Premier League club a player they have acquired in the same transfer window. (from the Premier League website), ergo, no Prem Club can buy Aarons and immediately loan him out, let alone back to the selling club, no doubt there are ways around this, pre-deals, etc.
  25. Ray

    Farke getting off lightly

    To be fair to Jim Thirsty, he did say "at times". We will of course never know what would have happened if subs had or had not been brought on in any game. I agree with you there were times when he did make telling substitutions, however I also agree with Jim, insomuch there were times I felt he could have been more pro-active. It is possible of course that his success last year with his chosen methodology led to a belief the same methodology would give the same success this year? It will be interesting to see if the 'incomings' feature this weekend, and if so, if there is any difference/improvement to our performance and/or tactics?