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  1. Looks like all out of contract will be released apart from Soro. Maybe he will be out new left back 😝
  2. Still is a terrible appointment ! Check is record out. Not the manager we need
  3. Will Still = On 2 May 2024, shortly before the end of the 2023–24 Ligue 1 season, Still left by mutual consent. His team were in 11th, having won two of their last 14 games.[24]
  4. At the end of the day if Duffy does get a conviction that should be grounds for a termination. Hanley may well want to leave to get first team football / scotland national .I cant seem him automatically starting , we wouldn't get a fee hence free transfer / release .
  5. Springett and Tomo I'd imagine is another season loan out as they havent set their respective loan divisions on fire
  6. Fair calls , my list is just who Id like to build team around. I really want us to delve back into giving youth a chance , something lacking under the last two managers . Play more possession football and give it a go. This counter attacking stuff has been drab and the mistakes have been so painful. i'd keep Hernandez just for his youtube channel . Great insight into the club 😝
  7. Retain : Gunn , Stacey , McCallum , Hills , Shipley, McClean, Kamara , Sainz , Hernandez , Tzolis , (pending clauses) , Rowe, Nunez , Aboh Release : Duffy , Hanley , Gibson , Gio , Sorenson, Long Sell: Sara , Sergeant , Fasschnacht , Barnes and Idah loan out: Warner, Fischer unfort we have no choice but to sell a few players now . Sara deserves his move. Serg can't play without Barnes and now is the time to cash in. Fass was Wagner player so needs moving on. Idah wants to go , let him. Funds generated should gives us a fighting chance at bringing some new signings in. The release list - big wages and relics of previous campaigns . I think letting Barnsy go is best for all parties . Hope we can keep Aboh and at least let new manager have a look , kamara and tzolis would be like new signings and come back with positive loan experiences .
  8. Gunn Stacey Hanley Gibson Gio Fass Nunez MClean Sainz Sara Sarg thoughts ?
  9. I'd take Idah right now as mystery player , oh well .
  10. Gunn Stacey McClean Gibson McCallum Sara Nunez Fasschnacht Mystery player Sainz Sergeant lets not mention the D word.
  11. Dear lord , why can't we just get behind the team for the next 2 weeks then moaning about some mindless stat.
  12. Anyone for George Long starting 😉😉😉 ... waiting for the positive comments
  13. There are a few players who could do with the time - Rowe , Sorenson , Hanley , Fisher and SVH. Would he play them all from the start ? I doubt it . I just think putting our first team out and then potentially losing to Birmingham could have a detrimental effect on playoffs , if the reserves lose it's not so bad .
  14. Agree with most of those. I think Fassnacht career is intertwined with Wagner tho. If Wagner is still in hot seat in August then I can see him wanting to retain. You don't think we will release Gibbo or Gio ?
  15. Thinking the following players are gone regardless of what league we are in next year: :Gibson , Springett , Hanley , Tzolis , Idah if we don't get promoted add Sara and Rowe . Club will try and retain Serg and Gunn but they will be in demand too. I have a sneaky suspicion if we can move Barnes on that might happen too if there's a club willing to take a punt - I think he would be a great signing for Wrexham in league 1 😂.
  16. Sign this man up to another contract please ! If we go up will be a good back up or if we stay in championship has done enough for me to be number 1 choice and let Dimi go (because if wages) I thought Brady had a good game yesterday , perhaps could be an option for the champs if we don't go up ....
  17. My pick : Gunn Stacey Duffy Gibson McCallum Rowe McClean Nunez Sainz Sara Sargeant
  18. Im guessing as it stands its looking like January transfer windows wasn't as successful as we would have hoped. Selling Placheta now looks a mistake as no fit out and out wingers left in squad if Sainz is out for 4 games. Idah v Van H - i'd rather have Idah off the bench right now. Poor Danny Baath really should have been moved on , even Sorenson is now in front of him in pecking order. Kamara and Tzolis .... maybe would have been worth looking at them being recalled. Thoughts ?
  19. Anyone know if we have a sell on clause ? https://www.teamtalk.com/leeds-united/leeds-united-daniel-farke-norwich-milot-rashica
  20. 18 Games played this season. 9 Goals , 3 assists . in this current climate and with his pedigree/ previous price tags 7-8 million euros seems about right maybe even cheap.
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